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  1. The problem with 7 Days isn't its lack of explicit material. It's the mundanity.
  2. Not even the prospect of Deena getting arrested for being drunk and disorderly can restore this final season to its past glory.
  3. They might have to lose some of the cartoon-cop humor to get there. Whether they do may determine whether Dan and Jack end up as a short, forgettable joke or a couple of cops we care about.
  4. Bent feels like a one-night stand where, in the morning, no one minds if you don't stay for breakfast.
  5. George's action scenes are solid. There just aren't enough of them, and Hunted isn't comprehensible enough for the cerebral part to carry as much of the show as it has to.
  6. For viewers, it's almost impossible to stay awake.
  7. The host does taped vignettes of her own between the standup performances, and while her comic timing is okay, her material feels like something we’ve seen a couple too many times before.
  8. Ethel comes off as a lovely family heirloom, something future generations of Kennedys can cherish. For the rest of us, it's a little less compelling.
  9. Tambor, a good actor, gets whipsawed by some of what he’s asked to do, and the show sometimes has the same feeling. It too often ends up finding neither the comedy nor the pathos in these tortured lives.
  10. Wile Bobby Cannavale plays a credible Cupid and Sarah Paulson is likable as his mortal sparring partner Dr. Claire McCrae, there just isn't a whole lot here.
  11. Trying too hard is exactly what "Popular" seems to be doing: trying too hard to look and sound cool with gimmicky production techniques, trying too hard to tap into teenage angst, trying too hard to suggest bridges between high school's supposed in-kids and its outcasts. [29 Sept 1999, p.72]
    • New York Daily News
  12. Maybe at a certain point it won't feel like all this is a little too gimmicky, or that the rules are being made up as we go along. Out of the box, it kind of does.
  13. The problem with this "Diary" is that Belle simply isn't as interesting as Bridget [of "Bridget Jones's Diary."]
  14. While the story feels thin and forced, it does let the show dig into Nick and Suzanne's real feelings toward each other, and reminds us that we like them both.
  15. The problem isn't the source of the plot, rather the fact that its treatment is not dramatic or gripping enough. [27 Sept 2003, p.71]
    • New York Daily News
  16. Even with savvy veterans and a relatively fresh newcomer like Isler around him, little about Sean Saves the World will make most viewers keep coming back.
  17. Part of what Jordan does, inadvertently, is remind us that the real value of a toy is what it meant to us when we played with it.
  18. The problem isn't the performers....The problem is the jokes.
  19. Somehow, it’s hard to appreciate the insights because the whole thing just feels so gosh-darned depressing.
  20. Not all Mortimer's posse seems shallow or unpleasant. But collectively they feel like the characters from all those nasty and wonderful 1960s Rolling Stones songs about neurotic rich girls. If only they were as interesting.
  21. The first episode leads us into a series of Hitler jokes, which proves once again that even 70 years after the Allies liberated the concentration camps, Hitler jokes are really really hard to make funny.... On the upside, Man Seeking Woman still has promise. It needs to head in that direction.
  22. Chiklis is terrific. Too often, though, Vegas plays like a comic book, without much depth to its characters.
  23. Persons Unknown was originally developed for Syfy, and it shows. It's all eerie music, unanswered questions and disturbing discoveries, leavened only very occasionally by humor.
  24. Secret Girlfriend feels like it never aspires to be more than a leaf blowing past us in the wind.
    • New York Daily News
  25. Some of the humor is decent enough, but some also has the same feeling as Paul's life: We're here and there's nothing we can do about it, so we might as well tell jokes.
  26. It’s a good premise. But where both old guys are cranky and frustrating, unable to show they really care, Caan’s character is unpleasant in ways Eastwood’s was not [in the film "Trouble With the Curve"].
  27. A wellmeaning, goodnatured show that doesn't have quite the sparkle you'd expect when the main characters include Aphrodite and Hercules.
  28. Blood & Oil almost feels more like a “Real Housewives” rolling family fight than a microcosm of our national quest for energy independence.
  29. Trouble is, it doesn't feel all that fresh. Arrogant, idiot superiors have been a bedrock of humor-infused dramas from the ancient Greeks right up through "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Ugly Betty."
  30. The sobering truth is that sometimes when you mix too many colors, you don't get a brighter rainbow. You get dark gray. Or, in this case, a supersize soap opera.

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