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  1. Boring and irritating, and also mildly offensive in its ignorant depiction of both Judaism and Catholicism.
  2. Snowden could have been a character portrait, but instead it’s like “The Bourne Identity” minus the chases and fights, which is like a ham and cheese sandwich minus the ham and cheese. As a consequence, I suspect, this film will make no bread.
  3. There's not much story but there are plenty of colorful, almost David Lynchian drug freakouts, as well as lots of sick violence.
  4. The ingredients are there for a cute con game, but instead the movie turns out to be a mushy melodrama.
  5. Uma Thurman plays a flying hero who might as well be called Not Funny Woman.
  6. None of these seemingly plot-rich questions are explored; instead, we’re stuck with a greasy-haired Mark Ruffalo, as his detective character flounders along in their wake, muttering that he doesn’t have time for this magic crap.
  7. Has its laughs, but pretty much every single one of them is in the trailer. And even more unfortunately, the improbable new romantic comedy team of Steve Carell and Keira Knightley works about as well as you'd guess - like oil and water.
  8. A strange Gallic imitation of a Woody Allen comedy, replete with a neurotic older hero.
  9. Another project whose narrative gets swallowed by its design.
  10. Sherlock Holmes dumbs down a century-old synonym for intelligence with S&M gags, witless sarcasm, murky bombast and twirling action-hero moves that belong in a ninja flick.
  11. We keep waiting for a story, or at least some comedy, but none ever materializes. The dialogue makes Algebra II seem fascinating by comparison.
  12. Sarah's Key belongs to the Holocaust for Dummies section of Harvey Weinstein's History for Dummies series of mer etricious glossy dramas that ransack global events and turn them into middlebrow women's weepies to fill his trophy case.
  13. The problem is that there's not a sympathetic character among the nasty, brutish males. And the women, except for a flashy cameo by a swimsuit-clad Paris Hilton, are given short shrift.
  14. Provides a few minor thrills, but overall is talky and implausible.
  15. Lethally dull and self-important remake.
  16. With great power comes the responsibility to make a decent movie, but the mysterious force running through Chronicle is the power to supersuck.
  17. A wildly misanthropic and overlong black comedy.
  18. James' character is a charmless, boring lump and it's very hard to care if he gets the girl or not.
  19. A dreary message movie.
  20. A lukewarm film about what might happen to three New York City friends if the draft were reinstated, proves that even the most controversial of topics can be the basis for the dullest indie films.
  21. A bland look at professional surfing.
  22. I had the sensation of sitting through a fourth-grade school play that contained no children of my own: the very definition of a nightmare.
  23. A sluggish and prototypically earnest little indie on the not exactly fresh theme of a woman undergoing a midlife crisis.
  24. Indulgent, tedious documentary.
  25. A spoof of you-know-what that's a lot less funny than it sounds.
  26. A long slog through ancient muck, so-so sword fights and dumb luck.
  27. Richard Jeffries' script tosses together bits of plot borrowed from such "bad things happen when you leave the city" classics as "Straw Dogs" and "Deliverance" without any awareness of how or why genre conventions work.
  28. "Schindler's List" it ain't, and the whole is rendered occasionally surreal by Janusz Stoklosa's laughably heavy-handed score.
  29. Seems almost like a self-parody of Williams' earlier work.
  30. The best compensation for sitting through this silliness is Alice Taglioni as the primary cop.

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