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  1. Blood & Oil almost feels more like a “Real Housewives” rolling family fight than a microcosm of our national quest for energy independence.
  2. Trouble is, it doesn't feel all that fresh. Arrogant, idiot superiors have been a bedrock of humor-infused dramas from the ancient Greeks right up through "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Ugly Betty."
  3. The sobering truth is that sometimes when you mix too many colors, you don't get a brighter rainbow. You get dark gray. Or, in this case, a supersize soap opera.
  4. We don’t dislike the characters. We just don’t feel compelled to watch them, because they often don’t feel much more real than the animated characters they’re replacing on Fox Sunday night.
  5. We come away knowing only a little more about the man who created "Star Trek," but with no doubts at all about the kind of affection his masterwork inspired.
  6. In the end, yes, of course, everyone loves each other. But by the time we get there, the only Swedish word that’s likely to remain lodged in our mind is “meatballs.”
  7. The performances here are good, right down to a cynical--and beautiful--bartender to whom Teddy tells the whole tale. But the action often feels like it was created by video-game developers, and what is supposed to be the subtext, about Teddy really trying to save himself, is about as subtle as a kick in the groin from a sneering DEA agent.
  8. It’s all good-natured. It’s also random.
  9. First, Catherine at times feels stylized, like a character from a ’30s movie. It’s alluring and distracting. Second, none of the other characters pops out enough so we’re immediately eager to find out what will happen next.
  10. There may or may not be a better way to do this show. Unfortunately, this one just isn't all that exciting.
  11. Hard Knock Life just isn’t all that interesting.
  12. It has funny moments. It’s just not a game we’re likely to want to keep watching.
  13. There isn’t a lot of drama.
  14. Instead of trusting this foundation and these actors, though, Family Tools seems to feel it must make every situation and interaction so outrageous it turns the characters into cartoons.
  15. Ultimately, though, the stories here are too brief and, frankly, too ordinary to sustain the viewer's interest for very long.
  16. There’s nothing terribly wrong with Killing Kennedy. We just don’t need the splashes of Hollywood in a story we already know way too well.
  17. On its first pass, Common Law feels awkward.
  18. It all feels pretty dense and confusing to those outside the sci-fi world.
  19. V.C. Andrews’ popular and creepy 1979 novel “Flowers in the Attic” gets no favors from the scriptwriters in this latest adaptation. The reason to watch, even when you’re saying “Yeah, right” to what’s happening on the screen, is actors Ellen Burstyn, Mason Dye and Kiernan Shipka.
  20. Stiller was a last-minute addition to the cast, and the series looks like it will be refocused as a result turning the spotlight his way, much like Jaleel White's Urkel pulled the rug out from the original concept of ABC's "Family Matters." CBS would gladly accept that eventuality if "The King of Queens" draws similarly large audiences, but any hopes of it turning into a modern-day "Honeymooners" are likely to vanish as a result. [21 Sept 1998, p.70]
    • New York Daily News
  21. We're now three episodes into the second season of "Housewives," and the show still doesn't seem to have any traction. ... What's wrong so far this season, for the most part, has been the tone. [11 Oct 2005]
    • New York Daily News
  22. When you get a headache just trying to follow a show's setup, that's not a good sign. When a show's twists and turns make it hard to concentrate on what seems to be a terrific performance from the splendid Andre Braugher, that's even worse.
  23. Once a show is 80% about fighting, it loses its singularity, because it could be any two people in any workplace arguing over who gets to use the Xerox machine.
  24. After a little while, though, it slips over the line from factoid to lecture--and what doesn't help, oddly enough, is the wise-guy attitude the Sklars bring to it.
  25. Numerous scenes reiterate what we knew, and side touches like Bonnie’s recurring ballerina fantasies don’t need the time they’re given.
  26. The problem with Mistresses may lie with the expectations it has set. If the sex isn't going to be fun, what is it going to be? It would be good if we found that out soon.
  27. When it comes to her new CBS sitcom premiering tonight, though, [Middler is] the only element jolting the show out of disastrously ho-hum status. [11 Oct 2000, p.96]
    • New York Daily News
  28. This one may be mostly for the hard core.
  29. The story lines feel a bit contrived, though, and the action sometimes a trifle forced. We like the spies better than their thriller.
  30. Palin is a decent, likable guide to the wonders of Alaska, when we get to them. But the real agenda of this show more often seems to be the wonders of Sarah Palin.

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