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  1. As in other TV serials of this type, the plot thickens long before it ever starts to thin.
  2. The Royals wants to shock but can’t, since the world it describes is something we know all too well from tabloid headlines about the real British royals. These characters are bored by their own jaded lives--and so are we.
  3. Designated Survivor does a decent job of mapping the confusion felt by Kirkman, his wife and various White House stock figures, but with “Madam Secretary” playing in the same faux political sandbox, the show feels a little too familiar.
  4. Izzard and Driver are so good that you may be able to overlook a lot - like a plot to believe in.
  5. The Glades isn't bad, it just feels older than a swamp gator--and as hungry as one for some fresh meat.
  6. It’s more fun to watch the D-list celebs make cameo appearances than actually listen to the movie.
  7. The scenes between Liotta and Lopez provide a two-fold tension, as you can see Harlee become unhinged and Lopez quiver in the company of a more talented performer.
  8. Texas Rising doesn’t have the urgency of “Hatfields vs. McCoys,” but Texas enthusiasts will enjoy the blow-by-blow reenactments of a crucial period in American history.
  9. With his ever-present smile, he projects a genial, almost mild camera presence but lacks anything resembling the kind of edge that made Jon Stewart a name to be reckoned with. He has a hard road ahead of him.
  10. All in all, Star-Crossed tries hard to differentiate itself, at least in its plotline, from its network stablemates. And in the CW’s world of homogenized TV, that’s enough of a reason to applaud the effort.
  11. Sheen is so entertaining to watch that the series at least earns a 2 1/2-star rating. It also earns one on the basis of its name, which invites the irresistible parallel.
  12. Oddly - and maybe miraculously - Tarzan doesn't go bad. In fact, it's pretty good, and it beats the hell out most of the junk being paraded in front of us this season ("Karen Sisco" excepted, of course!)
  13. The action is fast and sometimes even compelling, if not entirely believable - or even a little believable.
  14. Don't get me wrong, there are some good laughs here, but there's also the threat that 30 Rock could easily turn into that thing the writers relentlessly make fun of--TV shows and stars that are too smug, too smart and too out-of-touch for their own good.
  15. The show’s pacing is brisk, the acting is fine on all fronts (the British-born Atwell’s American accent slips a bit here and there) and it’s nice to look at--which just might be enough to keep Conviction going.
  16. This isn't ground-breaking TV, but if you're looking for a few good laughs and a lot of action without the commitment of marriage, Common Law the way to go.
  17. As appealing as Applegate is, the show itself struggles to produce laughs.
  18. If yet one more cop show about the brash young rookie and the older, tired guy thisclose to retirement is enough to make you go completely insane and start watching, say, “Smash” or something equally upsetting, then for sure you want to stay away from Golden Boy. However, if you love cop shows that aren’t really procedurals so much as stories about the internal politicking of the NYPD, than maybe Golden Boy is just what you’re looking for.
  19. It is trashy fun as Spartacus, who is not really that interested in overthrowing oppressive Roman rule right now as he is in getting his sexed-up wife back, fights his way up gladiator rankings and out.
  20. The series, in large part, fails to deliver on its fascinating premise. Simply put, it’s plodding, moves at a glacial pace and overreaches with too many diffuse narrative strands.
  21. Caged isn't a knockout, but you won't feel sucker punched because, unlike other reality shows, the cast hasn't taken a dive and faked the action for the sake of created "drama."
  22. Yes, there's enough here to keep you tuning in. Just don't reach for the stars. They're out to lunch.
  23. Some of this show is funny, but you may want to put paper down on your couch to keep you from catching an STD.
  24. The show seems more oriented to female viewers than ever. [24 Sep 2006]
    • New York Post
  25. It ain’t Hitchcock, but it ain’t bad. Too bad it ain’t new.
  26. And that's the problem. Is it horror or just horrible? Is it scary or just bloody?
  27. With its loosey-goosey improvisations, Factory plays like a work-in-progress instead of one that was actually finished and really ready for prime time.
  28. [Ricci] doesn’t add much depth here to her TV portrayal of Lizzie, a rebellious sort (she steals from her stepmother and barks at her strict father) living in a stifling, emotionless house with her sister, Emma. Blame some of that on the movie’s writing.
  29. The show is a string of one-liners occasionally punctuated by women in underwear (one even strips on the stand in court). The lines, if taken by themselves, are pretty funny. But, in the context of what this show is attempting to do, it's not as funny as it could be.
  30. Both McConaughey and Harrelson turn in first-rate performances--you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they disliked each other in real life, such is the animosity between them. But the writing is a bit overblown and the pacing static--at times downright glacial.

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