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  1. It does a good job of selling an event that by all historical measures should sell itself.
  2. The acting is first-rate. [23 Sep 2002]
    • New York Daily News
  3. High School Musical 2 is an inevitable, unstoppable juggernaut--so be grateful it's as good as it is.
  4. If I sound too enthusiastic about a series that ends up, in the pilot, being a bit too obsessed with special effects, I apologize. The Devil made me do it. Or at least Ray Wise did
  5. Lots of fun. It's the TV equivalent of a good summer read light, unpredictable and highly entertaining.
  6. Margulies is sufficiently skilled that she finds the parts of Elizabeth Canterbury we can like, and her internal struggle is what makes this more than just the latest lawyer show.
  7. The only thing that could be disappointing about it is if TV Land doesn't immediately commit to make more.
  8. A squirt of soap serves this show well.
  9. Anchorwoman turns out to be entertaining--even as it indicts the local TV news operation it pretends to value.
  10. "The Knights of Prosperity" has delivered this season where so many new shows have failed: It introduces a serialized story line with characters and a plot that are different and likable enough to warrant a return visit.
  11. Like watching "The Carol Burnett Show: The Next Generation."
  12. MacFarlane is back - and on his game. [28 Apr 2005]
    • New York Daily News
  13. The result is a picture that feels true. It's very likely incomplete because few people tell everything to a camera, but the insecurities and the growing confidence are conveyed with language and an attitude that seem fairly natural.
  14. '24' remains one of the most enjoyable dramas on TV. [7 Jan 2005]
    • New York Daily News
  15. Monk is a delight, a show that should be added to everyone's can't-miss list. [11 July 2002, p.96]
    • New York Daily News
  16. Corden slipped easily into the chair vacated last December by Craig Ferguson. His easygoing manner fit well with his low-key banter, built more on everyday conversation than show biz flash.
  17. It's a nonlinear way to approach a drama series, but that's what makes it so gripping. [27 Sept 2002, p.134]
    • New York Daily News
  18. Sitcoms have been putting odd groups of people together in small apartments since before television existed. And so what? If we like the people, it doesn't matter, and Billie is someone we could get to like quite a bit.
  19. Lifetime busts out a new sitcom Monday night, and while Sherri isn't an instant classic, it should spark more than a few "Right on, sister" responses from the Lifetime audience.
  20. Even if the supply of waterproof matches ran low, these 16 abrasive Americans can be counted on to generate sparks merely by arguing with one another. If drama equals tension, Survivor is drama distilled - and addictive. [1 June 2000, p.100]
    • New York Daily News
  21. As if getting to live in a real-life Pee-wee's Playhouse wasn't enough for MTV viewers to covet, now they've got the clubs, sights and inhabitants of jolly old England. It makes for what looks to be the most intriguing "Real World" yet. [28 Jun 1995]
    • New York Daily News
  22. It's different, daring, and in many ways delightful. [21 Aug 1998, p.115]
    • New York Daily News
  23. The best thing about Grey's Anatomy is the way it homes in on what it feels like to be at a new job, with new pressures, competitive new colleagues, demanding bosses and one life-and-death situation after another. [25 March 2005, p.107]
    • New York Daily News
    • 87 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    In one absurd instant that viewers have to accept pretty much on faith (I did willingly) she abandons the college plans laid out for her by her parents and decides to attend the University of New York (a thinly disguised NYU), where Ben (Scott Speedman) will be. [29 Sept 1998, p.62]
    • New York Daily News
  24. A funny, fast-paced and rather refreshing new ABC sitcom that looks at contemporary office life in much the same way as the comic strip "Dilbert."
  25. The gimmick sounds dreadful. The series is anything but. It's actually one of the best and smartest new series of the season, and could survive just fine, on its acting and characters, even if the divine-intervention plot were removed. [26 Sept 2003, p.126]
    • New York Daily News
  26. If The Cleveland Show isn't quite as sharp-tongued or focused yet as "Family Guy," it's got the eccentricity to fit into broadcast television's most off-center evening.
  27. Lost is the sort of rare drama that's more fun to experience the less you know about it, so I'll let you experience its twists for yourself. It's spoiling nothing, though, to say that Abrams, as director even more than writer, really delivers some intense television here. [22 Sept 2004, p.94]
    • New York Daily News
  28. The most inspired aspect of this year's primary plot is that Jack is a man over the edge, not on it. [28 Oct 2002]
    • New York Daily News
  29. Conan made it subtly clear that the new kid in town will be a little naughtier and that for better or worse, Tonight is now his ride.

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