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489 tv reviews
  1. The drama thickens fast, and if the creators keep stirring rapidly, Jane by Design could become the same good soapy fun as its best ABC Family sisters.
  2. The action moves at an admirable clip and the cases feel interesting enough so we want to see how they come out.
  3. Like many of Showtime's most cherished series, House of Lies can be annoying and entertaining at the same time.
  4. There's potential here. If the characters can bond into an interesting dysfunctional family, The Finder could be worth finding.
  5. Whether Napoleon will work as a weekly animated series may depend on how well a teenager fits in with the other oddballs who populate Fox's Sunday-night animation bloc.
  6. Happily, there are reasons to watch Alcatraz, starting with an appealing cast and a premise that really does not require a college degree in the mythology of other worlds.
  7. Lowe's Midwestern accent comes and goes, but in general it's a performance that will make viewers plow through the darkness and keep watching.
  8. At this point, [it's] somewhere between a long shot and a lock.
  9. Some of it is moderately profane. Some pushes traditional boundaries of taste, though in today's comedy world these guys aren't even close to the edge.
  10. You want to like it, because the rough patches stem more from high ambition than from shortcomings.
  11. If you had to lay out the blueprint for the quintessential Lifetime movie, Secrets of Eden would be it.
  12. This is fascinating and clearly National Geographic thinks so, too.
  13. The premise of It Gets Better, that life improves dramatically after high school for gay teenagers, is tempered by the tacit acknowledgement that before then, it can get pretty bad.
  14. It's fun in a familiar sort of big-hair soap opera way.
  15. It takes a story whose outline we know and uses backstage access to turn it into a well-paced drama.
  16. Shahs of Sunset doesn't have any great message except maybe that the world of money knows no geographic boundaries.
  17. A well-crafted documentary directed by Nelson George tracking Johnson's life, from when he landed in Los Angeles, led the Lakers to championship titles, and how upon learning of his diagnosis helped change the world.
  18. As drama it has a few holes and clearly a lot of backstory that will unspool at its own pace....But the narrative is crisp, fast and easy to follow.
  19. Nothing that happens with other characters or elsewhere in the plot, though, is likely to diminish Shahi's presence.
  20. It's not great television in any standard sense, and the appeal of hearing about Christie, Joey Lynn and the ghost of Roberto could soon be as gone as the Dodgers. But, not for nothin', it's got a style of its own.
  21. If Olivia can keep her edge, if Rhimes can keep the stories as strong as the soap, and if we start feeling we don't know exactly what to expect, "Scandal" could become a habit worth forming.
  22. The jokes just works best in moderation.
  23. The dialogue is crisp, no scene lasts too long, and despite the large cast, we can follow what's happening. What's not clear yet is whether this show has its own style and vision.
  24. While Titanic gets melodramatic and even a little soapy, it achieves what seems to be its main goal: to remind us that when the ship went down, the most terrible loss may have been 1,500 dreams.
  25. It's so intensely focused on these specific girls and their "Sex and the City" dream, though, that at times it may not resonate as much with a larger audience.
  26. The answers aren't especially explicit, and the viewer may suspect de Cadenet is looking more for the tone of the reaction than information. That exchange never becomes the most interesting part of the conversation.
  27. There's an extent to which watching ad development becomes like watching someone write a song or a book. Unless you're in the game yourself, the result is the only part you really care about.
  28. While Hemingway & Gellhorn makes it clear she had world-class writing skills of her own, Gellhorn's story often does feel subsumed here, as if all of Hemingway's swagger and bravado really did make him a more prominent figure, or at least a more interesting one.
  29. Between old fans who will enjoy a revisit and young folks who never even heard of Miss Ellie, TNT is placing a sound bet.
  30. What we have here is a classic family sitcom, with jokes that come from the quirks of the characters rather than a mandate that there be a sex line every 30 seconds.