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446 movie reviews
  1. What this film from the director of "The Devil Wears Prada" does manage is a gentle amiability.
  2. The finale to the Harry Potter saga is, like most of the films in the series, a bit of a slog. But it's a generally satisfying slog.
  3. Hogancamp seems a pleasant, offbeat and intuitive fellow who probably takes all this less seriously than those who "discovered" him.
  4. City Island is a light “family” romance that goes about as far as its novel location -- an island neighborhood tucked in the middle of New York City -- and a good cast can carry it.
  5. It's amusingly off-the-wall, but entirely too cluttered to come together.
  6. It’s not bad, but as Scorsese, America’s greatest living filmmaker and film history buff should know, even Hitchcock came up short on occasion.
  7. Chairman Mao wouldn't necessarily approve. And even today, China won't be showing Mao's Last Dancer.
  8. Absurdly long, absurdly over the top and absurdly absurd, Five Five - still manages to be more fun than any movie with its outrageous carbon footprint has any right to be.
  9. Eat Pray Love isn't a bad movie -- just a spiritually dead one, wearing and wearying.
  10. Equal parts inspired and irresponsible, the new film from Miguel Arteta (director of the cult hit 'Chuck and Buck') turns C.D. Payne's books into a hit-or-miss homage to that French classic of outlaw love, 'Breathless.'
  11. Does well in capturing the cruelty of school life and the assorted "types" who inhabit schools there and here. But it's more twee than clever, more affectionate than romantic and more promising than satisfying.
  12. It’s not one of Polanski’s masterpieces, but The Ghost Writer doesn’t dilute his reputation as a master of suspense.
  13. The new Funeral, directed by social commentator-director Neil LaBute ("Lakeview Terrace") doesn’t improve on the original, which wasn’t exactly a classic despite its classic structure.
  14. It's almost kitschy - the way Stone injects himself into a couple of scenes, an eccentric Eli Wallach cameo, the inclusion of a Charlie Sheen moment that flat out winks at the audience.
  15. A gorgeously animated combat fantasy - "The Lord of the Rings" meets "Happy Feet."
  16. The matter-of-fact way everybody involved faces this supernatural horror drains most of the chills right out of it.
  17. If Laugh at My Pain makes people take a second look at this perpetual third banana on the big screen, so much the better.
  18. The story is kind of all over the place, scatterbrained without being madcap (This one feels tinkered with, reshoots, re-edits.).
  19. The funny moments outnumber the warm ones. There's a touch of religion and plenty of melodrama, especially in the contrivances of a cluttered and drawn out third act.
  20. Brewer gave the film a little Southern hip hop, and brought in real Southerners Quaid, Andie MacDowell and Ray McKinnon to further Southernize it.
  21. Dreamworks hired the directors of "Lilo & Stitch" to turn Cressida Cowell’s romp of a novel into an animated film and can’t be too surprised that they made, in essence, "Hiccup and Stitch."
  22. A generic sports drama, it scores points for being that rare "faith based film" to show a little edge.
  23. If it's not an unerringly faithful adaptation of Shakespeare's play, it still manages enough wit and charm to come off.
  24. The voice casting is on the money and these funny people - and I'm including Pitt, who plays this sort of self-mocking Adonis well, even in animated form - make this cute comedy come off.
  25. Director Thomas Balmes and his editors find moments of humor in “discoveries” or the unfettered urinating of a baby brought up without diapers.
  26. Fey flirts and Carell kvetches, Walhberg goes shirtless and Liotta eats Italian. No surprises there. What really clicks is the couple at the core.
  27. There's only so much humor you can wring from the f-bomb, even if you are a cute animated alien.
  28. A ditzy film that offers more evidence that good actors, good action and one-liners don’t solve the one thing missing in every movie video game adaptation – a story that makes sense.
  29. This film based on Alan Glynn's novel "Dark Fields" is entirely too reliant on voice-over, a bit too tarted-up by Burger in an effort to make this head trip a visual experience.
  30. Lena Dunham's amusing meander through "post graduate delirium," a relationship comedy about nothing so much as the permanent relationships of family and New Yorker's relationship with space - and the lack of it.

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