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6,902 movie reviews
  1. Preposterous romantic melodrama, which uses a fractured narrative to cloud an absurd plot that would probably be laughed off the screen if it were presented in a straightforward manner.
  2. A cute, often very funny romantic comedy and an effective vehicle for Matthew Perry.
  3. For all his skill with a cue, the charisma-challenged Callahan is no Nia Vardalos in the acting department -- let alone a Paul Newman or Tom Cruise.
  4. Vincent D'Onofrio does capture Hoffman's charisma and nuttiness - and he's the only reason to resist the temptation to skip this exasperating movie.
  5. Works because they really are the focus - and they're excellently voiced .
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  6. The jaw-droppingly nasty second act is intriguing, but it veers into territory so dark that it sucks the air out of the bouncy chick flick that surrounds it, making for one confused -- and confusing -- comedy.
  7. There’s a good cinephile heart beating under this fluffy story. But Lellouche, in making her homage to Allen, left out one of his essential qualities: bite. Paris-Manhattan drifts by and never leaves a single toothmark.
  8. Starts off bad, then tapers off.
  9. I don't think we're expected to take After.Life any more seriously than Ricci's last extended (near) nude role in the immortal "Black Snake Moan." That one was more fun.
  10. Charmless and underdeveloped knockoff of "The Santa Clause."
  11. Aeon Flux is by far the year's worst movie, a most dubious achievement.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    It's very sad to watch Keaton here. In the most excruciating scene, she gets drunk in a bar, staggers up to a microphone and starts to sing, or rather squawk. For those of us who still revere Annie Hall and her blissfully unaffected rendition of "Seems Like Old Times," this is sacrilege.
  12. Attempting to fill Dudley Moore's top hat in Arthur, Russell Brand rapidly descends the rungs of the comedy ladder from "unfunny" to "irritating" to "vulgar" to the bottom one - "Andy Dick."
  13. The cast, so packed with talent that Jean Reno and Cherry Jones barely register, is stuck with stagey dialogue. Juliet Rylance, in the Nina part, has a particularly hard time. But there are good points, including Janney’s obvious pleasure in her part.
  14. Ryan spends much of the grubby-looking boxing drama Against the Ropes with her face screwed up in distaste, as if a dirty sock is being waved under her nose. Perhaps it's because the movie she's in stinks.
  15. A confusing mishmash.
  16. There are a few good jolts - and a moderate amount of spurting blood - but things pretty much proceed exactly as you think they will.
  17. More "the mild one" than "The Wild One."
  18. Holland lets things peter out midway, but it's notably better acted -- and far less crass -- than some other recent efforts in the burgeoning genre of films about black urban professionals.
  19. Soporific, shamelessly derivative and barely coherent by American standards.
  20. An old-fashioned soaper that will please or not, depending on a viewer's tolerance for schmaltz.
  21. Violent and unoriginal actioner.
  22. A thoroughly amateurish effort at capturing clued-in and smartass teens.
  23. Kirschner's excruciatingly earnest coming-of-age comedy, is about as fresh as year-old matzoh and plays like the unholy spawn of "Brighton Beach Memoirs" and "Fiddler on the Roof."
  24. We keep waiting for a story, or at least some comedy, but none ever materializes. The dialogue makes Algebra II seem fascinating by comparison.
  25. For short stretches, the movie has a touch of surreal "Office Space" brilliance, but it's broadly acted, its characters are thin, and the production values are ragged. Still, it's hard to resist its goofy hostility: "You're like the drummer from REO Speedwagon. Nobody knows who you are."
  26. The film is amateurishly directed and sluggishly paced with an anorexic plot. Even the photography, sound and costumes are substandard.
  27. Paul Schrader’s The Canyons is not the worst movie of 2013 — it's marginally better than "InAPPpropriate Comedy" and "Scary Movie 5," two even worse bombs that Lindsay Lohan also lent her rapidly diminishing talents to — but it is surely the most boring I’ve seen.
  28. Dirk Shafer's feature doesn't offer much in terms of plot or acting. But it does have oodles of hunky male bodies. The choice is yours.
  29. OK premise quickly deteriorates into a silly, badly acted slasher movie -- minus the slasher.
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