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  1. So, what about the human intrigue of partner interaction, coordination and strategizing? That gets a bit of short shrift in favor of more blood (leaking hydraulic fluid) and guts (flying sparks and parts).
  2. Good performances, good period details, good payoff. But Restless would've worked better as a two-hour film.
  3. As indictments go, Going Clear is relentless and effective. But fair and balanced? That's another question--or maybe that's an issue.
  4. As episodes unfold, the relationships resonate, and the characters run deeper.
  5. Can Rescue Me wrap all this up in the short time left? I hope so, but this episode feels like so much temporizing.
  6. The Lottery, with otherwise sage setup and promising performances, merits its own shot at something great.
  7. So far no amnesia bouts or cougar attacks. And no Kim! [9 Jan 2005]
    • Newsday
  8. "Just Shoot Me" is Moliere compared to "Suddenly Susan" and producer Brillstein-Grey's other hit, "The Naked Truth." The writing is sharper, the targets in the worlds of fashion, journalism and TV news are hit more frequently, and it is funnier. [10 Mar 1997]
    • Newsday
  9. There's warmth and wit there, along with not a little magic.
  10. A breath of cold, bracing and - bless it - fresh air. Eisner's fable is dark, almost impenetrably so, though skillfully rendered. Best of all, nothing here has ever been performed on reality TV, the best I can tell.
    • 50 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    In the world of reality shows, this well-produced series is better than most. Betwixt and between all the emotional upheavals and drama, Coffey, only slightly witchy, dishes out sound advice.
    • 78 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    The material is high in laugh content, but sometimes the handy wonders of animation tempt the makers of "Dr. Katz" to illustrate jokes unnecessarily. [28 May 1995]
    • Newsday
  11. The best thing about "Free Ride" is the lack of pressure to be about something. Trusting its talented cast to embody their own truths, it ambles and weaves, leaving space for the characters, even folks briefly bumped into, to nail a specific attitude or situation.
  12. Lacks the hard, uncomfortable edges of [FX's also premiering] "Starved," but it's clear this show wants and intends to do a little damage, too. [4 Aug 2005]
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  13. The show moves more like a ready-for-prime-time comedy than a kiddie toon. Think "The Simpsons" with soul.
  14. Watch the first few minutes of "The Class" in its CBS sitcom debut tonight, and you may not believe me when I say this, but here goes. I think they might have something here.
  15. We're happy to see a multigenerational sitcom, and the pilot has some nice writing. But the effort feels somehow strained. Though stage veteran Byrne has charisma, he's hardly a sitcom natural. So maybe that's the point. A sitcom that doesn't behave like one. Hope springs eternal. [6 Oct 2000, p.B51]
    • Newsday
  16. It's daring, disconcerting and/or enlightening.
  17. Many viewers will find its satire way over the line, but they're not the ones The WB is aiming for. [6 Oct 2000, p.B51]
    • Newsday
  18. For all its redundancy, however, the latest "CSI" is stronger than "Miami" and could eventually rival the original. Credit the two primary stars, Sinise and the city. [22 Sep 2004]
    • Newsday
  19. Far and away the best new pilot on NBC this season.
  20. Even for sitcoms, "Sunny" is often a vile, twisted beast that crosses the line of acceptable taste. But it can also be highly amusing, and the addition of DeVito and Archer does nothing to diminish that. [29 Jun 2006]
    • Newsday
  21. Heretofore, I have never thought of Candice Bergen as a major comedienne like Andrea Martin or Catherine O'Hara. But I like her as Murphy Brown. She has the addictive personality of the character she plays, and can grow on you. [14 Nov 1988]
    • Newsday
  22. As derivative as it is in many respects, "The Apprentice" could turn out to be one of the more interesting variations on the format. [4 Jan 2004]
    • Newsday
  23. A pretty nifty, if completely insane, suspense/conspiracy/ chase/road adventure.
  24. Successfully cross-breeding "Three's Company" and "Full House" may be achievement enough to earn the show's creators a Nobel Prize in genetics, but the audience for a family sex farce may be limited. ... Misgivings about the sexual content aside, "8 Simple Rules" is, indeed, one of the better sitcom prospects of the 2002-03 season. The writing is uneven, but Ritter is a rarity, an actor who doesn't need funny things to say because he can say things funny. [17 Sep 2002]
    • Newsday
  25. Could... become a very pleasant surprise.
    • Newsday
  26. Underwood, in the role of Maria, didn't entirely succeed--acting is part of the bargain, after all. But NBC's live version of Richard Rodgers' and Oscar Hammerstein's beloved musical, staged at Grumman Studios in Bethpage, largely did.
  27. It's all a bit much in Monday's opener, and yet I suspect that, like the $400 shirts and luxury ride of Dennis Farina's "Law & Order" character, which initially came across as contrast run amok, Deputy Chief Johnson's contrived personality excesses will fade with time. And what will be left is a compelling character in a solid show - not a tradition-buster like FX's "The Shield" but probably a broader-based hit. [12 Jun 2005]
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    • 74 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Opens promisingly with a storyline that sets up a compelling premise for a serial adventure ... [but] is so visually arresting that the humanoid characters are upstaged. [14 Mar 1999]
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