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6,204 movie reviews
  1. Structure overwhelms everything, but it's not as if Wicker Park has nothing to say. It's full of ugly truths about emotional frailty, and implies that stalking is a bad thing only when you're not charming enough about it.
  2. It's strictly amateur hour.
  3. If you're really hoping for a perfect holiday, steer clear of this stale fruitcake of a comedy.
  4. Back to Wisteria Lane, Eva, and stay there until we call you.
  5. Self-indulgent in the extreme, Julián Hernández's laconic ode to heartbreak feels like the work of a lovelorn teenager.
  6. It needed a star like Clooney at its center, and a character actor like Alan Rickman as Dr. Doom. You don't expect realism from a comic-book movie, but you do want the characters to seem larger than life.
  7. Kinsella, in his feature debut, milks cliches, caricatures and an unlikely set of coincidences to tie things up in a neat bundle.
  8. Features amateurish acting and direction, and a going-nowhere script.
  9. Eddie Murphy's latest comedy, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, takes place in the year 2087, which is about the earliest he can hope to be forgiven.
  10. Not all cartoon violence; there's cartoon nudity, too. Berry was paid a well-publicized $500,000 bonus to bare her breasts in the movie.
  11. A bizarrely off-key animated comedy.
  12. Stambrini puts so much weight on shock value, she overlooks the matter of emotional resonance.
  13. But look up the word "slight" in the dictionary and you could find a still from this film.
  14. Brutal but somewhat endearing.
  15. How do films this stale and generic continue to get made, let alone with topflight talent? Cedric has been stealing scenes from bigger names for nearly a decade; he deserves better than a few amusingly-improvised minutes at the end of his own movie. And so do we.
  16. If it weren't for retro-gartered Milla Jovovich, I don't know why anyone would want to survive the virus that is turning humans into zombies and destroying the Earth in Resident Evil: Extinction.
  17. Mattei's script was written in 1998, and the absence of any sense of the impact of 9/11 on New Yorkers is palpable. While watching "Love," I was thinking what great potential there was - still is - for a Manhattan "La Ronde" set in the days following 9/11, when strangers sought comfort from each other in spontaneous sexual alliances.
  18. This is the worst performance by a pop star in a dramatic role since Madonna suited up for "Shanghai Surprise."
  19. Beyond the cliches, there's something deeply offensive about the way Hostage exploits our empathy for children in peril.
  20. Unfortunately, while director Steve Boyum is a successful stunt man and off-road biker, his skills do not extend to the relatively passive arena of filmmaking. Somehow, he even makes much of the action static.
  21. Something's wrong with the math here -- the inheritance of the story's small-town hero is enlarged from $20 million to $40 billion, yet the new movie isn't worth the price of a Depression-era ticket.
    • New York Daily News
  22. Deep into Hollywood's Dumb Season comes one of its dumbest offerings.
  23. An absolute mess with no coherent tone, story or point of view.
  24. Flimsy and forgettable, but it does have a few worthy action and special-effects sequences.
  25. Whatever it was in Romanian philosopher Mircea Eliade's novella Youth Without Youth that drew Francis Coppola out of a 10-year retirement to make a movie, the result is the year's most bizarre novelty item.
  26. Unlike pop rival Britney Spears, Moore does project star quality on the screen, but she gives Halley an edge of nastiness that makes her harder to empathize with than she should be.
  27. There is not a frame of "Cheaper" that doesn't feel contrived. It fails the most fundamental test of movie logic.
  28. A murky swamp of a movie, Terry Gilliam's defiantly surreal Tideland finds every good idea drowning in an excess of indulgence.
  29. Writer-director Claudia Myers' clunky debut feature makes the case that first-timers should probably focus on either writing or directing.
  30. French director Mathieu Kassovitz Frenches this flimsy tale to death. No scene goes underplayed, no performance (save one, from Robert Downey Jr.) lacks volume, no horror cliche is forgotten.

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