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  1. The dramas, at least up front, feel pretty mundane. Someone thinks the boss is being too strict and picking on her. Someone doesn’t think someone else is carrying enough of the load.
  2. Despite a way-above-average cast, the new CBS drama series "Numb3rs"... doesn't quite add up. [20 Jan 2005]
    • New York Daily News
  3. The Vineyard feels less like a Martha’s Vineyard experience than a generic young-folks reality-show experience.
  4. Good parenting is noble, selfless, wonderful work. It’s just not all that compelling to watch it practiced by strangers.
  5. There isn’t a lot of drama.
  6. While there’s the potential for a nice, relatable human situation here, almost all the dialogue feels like setups for punch lines. Too often this leaves the actors, even skilled veterans Riegert and Mull, stranded.
  7. Faris does her best with a role that still feels unfinished, and too much of the rest of the cast consists of caricatures.
  8. It’s a good premise. But where both old guys are cranky and frustrating, unable to show they really care, Caan’s character is unpleasant in ways Eastwood’s was not [in the film "Trouble With the Curve"].
  9. This show doesn’t have to be super. It does have to be fun.
  10. Even with savvy veterans and a relatively fresh newcomer like Isler around him, little about Sean Saves the World will make most viewers keep coming back.
  11. Even though the fate of the world is presumably at stake, as tends to be the case in these fantasies, this one just doesn’t feel very rousing.
  12. While several subplots swirl around, Drac’s mission will be driving this story, which means we need a commanding presence at the center. Rhys Meyers plays it more subtly. That’s a valid acting choice. It just doesn’t make the story as bloody good as it might be.
  13. It’s all done in a tone of subtly absurdist humor, which is fine but wearing. While explanations of international marketability and aftermarket products may fascinate Hollywood, they soon become white noise.
  14. There’s nothing terribly wrong with Killing Kennedy. We just don’t need the splashes of Hollywood in a story we already know way too well.
  15. Numerous scenes reiterate what we knew, and side touches like Bonnie’s recurring ballerina fantasies don’t need the time they’re given.
  16. It starts by focusing on the riders’ determination and training. That’s good. Then it segues into the infighting and personality clashes among the competitors. That’s not so good.
  17. Chozen shows he’s still got the goods, and his prison years have given him rich material. Among other things, he declares rap needs to be more inclusive, which lays a serious message under the gags. Second, everything gets a lot cruder, an understandable decision that could downshift the show from unique to routine.
  18. V.C. Andrews’ popular and creepy 1979 novel “Flowers in the Attic” gets no favors from the scriptwriters in this latest adaptation. The reason to watch, even when you’re saying “Yeah, right” to what’s happening on the screen, is actors Ellen Burstyn, Mason Dye and Kiernan Shipka.
  19. Mitt focuses on a couple of flashpoints: the unsuccessful 2008 primaries against John McCain, the successful 2012 primaries and the 2012 general election. In none of these do we get any “aha, so that’s how he really feels” moments. It’s more a portrait of someone who assesses each situation accurately, good or bad.
  20. The movie itself apparently isn’t sure the murders themselves are lurid enough. So it adds a few things that didn’t happen, plus some 21st-century music.
  21. At the end of the night, Mixology doesn’t have a lot of fizz.
  22. At several points, Resurrection feels like the kind of show that might have been better served by culling subplots and making it into a miniseries or a movie.
  23. There's nothing wrong with American Dream Builders except it feels like these design shows are becoming a TV version of Levittown.
  24. First, Catherine at times feels stylized, like a character from a ’30s movie. It’s alluring and distracting. Second, none of the other characters pops out enough so we’re immediately eager to find out what will happen next.
  25. As in the earlier show [NBC's "Best Friends Forever"], both Parham and St. Clair create likable characters we wouldn’t mind following through strange, poignant, absurd, comic and ultimately endearing adventures. But those adventures get diluted here, at least on the back-to-back opening night episodes, by heavy-handed scenes you don’t expect or want in a USA show.
  26. The problem for the miniseries is that what it adds to fill the extra time feels like padding.
  27. A couple of hail-Mary maneuvers and a lucky coincidence come to the rescue. But it’s clear that Gang Related already has dipped deep into a well that only holds so much water.
  28. This lavishly produced and well-acted mystery-and-conspiracy drama lacks only one essential element: a payoff that makes the previous four hours feel a little more worth your time.
  29. At times we're watching largely to see if there will be a clever turn in the writing. It would be better if we were more invested in the character drama.
  30. Reckless feels like it was designed by a committee.

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