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Average Movie review score: 56
Highest review score: 100 The Imitation Game
Lowest review score: 0 Life During Wartime
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826 movie reviews
  1. The script, by Melissa James Gibson, is as scintillating as a dead rodent.
  2. The script is breezy, but neither of the two leads have the heft or charm to carry an entire feature-length film - separately or together.
  3. Artificial, irresponsible, filthy and forgettable, it knocks itself cross-eyed trying to make you roar with laughter at chemotherapy, with the nauseating Seth Rogen milking most of the yuks. But a stoner comedy about cancer? I don't think so.
  4. Actor-turned-director Don Cheadle trashes the historic career of Miles Davis in Miles Ahead, named after one of the greatest albums ever made by one of the most influential musicians of all time.
  5. Rest assured, Anthony Perkins would have demanded a re-write.
    • 52 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Mr. Right isn’t a bad movie as much as it is two-and-a-half, maybe three bad movies playing all at the same time.
  6. There’s nothing remarkable or even remotely intriguing about the dyspeptic gang of submental sad sacks in this dull, flat fiasco.
  7. I'd like to tell you just how bad Inception really is, but since it is barely even remotely lucid, no sane description is possible.
  8. A tedious exercise in tedium.
  9. A pointless nightmare of pretentious science fiction twaddle with no plot, no coherence and no heart.
  10. The result, in the case of Moonrise Kingdom, is what I call transcendentally brainless - an after school special aimed at asinine adolescents over the age of 40.
  11. Comprising three separate, unrelated and thoroughly inconsequential short stories about lonely, miserable women in the isolated landscape of Montana, Certain Women is the latest thumping bore from Kelly Reichardt, a writer-director-editor who makes bland, low-budget films about various hidden aspects of women’s lives they are reluctant to reveal, then take forever to do so.
  12. He (Owen) doesn't fail the movie. The movie fails him. As his wife, the superb Carice van Houten has so little to do or say - so peripheral a relation to everything else in the movie - that she seems to be an intruder herself.
  13. This disoriented drivel was written by — and marks the directing debut of — Geoffrey Fletcher, who won an Academy Award for writing "Precious." It’s weird, but not in a good way.
  14. Jack Reacher is mostly grim, violent and stupid.
  15. I guess I’ve seen worse teen sex comedies, but it’s rare to encounter one this stupid.
  16. A little of this corn goes a long way.
  17. Movies like Sleeping Beauty are as sensual as cottage cheese, not to mention passé.
  18. Logan is another heinous and sophomoric waste of Hugh Jackman ‘s time and considerable talent and another expensive throwaway aimed at milking money out of people who still read comic books. Color it stupid.
  19. Only the great Piper Laurie delivers dollar value. Otherwise, Hesher is to movies what graffiti is to a rotting fence.
  20. Rage is another formulaic re-tread that needs its brakes re-lined.
  21. Ms. Cardellini plays it like a zombie, and she isn't helped by all the loitering camera angles and repetitive close-ups of her head framed against car windows. It's a worthy subject, ploddingly explored in a film that is too modest for its own good.
  22. The movie knocks itself unconscious trying to be offbeat, but instead of cinematic heart, the director self-indulges in cinematic art, drowning the whole thing in freeze frames, slow-motion and color-coding, owing everything he knows to the worst of Jean-Luc Godard and Wes Anderson.
  23. All Nighter is an alleged comedy that doesn’t know how to be funny. But at 80 minutes long, it does know how to be merciful.
  24. It’s a romantic piffle stuffed with so much candy that your skin could break out.
  25. Boring, derivative, and infuriatingly illogical, Lavender is a ghost story with no thrills, no surprises, and no sense.
  26. Even as a prime example of rotten summer silliness, this is a paralyzing experience.
  27. The movie doesn’t know if it wants to be a comedy, a morality play or a cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for. I wish for fewer disasters in my future like A Long Way Down.
  28. Despite the sight of so much cheesecake romping naked through the woods like the girls have never heard of poison ivy, it’s the usual disreputable grindhouse schlock.
  29. Instead of originality, The Romantics recycles the same material with a lot of noise masquerading as style, and no substance whatsoever, producing a grotesquerie of caricatures from central casting that are dead on arrival.

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