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  1. Dreamcatcher has no business being this bad.
  2. By the end of Francois Gerard's plodding, uninvolving melodrama, his boredom will have nothing on yours.
  3. We're bombarded by witless racial clichés, stale sexism and homophobia and enthusiastic celebrations of extreme flatulence.
  4. A tormented dramatization of the exact same events, and it's as bad as the earlier film ("Dogtown and Z-Boys") was good.
  5. Neither chimps nor children should be subjected to such shabby mediocrity.
  6. The characters are boring, the violence generic, the suspense nonexistent.
  7. On paper, the "rising stars" of Meiert Avis' low-flying romantic comedy Undiscovered are Steven Strait and Pell James, but the real star is Tyson the Skateboarding Dog.
  8. Crowe was going for something magical in all this, but the film is so affected and mannered, so preciously in love with itself, that it's painful to watch. Scenes go on and on, and when you think the movie's over, it goes on and on some more.
  9. There's a fascinating and terrifying story to be told about Elizabeth Bathory, the dramatically depraved 17th century sadist known as the Blood Countess.....This ain't it.
  10. Both a madcap comedy and a cautionary tale about the dangers of drug abuse. But it's not funny or smart enough to work as either one, let alone to strike a balance.
  11. A Christmas headache looking for an audience.
  12. Kline will break your heart, while the rest of the movie will just make you sick.
  13. Shows that there's a limit to how much mileage one can get from offbeat, creepy and symbiotic.
  14. Trudy is really the only character with the "Barrytown" zest, and Montgomery throws herself into the role with unselfconscious abandon. She makes the screen crackle with energy.
  15. Normally, I'd recommend a movie like this only to diehard fans. But even they may want to wait until it hits cable.
  16. Turns out to be as heavy and earthbound as an injured dragon.
  17. A ticket to this movie is a season's pass on that train - and you must complete every ride.
  18. This tale of disaffected sexual depravity is practically a parody of the worst of French filmmaking.
  19. A weak documentary. There's very little here to demonstrate the personality and leadership qualities that made Massoud both a legend and a martyr. Raw, sloppily edited, unfocused and without any sense of scale, it's personal journalism with its heart in the right place, and that's about it.
  20. There are some nicely gory touches for genre connoisseurs...But JC2 lacks the all-important character development we got in the first installment.
  21. Unremittingly bleak and hopelessly outdated parable of American race relations.
  22. Convoluted and unsatisfying psychological drama.
  23. The result feels as if she (Trish Doolan) gathered all her friends, turned on her camera and let them loose. Which is perfectly fine, if you don't expect anyone to pay to watch the finished product.
  24. Ever been on a blind date that you knew would be dismal from the start? Well, this is the movie version of that date, stretched out over the slowest two hours imaginable.
  25. There's a lot of scary stuff in Wes Craven Presents: Dracula 2000. There are eyeball-sucking leeches, decapitations, punctured necks... and appalling acting.
  26. Unfortunately, it isn't until the final scene -- a spoof of the horror genre's false-ending cliché -- that Bats really takes wing.
  27. A superficial tween comedy that mocks celebutantes like the Olsen twins while simultaneously pushing stars Hilary and Haylie Duff as their replacements.
  28. Perhaps this is just a bad performance by Bana; he's not shown me anything yet. But there's a more basic problem. If money is just a way of keeping score, and Huck doesn't care whether he's flush or busted, why should we?
  29. Dark, grim, and cliched Orwellian satire.
    • New York Daily News
  30. The question is, if Sarabeth is so desperate to escape this oppressive distillation of Jewish neuroses, why would filmmaker Debra Kirschner think we'd want to stick around?

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