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Highest review score: 100 Amadeus
Lowest review score: 0 Swept Away
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6,048 movie reviews
  1. It has a distinctive look but a few too many recycled ideas; better luck on the next crash-landing.
  2. Truly depressing commentary.
  3. Vampire movies aren't what they used to be. How about a little mist, some shadows, some pale gray faces set off by stark red lips? Maestro, a little Transylvanian mood music, if you please.
  4. Lame children's entertainment.
  5. Blakeney's script contains more hackneyed dialogue and misfired jokes per minute than would seem possible, and the result embarrasses every actor in it.
  6. Exploits and trivializes public anxiety for entertainment and commercial gain. They've been doing it for years. But this little piggie didn't get to the market in time.
    • New York Daily News
  7. Ishii instills this unpleasantness with some Hitchcockian black humor.
  8. A shell of a romantic fantasy festooned with characters inspired by and resembling those in the bar scene in "Star Wars," the waiting room in "Beetlejuice" and the circus in "A Bug's Life."
  9. Deuces Wild is the worst thing to have happened to Brooklyn since the Ice Age severed it from the mainland.
  10. Since there's no suspense whatsoever, we're simply stuck with awful people doing awful things to each other.
  11. You might want to sit out this season.
  12. Silly supernatural Viking epic.
  13. This self-conscious movie by Katja von Garnier is shot like a music video, stocked with quick cuts, lip-synching and fantasy performances.
  14. Rickman and Richardson are excellent actors put to ghastly waste.
  15. Whether he's the victim of poor directing or misguided ambition, Bass is almost entirely charisma-free.
  16. The Musketeer is the worst Hollywood period film in -- it seems like ages since "American Outlaws."
  17. An almost comically unsuitable title. There's absolutely nothing singular or special about this slapdash sci-fi film featuring martial-arts megastar Jet Li.
  18. So clumsy and unfocused that not getting it isn't half as bad as sitting through it.
  19. Close call as to who's career has sunk farthest.
  20. The acting is more amateurish than Billy's diva act, and for all its ambitious editing, the film looks like something made in the Addams Family's attic.
  21. In this unpleasant mess of a movie, a heroin-like drug called "blue" is said to be "more addictive than air."
  22. This dismally strained comedy defies laughs and doesn't contain an ounce of internal logic.
  23. A desperately unfunny comedy that wastes a brand-name cast.
  24. It's brain-dead start to finish.
  25. A one-joke idea...wears itself out almost instantly.
  26. Derivative to the point of distraction.
  27. A failed experiment in magical realism that makes you wonder where the magic went.
  28. Never gets at what makes Quek tick.
    • New York Daily News
  29. If you haven't had enough of the Central Park rampage videos showing human nature at its worst, you could always pay to see Boricua's Bond.
  30. You may need fortification for this astonishingly bad movie.

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