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  1. The TV pilot, like the theatrical film, is long on hardware and gunplay and short on logic. [24 Jul 1997]
    • New York Daily News
  2. Up front, at least, the show too often feels like its fighting with itself.
  3. For every talented performer or performance, there's one that doesn't quite work. For every scene that hits the right comedic or dramatic tone, there's another that tries too hard, tells too much or falls too flat.
  4. Williams, though, in both Sunday's telemovie and the subsequent Tuesday-night regular episode time-slot at 8, is too reserved and colorless. [15 Sept 1995, p.127]
    • New York Daily News
  5. Brothers starts with a noble idea: Bring two estranged adult brothers together by forcing them to live in their parents' house again. It just doesn't quite achieve either poignance or real comedy.
  6. The story of these patients is worthwhile, and even touching, but that doesn't make it excellent television.
  7. Time travel looked so cool and carefree in "Back to the Future" that you wonder why it seems to become so difficult and often downright unpleasant when TV characters try it. In the case of Dan Vassar, the time traveler in NBC's new Journeyman, it also gets unreasonably complicated for the viewer.
  8. The quality of the mystery in the pilot, no better than mediocre, is what keeps this series from starting off with a wider lead at the opening gun.
  9. If ABC's new cop drama, Castle, can slightly tweak its title character, it could turn into a very nice little show. In Monday night's premiere episode, it's just not quite there.
  10. People victimized by terrible events and circumstances often feel pride and dignity are two of the few things they have left. There are times in Oprah's Big Give when it feels like those things may be slipping away, in the service of creating a splashier television show.
  11. As a series, it could be a lot better, but there's no denying the appeal of the two musicians.
  12. Bell's acting, very real and often very raw, is this show's not- so-secret weapon. [22 Sept 2004, p.94]
    • New York Daily News
  13. "Courting Alex" is courting disaster by the way it plays against Elfman's, and Coleman's, strengths.
  14. "Brothers & Sisters" establishes itself as little more than a family gathering you should have no interest in attending. Their dialogue sounds real, but not much of it sounds interesting.
  15. "Felicity" is a tolerable, even watchable family drama.
  16. Like casino chips sprinkled over a roulette table, the assets of this NBC show aren't being used very wisely, and are no guarantee of success. [22 Sept 2003, p.77]
    • New York Daily News
  17. The problem isn’t the characters, though they can feel a little stilted. The problem is that we don’t believe the whole situation.
  18. Less understandable is why this TV version also reaches to "Alien Nation" for inspiration, which it does by pairing Easton's David Hume with an android partner played by Karl Pruner. Also baffling is the under-utilization of Cynthia Preston as Hume's wife, although doubtlessly she will figure more prominently in later episodes. [5 Mar 1999, p.117]
    • New York Daily News
  19. The B-movie franchise’s third installment leaves a fishy taste behind. Even more than the first two.... While it’s still silly fun, you have to wonder if the whole concept--which was goofy and amusing and new two years ago--is getting, er, long in the tooth.
  20. This show doesn’t have to be super. It does have to be fun.
  21. While moments in The Principal's Office are relatable enough, they're just not that intriguing, maybe because they involve people we've never met before and will not meet again.
  22. For the moment, it would be nice if the show could just make the present more compelling.
  23. The problem with 7 Days isn't its lack of explicit material. It's the mundanity.
  24. It’s a mildly interesting fantasy, but the story has too many holes to feel really compelling.
  25. To its credit, The Whispers gets better by the end of the first episode. Unfortunately, it also shows signs of hurtling toward more complications than we need.
  26. Not even the prospect of Deena getting arrested for being drunk and disorderly can restore this final season to its past glory.
  27. They might have to lose some of the cartoon-cop humor to get there. Whether they do may determine whether Dan and Jack end up as a short, forgettable joke or a couple of cops we care about.
  28. Bent feels like a one-night stand where, in the morning, no one minds if you don't stay for breakfast.
  29. George's action scenes are solid. There just aren't enough of them, and Hunted isn't comprehensible enough for the cerebral part to carry as much of the show as it has to.
  30. For viewers, it's almost impossible to stay awake.

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