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  1. Regina King heads the solid ensemble. these folks are dutiful, proud and bonetired. [10 Jan 2011, p.40]
    • People Weekly
  2. A wiry, tired jitteriness has crept in. [24 Oct 2011, p.48]
    • People Weekly
  3. In the tradition of Cheers, the show thrives by selling up distinct, contrary personalities and making them collide for a half-hour each week. So far the writing is sharp and punchy.
  4. What's amazing is how quickly it all falls into place--the show goes like a shot. [25 Apr 2011, p.43]
    • People Weekly
  5. The emergency sequences are pure adrenaline rush, but the drama, romance and humor ladled into the lull periods are pretty hackneyed.
  6. For now, apart from the Underwoods, it's underwhelming. [17 Feb 2014, p.43]
    • People Weekly
  7. An irritating comedy-drama. [15 Jul 2013]
    • People Weekly
  8. So cheeky, sexy and alive that you can't help enjoying it.
  9. A slight, bright, British caper. [16 Dec 2013]
    • People Weekly
  10. Though overequipped with distracting extras—-flashes of fantasy, slapstick sound effects—-this dark comedy definitely grows on you.
  11. Eclipsing even last summer's BBQ bacchanal involving an ancient spirit, the new season feels like one big undead sex party-a kinky alternate lifestyle where vampires and monsters do the nasty (and other violent acts) in roadhouses, backrooms, backwoods and the occasional antebellum mansion.
    • People Weekly
  12. The series' sixth season begins with an intensely entertaining four-hour, two-night premiere. [15 Jan 2007, p.33]
    • People Weekly
  13. Beneath the grit, this is a tale of chivalry. [31 Jan 2011, p.40]
    • People Weekly
  14. Early episodes can seem as static as a stakeout, and the viewer has a ton of information to absorb—much of it conveyed in obscenity-laced slang. But as we gradually get to know the players... The Wire grows electric.
  15. NBC hasn't had a show this impressive since the first season of Heroes. [6 Feb 2012, p.39]
    • People Weekly
  16. I'll take Hour's rather sour worldview--deadlines in deadly times--over the grand uplift of HBO's The Newsroom. In a nanosecond. [3 Dec 2012, p.44]
    • People Weekly
  17. The show falls prey to a faint preciousness in the voiceover narration from its correspondents and host Glass. They overarticulate the ironies instead of just letting you watch. Which you should do. Watch. [26 Mar 2007, p.37]
    • People Weekly
  18. The first episodes are very promising, full of feints, fibs, and a big, fat shock. [16 Jul 2012, p.40]
    • People Weekly
  19. You may well have misgivings about yet another season for this show, particularly with Haysbert out of the picture. ... But the plot, which involves the abduction of a high government official, will absorb viewers once again.
  20. The photography is sweepingly gorgeous--this must be the best of all possible planets. [18 Apr 2011, p.46]
    • People Weekly
  21. The West Wing sure looks like a winner.
  22. Season 3 of Showtime's great Nurse Jackie brings romance to student nurse Zoey. [25 Apr 2011, p.44]
    • People Weekly
  23. Joe Mantegna and Mary Steenburgen are fine as Joan's parents, but the series shouldn't go out of its way to play up the dad's role as small-city police chief. Keep the emphasis on God's plan, not man's law.
  24. While the show's humor can be raunchy or even cruel, the voice work is pure unruffled deadpan. [18 Jan 2010, p.42]
    • People Weekly
  25. The show's many subplots are handled clumsily, but these two [Grammer & Nielsen] are too good to pass up. 25 Oct 2011, p.48]
    • People Weekly
  26. Dr. Katz is a cartoon cross between The Bob Newhart Show and Seinfeld.
  27. Bravura performance, but Braugher needs support—stat!
  28. The best thing from Season 1 remains the same: Mary-Louise Parker. [21 Aug 2006, p.37]
    • People Weekly
  29. A newsmagazine with a hip attitude is basically a good idea. A newsmagazine with a flip approach is not.
  30. Migrations' animals provide a humbling lesson in resilience and determination. [15 Nov 2010, p.44]
    • People Weekly

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