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  1. Disgusting--but in a good way.
  2. Better, richer, more compelling than season one.
  3. Halt finally looks like a series going someplace important, and worth viewers going there with it.
  4. They know how to nail situations/characters, while snappy edits cull fluff, leaving only comic gold.
  5. The end begins--evocatively, dramatically.
  6. The Affair might be an exercise in literary gamesmanship if the acting and writing weren't so strong, or the setting so evocative.... Engrossing.
  7. Pure joy and the tribute Nichols finally deserves.
  8. This still very much feels like a journey worth taking if only because--in the process--Hamm deftly continues to locate some heroic facet in TV's reigning anti-hero.
  9. The TV breakout Glover fans have been waiting for, also unlike anything else on TV.
  10. One of TV's bleakest shows is also one of TV's best comedies. What a marvel.
  11. A stunning, brilliant, terrifying launch to TV's best series.
  12. Manhunt isn't out to settle scores, but explain the laborious process of intelligence gathering. No one here is looking for a citation, but understanding, and that's what "Manhunt" does best, as well as--yes--connect some dots.
  13. I've seen four episodes; they're all good.
  14. CSI is not looking for a facsimile, so fans can rest assured that Fishburne will evolve into a unique and valued lead on his own.
  15. A beautiful, moving film, and Oprah (as usual) brings it.
  16. Terrific start to the 6th.
  17. Showtime lets them take their time to spin serpentine story lines, gradually pulling us deep into one very sticky, scary web of intrigue.
  18. Initial indications are good--the second season of Broad City may even exceed the first.
  19. Not a dull or wasted moment, and Lane may have just turned in the one of the best performances of her career.
  20. Nobody tries to be funny here, so they're more hysterical than the folks falling all over themselves elsewhere. They're simply hopeless specimens of spoiled humanity who haven't a clue how to operate in the real world. [2 Nov 2003, p.04]
    • Newsday
  21. In Treatment deftly picks up where it left off--midpoint in the journey of Paul Weston's soul--and reminds us why we took this trip with him in the first place. The new cast is superlative, Bryne is intoxicating, and Ryan is an especially excellent addition. Bon voyage.
  22. As real as real gets, invaluably adding human understanding to a hot-button topic.
  23. As always, magnificent with a moving subtext.
  24. As with "The Avengers," Whedon's ear and sensibilities match the material perfectly.
  25. Quirky, funny, smart, wonderful acting, surprise cameos by cherished actors (Steve Harris, "The Practice"), and a one-two punch by Chandler and Britton that is unbeatable. What's not to love?
  26. The opener is absolutely superlative--a thing of real beauty, even elegance.... Berry delivers a performance that's surprisingly layered and nuanced.
  27. This is a spectacular new series, with some stunning performances--Pierce, Peters, Zahn, in particular--and gorgeous music.
  28. Marvel’s Jessica Jones succeeds in all sorts of ways, especially the one that counts most: Ritter just might be the shrewdest casting move of the season, maybe several seasons, because she so fully inhabits the multidimensional Jones.
  29. Based on the first two episodes, Saul is making a case that it could be even better than “Breaking Bad” (and do brush up on your Bible stories).
  30. Taut, efficient and directed with a scalpel, Breaking Bad remains a marvel.

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