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5,862 movie reviews
  1. A deadly script.
    • 46 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    If a movie smells like a dog and barks like a dog, well, then it must be a woofer.
  2. What if you made a pornographic movie with a real story line and better acting but didn't show any sex? You'd get The Fluffer, a movie that sounds and feels like the real thing but isn't.
  3. For devout fans of the greenish monster and for those looking to shoot fish in a barrel.
  4. The affable Ice Cube is all that makes this forced, unfunny film watchable, and, frankly, it's hard watching him waste his efforts on a movie so woefully cynical.
  5. No better than whatever you might pick up while wearing a blindfold at Blockbuster, even if you happen to reach into a trash can.
  6. Greenebaum's tedious, film-school level exercise in self-indulgence and exploitation.
  7. Too superficial to shock or surprise.
  8. It's hard to tell who is more Cursed - the pretty young people who turn into werewolves on screen or the people who buy tickets for this slow, witless, predictable horror flick.
  9. An abysmal comedy that should have been strangled in its crib.
  10. This is extremely dark and politically loaded material.
  11. Given that its predecessor hit bottom in the glorification of thug thrills, State Property 2 had nowhere to go but up. Yet, it doesn't.
  12. There isn't a scene, an action or a character that rings true, yet the narrative summary of the events that inspired it is a matter of record.
  13. Critics are inclined to describe the action in films like "XXX" and Lee Tamahori's sequel, XXX: State of the Union, as "cartoon violence." I'll resist doing that out of respect for cartoons.
  14. What Short does not deserve - and neither do we - is a feature-length movie about Jiminy.
  15. Rates an inquisition of its own. It may not be heresy to fill out an ensemble cast of Peruvian and Spanish characters almost exclusively with non-Hispanic actors, but it certainly destroys any sense of authenticity.
  16. Seemingly made while writer-director-star Cevin Soling was heavily under the influence, this generally witless ode to illegal substances is apparently meant to be viewed that way, as well.
  17. A dreary comedy in the same mold (as "The Bad News Bears," only moldier.
  18. Gore fans will dig the makeup effects and some of the tongue-in-cheek slice-&-dice.
  19. This stripped-down premise made the first "Transporter" fun: It's all about driving skills and choreographed fights, not logic. Even with so few requirements, Transporter 2 runs on empty.
  20. A remedial comedy for idiots.
  21. Earnest but practically unwatchable movie. I haven't spent an hour and a half with worse company since high school detention.
  22. The movie's a botch, but at least it'll make you feel good about your own daily drudgery.
  23. It wastes no time getting to the punching, kicking, stomping and zapping that passes for a cinematic event. [22Nov1997 Pg. 35]
  24. A witless, derivative slasher flick.
  25. A weird, unpleasant little movie.
  26. This warmed-over slop feels as if it's been congealing for twice that long.
  27. The fog also does something genuinely eerie: It causes everyone in the cast to deliver dreadful performances and display inappropriate reactions when their friends are drowned, burned, stabbed or thrown into glass display cases.
  28. Even The Rock, who can usually be counted on to enliven any scenario, seems bored by the laughably feeble script.
  29. Shot on digital video, made on the run whenever Watts was available between gigs, the movie is a pointless, tedious eyesore.

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