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  1. You've probably already heard Executioner is slow to get into. That's true. But (I think) the setup works, and (also think) it promises a satisfying series.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    In Vogue doesn't get quite as far "in" as one might hope, but the mag and its polished crew never fail to intrigue.
  2. Spader seems to be the only one who actually gets the gameplay here.... And the script seems to incite his appetite.
  3. Smart, intriguing thriller, but the opener is slightly overheated.
  4. Quiet, intelligent, worth checking out.
  5. Film lovers will--possibly against their better judgment--love Jones' Hitch.
  6. They almost seem to jump off the screen; they have depth and dimension, and vivid colors proliferate. This new series retains its trademark humor, and trademark violence, too
  7. This unique series is about life's inscrutable mysteries and the search for answers. The town of Jarden--and the Murphys--appear to be rich with possibilities in that search.
  8. The pilot is ingenious but at moments maybe a little too smart for its own good.
  9. The show has sneaky depth. The leads are pretty without being "pretty," refreshingly down-to-earth likable, and able to flesh out their youthful stereotypes with this weird thing called personality.
  10. Mostly fascinating tales from all the presidents' men that occasionally need (sometimes badly) journalistic balance and perspective.
  11. A few new faces from last season are back, but the formula remains ironclad, right down to the soaring courtroom rhetoric and McCoy's somewhat suspect ethical calculus. This comfort food remains comfortable, indeed.
  12. Wild start, but a good-looking one.
  13. It was a dark and stormy night--and a weird, fun, trippy one, too.
  14. Thought I was going to hate "Total Blackout." Then couldn't help laughing out loud.
  15. 24, in other words, is still thankfully 24.
  16. Silly, gross, soapy, mysterious, intriguing, exotic, erotic True Blood is fun. Even more fun this season.
  17. Still very high quality, and still a tiny bit dull.
  18. The Gotham opener probably makes the most compelling case of any newcomer this fall that at least one promise will be kept.
  19. A fun show, but where, oh where is all this heading?
  20. Nightingale is really about David Oyelowo, a magnificent actor with astonishing range who draws viewers deep down into the darkness with his character. His skill in accomplishing this, of course, makes Nightingale something to be admired rather than loved, and, depending on your mood, maybe even something to be avoided.
  21. This campfire story may not be getting any smarter, but it should get even better.
  22. Efron and Grylls--who manages to be personable in all his series, even when he's rappelling down an ice cliff in the Antarctic while being pursued by a mob of angry emperor penguins--do, in fact, make a good team, and a fun one to hang out with for an hour, too.
  23. Solid cast, intriguing premise, and--best of all--the Old West. Should easily be another winner for AMC.
  24. Takes time to get into, but once in, you're in.
  25. More of a continuation than a "remake," this one looks to be a winner.
  26. Saul is lighter and brighter than "Bad," and--particularly with Sunday's launch--often very funny.
  27. Besides the scenery, what's best here are the characters, and their lives--or unlives--of quiet desperation.
  28. While critics like me count quibbles, kids of all ages should share my husband's assessment: "It's a superhero show. Superman flies. Give The Cape a little space."
  29. This hour isn't perfectly paced, but its segues usually wind their way somewhere smart. O'Donnell remains a master of comic timing and tenor, holding the stage through the perils of fame, helicopter mothering, circumcision, women who don't "look gay," doctors lacking bedside manners, the persistence of childhood faith training and more.

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