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6,962 movie reviews
  1. Marlene Rhein has directed 40 music videos, including ones for Tupac Shakur and Amy Winehouse. Judging by this, her feature debut, she should stick with the music.
  2. A labored romantic farce whose only asset is Carlos Leon, best known as the father of Madonna's daughter Lourdes.
  3. A wink of self-awareness might have made this a guilty pleasure; instead it's a howler along the lines of this fall's "Law Abiding Citizen."
  4. Utterly predictable and full of trite dialogue.
  5. Ineptly written and directed, the nihilistic The Son of No One flaunts an attitude best summed up by a cynical Pacino -- "A man has to live with s--t.'' Maybe so, Al, but audiences have the option of skipping this bomb.
  6. Mostly unfunny, extremely silly pingpong comedy.
  7. Dom DeLuise, as a fruitcake director, and John Waters fave Mink Stole, as Robin's Jewish mother, spice things up, but not enough to make Girl Play worthwhile.
  8. A flaccidly pretentious and snooze-inducing trilogy of allegedly racy tales.
  9. The autobiographical script meanders and the acting never solidifies. Besides, the leads look too old to be in high school - maybe even college.
  10. The story is so contrived and the dialogue so stilted that no amount of talent could save Exist.
  11. To describe Love, Honor and Obey as a cross between "Duets" and "Snatch" doesn't begin to suggest how desperately unfunny this musical gangster comedy is.
  12. A shipwreck. They say a dead fish stinks from the head first - but the animated shipwreck Shark Tale arrives reeking all over.
  13. The MPAA's rating explanation for this PG-13-rated snoozer misleadingly claims it contains "intense sequences of terror/violence"; it would be more accurate to state that Boogeyman contains "virtually every horror-movie cliché of the past 30 years."
  14. Tucker's message is sometimes on target, even if his film isn't.
  15. Remember how "Double Indemnity" featured smart criminals and a smarter investigator? The indie film If I Didn't Care, with its dumb criminals and dumb cops, is a sort of "Double Stupidity."
  16. More "it stinks" than *NSYNC.
  17. The movie takes us on a journey to an ugly, contentious period in our misty, ancient past - all the way back to four months ago, when "Apocalypto" came out.
  18. I'd call it a depressing soft-core porn flick, but that overstates its titillation factor. Mainly it's just icky.
  19. Basically a much schmaltzier fantasy version of “Love Story.’’
  20. A kill-a-minute gore-a-thon whose twist is so obvious your grandma Edna will see it coming, Kite never gets off the ground.
  21. The dialogue is banal and the acting, especially Wortham's, is unconvincing. Even the sex and nudity, of which there is a lot, grows tiresome after a while.
  22. The movie, directed by the formerly promising Rawson Marshall Thurber (the hilarious “Dodgeball” and the awful “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh”), thinks it’s subverting the conventions of the sitcom with a revolutionary new idea, which is: Do everything exactly the way a sitcom would, plus lots of swearing and dirty jokes.
  23. “Scratch the surface and there’s only more surface,’’ a character all too accurately observes in this clunky, ugly and dull mash-up of a mystery.
  24. The movie isn't insulting to homosexuals but to comedy.
  25. So nasty, hysterical and long-winded -- and unintentionally makes capital punishment foes look so twisted -- you wish someone had administered a lethal injection to this dreck in its planning stages.
  26. Shouldn’t Moore run his yellow crime-scene tape around the White House instead of Wall Street? Anyway, President Obama said this month that in cases where the government has fully sold its TARP bank holdings, it has gotten back its money plus 17 percent. Damn those capitalist barons, breaking into our treasury and filling it with their filthy money.
  27. Resembles a period version of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" - played dead straight.
  28. Suspenselessly directed by Robby Henson, Thr3e commits the eighth deadly sin - boredom.
  29. A trite, incoherent and pretentious bomb.
  30. Crashing chandelier, crashing bore.

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