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5,763 movie reviews
  1. The plot makes absolutely no sense.
  2. Problem is, this movie is all surface - to quote one character, it has hidden shallows.
  3. See, everyone complains about humans in movies but no one does anything about it, so it fell to Eagle Eye to make everything laughably, ridiculously fake.
  4. Adds to the sad realization that this once-vibrant and witty actor (Cage) is completely controlled now by his inner teenager.
  5. Is it an exaggeration to call The Women the worst movie of the year? Well, yeah, probably. But it may be the most disappointing, given all the effort that went into it.
  6. Forgive us for being demanding, but shouldn't an animated kids movie like this one be, at the very least, fun? Cute? Watchable?
  7. As for that title, neither character is Italian, but each thinks the other is - a weak device designed purely to inspire a slew of stereotypes.
  8. Jamie Bell gives a watchable performance in this self-conscious, coming-of-age drama, though the film's overall effect is best described as David Lynch lite.
  9. Ball knows one trick, and it's sure over.
  10. Well-intentioned but as earnest as a college freshman discovering campus politics.
  11. Rarely has there been a movie as misguided as Hounddog, which self-righteously indulges in exploitation while loudly decrying it.
  12. Where on the evolutionary scale of wacky-dudes-learn-to-grow-up movies does Role Models fall? Certainly less evolved than "Meatballs," but head and hairy knuckles above "Daddy Day Care" or "The Benchwarmers."
  13. This year's installment is as disappointing as a Halloween bag filled with nothing but raisins.
  14. The story has more holes than a shot-up metal door, the acting feels bored at best, and the intermittent action, while passable, hardly makes up for the downtime.
    • 45 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Piles on the indignities, violence and island-of-man turmoil.
  15. Willing as Campbell is to Shatner-ize himself, his movie will appeal only to true believers.
  16. Only natural spitfire Spacek, as the pickup-driving mom of the land, feels fresh. There's even a mouthy kid Garity is "taking care of" - guess whose son he is?
  17. Like a worst-case-scenario, indie-movie cliché, Wendy and Lucy throws every bone it can at the screen.
  18. If there are Nazis fighting other Nazis in a movie and it's still boring, something's gone wrong. Valkyrie has a coterie of problems, and represents a whole new front in Tom Cruise's public relations war, but first and foremost there's the tedium.
  19. Hudson has, if nothing else, traded up: last winter she was stuck in "Fool's Gold."
  20. A romantic comedy that's neither romantic nor funny.
    • 34 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Purists will be – happy? Relieved? – to know that the "ch-ch-chhh" music survived, and the body count still totals 13.
  21. Tries waaay too hard, just like its motormouth jock-snark heroes.
  22. Unfortunately, the whole movie seems constructed just to get the singer/actress into a knock-down catfight, shoehorning one of show business's sexiest entertainers into a scorned-woman role. And even then, the pay-off feels cheap.
  23. A movie without a moment of truth to be found.
    • 55 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    An overstuffed failure that mistakes sleight storytelling for dazzling entertainment.
  24. Ever fast-forward through a late-night cable romance just to get to the good parts? This amateurish relationship dramedy features all the stuff you'd skip, and nothing else.
  25. This is one of those films in which almost every element is done in such an embarrassingly amateurish way, you want to put it out of its misery.
  26. Unfortunately, this strained comedy relies entirely on clichés and contrivances to tell the story of Sherman.
  27. It takes a really bad stupid comedy to make you appreciate well-done stupid comedies. And boy is Miss March a stupid comedy.

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