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513 tv reviews
  1. The problem for the miniseries is that what it adds to fill the extra time feels like padding.
  2. A couple of hail-Mary maneuvers and a lucky coincidence come to the rescue. But it’s clear that Gang Related already has dipped deep into a well that only holds so much water.
  3. This lavishly produced and well-acted mystery-and-conspiracy drama lacks only one essential element: a payoff that makes the previous four hours feel a little more worth your time.
  4. At times we're watching largely to see if there will be a clever turn in the writing. It would be better if we were more invested in the character drama.
  5. Reckless feels like it was designed by a committee.
  6. In the end, yes, of course, everyone loves each other. But by the time we get there, the only Swedish word that’s likely to remain lodged in our mind is “meatballs.”
  7. In the end, this Canadian import would be okay for a summer evening if there was more to like in the characters. There just isn’t.
  8. [The cast are] all quirky, setting up an endless stream of mix-and-match jokes that don’t seem interested in going much of anywhere.
  9. Leaden, predictable and, at times, unintentionally funny.
  10. If you think "Will & Grace" got lazy and tired after a few years, with its broad punch lines and broader plots - and you should - "Twins" accelerates the process by starting out that way.
  11. Perhaps, with all the reality TV dating shows pervading the tube, there's not much appetite left for a sitcom about a fictional dating firm. More probably, there's just not much appetite for a sitcom that isn't funny.
  12. My "Sixth Sense" says "Ghost Whisperer" isn't a very good show at all.
  13. Yes, these are good deeds. Yes, Amy Grant seems genuinely nice. But no, "Three Wishes," unlike "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," does not come off as a good TV show.
  14. It's a show so determined to shock that it cares more about that than about such things as compelling lead characters, believable situations or inventively solved mysteries.
  15. A script so unimaginative, and characters so flat and forced, that it begs for a recall vote.
  16. This year even Anderson can't keep this ship from running aground.
  17. The questions posed by "The Triangle" are fascinating. But the answers are - sometimes literally - a waste of time.
  18. This latest attempt at a series with glamorous young people frolicking at an even more glamorous resort doesn't demonstrate significantly more depth than its unsuccessful predecessors.
  19. Every year, there's at least one sitcom that takes an extremely talented cast, and wastes all that talent in an extremely disappointing series.
  20. Something feels wrong about a TV "reality show" team swooping into the hotel where a displaced Hurricane Katrina family has been living since September and carting two girls out to Las Vegas for a fancy birthday party.
  21. This "Free Ride," I suspect, will be over very soon.
  22. Louis-Dreyfus herself tries hard - sometimes too hard - and deserves better.
  23. How un-innovative is this series about innovation? Let me count the ways.
  24. There's little talent, and even less charisma, evident in this gaggle of guys.
  25. It's not only unimpressive. Parts of it are uncomfortable.
  26. For every story line that intrigues, and every character that sparks some interest, there are several others that don't.
  27. The initial story... is a lot more complicated than it is compelling - and by the time tonight's first hour is up, you aren't hungry for more.
  28. It's not a very artistic or compelling documentary.
  29. Tonight's new Fox courtroom drama series, "Justice," has plenty of [gimmicks]. What it doesn't have, though, is a persuasive reason to watch.
  30. These actors more than deserve a series of their own. They deserve a good one, and "Standoff" isn't it.

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