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  1. A gritty, almost plausible winner, and distant reflection of Stephen Spielberg's "Minority Report."
  2. A not-bad start that promises to take Dex (and Dexter) in a slightly new and fresh direction.
  3. What's best about Time is its ambition; it glows with a near-theatrical shine, challenging viewers to think about TV drama as something other than boilerplate.
  4. Robbins means business, calmly prodding family members--and not just the apparent aggressors--to truly comprehend where others are coming from. She calls people on their bull, eliciting not just tears from stress but tears of realization.
  5. Solid cast, intriguing premise, and--best of all--the Old West. Should easily be another winner for AMC.
  6. Method makes a solid case for Lewis as underappreciated auteur.
  7. A great concept, mostly divorced from reality, with superb execution, just might extend forever.
  8. It was a dark and stormy night--and a weird, fun, trippy one, too.
  9. Good start to the third season, and from what I sampled, it builds from there.
  10. Cox remains a very engaging lead, and her supporting cast is rock solid.
  11. Still very high quality, and still a tiny bit dull.
  12. Raunchy and at times genuinely funny, Apartment 23 is jam-packed with promise--and inconsistencies.
  13. The show has sneaky depth. The leads are pretty without being "pretty," refreshingly down-to-earth likable, and able to flesh out their youthful stereotypes with this weird thing called personality.
  14. Thought I was going to hate "Total Blackout." Then couldn't help laughing out loud.
  15. One thing you can say for USA: It knows what it's doing. It's got its shtick, and it's sticking to it.
  16. A sober, intelligent, placidly paced drama as only the Canadians can make.
  17. Bunheads seems to know exactly what it's doing.
  18. More of a continuation than a "remake," this one looks to be a winner.
  19. The good Lord created sitcoms like The Soul Man as relaxing, relatable humor with heart, and Cedric's new creation isn't about to mess with His template.
  20. Still fun, but the innocent first moments last season were better.
  21. Some wild twists, but you've seen a variation before on one of them. Nevertheless, the Patty Hewes story is almost over, and in Close's hands, it's still compulsively watchable.
  22. The cast is good, even excellent. But Perry's the one who sells Go On.
  23. A sharply written, acted and directed start that will hook fans immediately.
  24. The characters hold promise, the show looks swell, the stories reflect rich history and the makers have earned our trust.
  25. Brush aside the hyperactivity and hard sell, and you're left with a winner.
  26. [A] stylish Gothic thriller that almost gives away a little too much Sunday. Otherwise, thumbs up.
    • 86 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    Fun, wild start to the fourth season--and that's just Kalinda's story.
  27. Chicago Fire definitely has familiarity going for it and familiarity going against it as well.
  28. A loving portrait of a lady--but who probably would be just as happy not to have this or any portrait at all.
  29. Film lovers will--possibly against their better judgment--love Jones' Hitch.

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