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  1. This show is so cliched that it actually contains one of those scenes in which a camera makes a slow, 360-degree circle around Jaime as she gazes skyward.
  2. Aside from learning that paddle-whacking still exists, the rest of the show is as dull and dimwitted as the students.
  3. Life Is But A Dream is a vanity project that could have been a helluva film--if she had given up control and let the story tell itself.
  4. The show is a string of one-liners occasionally punctuated by women in underwear (one even strips on the stand in court). The lines, if taken by themselves, are pretty funny. But, in the context of what this show is attempting to do, it's not as funny as it could be.
  5. Think "The French Connection" meets "Alias" with a big helping of Taylor Lautner's "Abduction."
  6. Newsroom is both entertaining and irritating. The info is important and good, but the quipping banter with which it's delivered, isn't. News junkies will be hooked.
  7. The fact the mystery is pretty much laid out like a coma patient from the beginning, ruins whatever suspense you might otherwise have built up.
  8. It's all a muddled mess of computer-generated battlefield scenes, gratuitous bare-breast-and-buttock shots (men and women--there's no favoritism here) and "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"-type photography.
  9. Keep the money and run like hell if you're tired of reality shows that border on surreality.
  10. Davis... is very good.
  11. The acting for the most part, is first rate....Too bad the writing isn't better.
  12. I would have preferred the whole crime family thing, but there could be some good laughs as the family attempts to work at legit jobs. It probably won't be as funny as breaking-and-entering, but I'll give it two more weeks to decide whether good will be good--or bad.
  13. Given that, let me also say that virtual sets don't make up for virtual plots. Not that Sanctuary doesn't have its moments, and those moments might prove to be fast and furious after tonight's two-hour premiere when the show goes to a more manageable one-hour format.
  14. Breakout Kings is not only dumb and mind-numbingly silly, but what makes it all-the-more terrible is that all this silliness has been stolen from other mind-numbingly-silly shows.
  15. More focus on their day jobs and less “Moonlighting” by the producers is needed here.
  16. It remains to be seen if Underemployed will have time to spread its dramatic wings and shake off its ham-fisted preachiness--but it's off to a promising, if predictable, start.
  17. This show, which was once so thrilling and fun, has become full of itself, its characters spouting crazy nonsense.
  18. It's all a bit ridiculous and the writing is scary, although the stars are first rate and the locales are pretty good too.
  19. In three years, Rowling went from welfare mother to one of the richest women in Great Britain, with 400 million books in print. If you've ever been a single mom and couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, this is the perfect movie for you.
  20. That's basically the plot, folks, and just in case you were wondering, you don't have to laugh. This show too comes with torrents of hysterical laughter already provided. [6 Oct 2000, p.117]
    • New York Post
  21. What's mostly wrong with this new series is that it doesn't know who in God's name it is.
  22. The series has great potential, and frankly I can't tell you why it doesn't ever quite reach it - other than it somehow lacks, er, magic.
  23. Problem is in 1600 Penn they are shooting for "Animal House" in the White House but too often end up with nobody home.
  24. Not that it's not a nice show, but it is precisely the kind of production for which the word "corny" was probably coined.
  25. It’s just that we’ve seen most of this before, and despite its creative pedigree and a solid cast--fronted by the always reliable Ving Rhames and Alfred Molina--there’s not enough to set Monday Mornings apart from “ER,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice,” et al.
  26. I found myself smiling once or twice, but mostly thinking that all this is way-too-similar to "Family Guy" to carve out its own niche.
  27. Rhys Meyers already has his fans, but he’s likely to win over skeptics as this new Dracula makes a seduction out of death.
  28. Terrific fun, and much classier than the old show, but still with plenty of cheese.
  29. [Ricci] doesn’t add much depth here to her TV portrayal of Lizzie, a rebellious sort (she steals from her stepmother and barks at her strict father) living in a stifling, emotionless house with her sister, Emma. Blame some of that on the movie’s writing.
  30. Nothing went horribly wrong during NBC’s live telecast of the musical Peter Pan. Allison Williams didn’t embarrass herself in the cross-dressing title role.... At the same time, very few things went memorably right, and the sluggish pace dampened the thrills.

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