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  1. Silly, gross, soapy, mysterious, intriguing, exotic, erotic True Blood is fun. Even more fun this season.
  2. Still very high quality, and still a tiny bit dull.
  3. The Gotham opener probably makes the most compelling case of any newcomer this fall that at least one promise will be kept.
  4. A fun show, but where, oh where is all this heading?
  5. Nightingale is really about David Oyelowo, a magnificent actor with astonishing range who draws viewers deep down into the darkness with his character. His skill in accomplishing this, of course, makes Nightingale something to be admired rather than loved, and, depending on your mood, maybe even something to be avoided.
  6. Efron and Grylls--who manages to be personable in all his series, even when he's rappelling down an ice cliff in the Antarctic while being pursued by a mob of angry emperor penguins--do, in fact, make a good team, and a fun one to hang out with for an hour, too.
  7. Solid cast, intriguing premise, and--best of all--the Old West. Should easily be another winner for AMC.
  8. Takes time to get into, but once in, you're in.
  9. More of a continuation than a "remake," this one looks to be a winner.
  10. Saul is lighter and brighter than "Bad," and--particularly with Sunday's launch--often very funny.
  11. Besides the scenery, what's best here are the characters, and their lives--or unlives--of quiet desperation.
  12. While critics like me count quibbles, kids of all ages should share my husband's assessment: "It's a superhero show. Superman flies. Give The Cape a little space."
  13. This hour isn't perfectly paced, but its segues usually wind their way somewhere smart. O'Donnell remains a master of comic timing and tenor, holding the stage through the perils of fame, helicopter mothering, circumcision, women who don't "look gay," doctors lacking bedside manners, the persistence of childhood faith training and more.
  14. Good newcomer that gets even better in the weeks ahead.
  15. A beauty that requires time and patience, but at least strongly hints at a payoff that will reward both.
  16. Get beyond that preposterous premise outlined above, and you've got a solid piece of prime-time entertainment. This show knows what it is, and knows exactly what the core audience expects.
  17. Disney should be sent to detention for passing off such aural plasticity [laugh track], unfairly fouling the repute of the live-audience sitcom. But the rest of Girl Meets World does its job of bringing tween-based family viewing into the 2010s.
  18. A surprisingly revisionist take on one of the most controversial trials of the decade.
  19. Good start to the third season, and from what I sampled, it builds from there.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    The dynamics of the show seem different enough that "Housewives" fans will want to give Miami a try. But we'll have to see if the plot lines will sustain interest.
  20. Maybe this episode really is about repression, erotica and split personalities. Or maybe it's just a good excuse for the show to shake the dust out, ditch the inferno of summertime New York and wander amid the glories of Paris while exploring the discreet bourgeois charms of Blair and Serena. Either way, it's a lot of fun.
  21. Multiple-personality thriller starts a bit slowly Wednesday night, but early signs still indicate a summer keeper for TNT.
  22. The acting is first-rate, and so is the writing, but the violence is appalling, and not just appalling, but creatively appalling.
  23. By the end of the first season, the show had improved significantly, if not quite dramatically, and based on a viewing of the first two episodes, that trend continues.
  24. For Mel Brooks lovers everywhere (you know who you are), but it's on the light side.
  25. Leverage's pilot is particularly entertaining. The cast is fine, direction is expert, writing above average, and Hutton's Ford is almost convincing. But the payoff feels laden with cheese of another sort.
  26. The result is often funny, ridiculous, bathetic and silly. Plus, watchable. Against all odds, this might actually be a good closing season.
  27. The judging process seems arbitrary - a couple of artists are penalized for being too abstract; someone who is even more abstract (let's just say this one likes cats) goes to the next round. Otherwise, a winner.
  28. While the story is briskly and engagingly told, with some key players debriefed, there's not a lot new here. It's a very good beginner's history.
  29. Brush aside the hyperactivity and hard sell, and you're left with a winner.

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