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  1. It's trite and obvious, and meant to be, with songs that are shallow, sunny and snappy.... Just Go with it. [22 Jul 2013, p.48]
    • People Weekly
  2. Honey Boo Boo is just a little girl doing [her] best to be a beauty queen, TV star and dutiful daughter to the surprisingly levelheaded June. [22 Jul 2013]
    • People Weekly
  3. Two tense, tricky, fine performances [22 Jul 2013]
    • People Weekly
  4. An irritating comedy-drama. [15 Jul 2013]
    • People Weekly
  5. This new hour-long comedy is a bustling, rather scattered affair. [15 Jul 2013]
    • People Weekly
  6. An intricate mystery confidently spun out with dark, unsettling shocks. [15 Jul 2013]
    • People Weekly
  7. This could all pay off spectacularly. [8 Jul 2013, p.36]
    • People Weekly
  8. It's more like Seinfeld reconceived for the slacker sensibility of a director like Kevin Smith or Richard Linklater. And that's what's wrong with the show: It's hard to shake the feeling that it's just someone's project.
  9. This is less interesting than I'd hoped. [8 Jul 2013, p.36]
    • People Weekly
  10. It's a much more impressive spectacle than ABC's mindlessly entertaining Empire.
  11. [A] superbly tawdry new crime series. [8 Jul 2013, p.35]
    • People Weekly
  12. Weeds feels like a stoned Desperate Housewives: The pupils are dilated wide, as if able to pick out in sharp relief every detail of this suburban America, yet nothing really seems in focus at all.
  13. It's always good to see dancing that's dancing and not a montage of repositioned limbs.
    • 89 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    Thanks to the nimble Leary, ever riveting as TV's most nuanced antihero (sorry, Tony Soprano), Tommy's tenuous struggle for sobriety is even more rewarding than last season's harrowing downfall.
    • tbd Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    [A] smartly crafted show.
    • 61 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    It's all so much fun, in fact, that I propose Dancing viewing parties: Break out the wine and crackers and let ABC provide the delicious, calorie-free cheese.
  14. Sedgwick embraces the character's quirks, including a weakness for sugary snacks, while conveying her keen intelligence.
  15. The Comeback is funny, especially when it skewers the tasteless and false in reality TV.
  16. Though [Ramsay's] bleep-filled rants are supposed to bring out the best in his staff, they seem like blatant workplace harassment. When he turns his ire on the customers, it's even harder to stomach.
  17. Too bad the show can't resist taking itself seriously as a "social experiment."
  18. The fast-paced craziness has a hit-or-miss quality, but I'm still laughing at the thought of an action flick pairing Jim Caviezel's Jesus with motor-mouth Chris Tucker.
  19. Think of it as a newsmagazine program unbound by considerations of taste or balance.
  20. The conflict often seems manufactured, but Cowell continues to lift this above the Star Search level.
  21. In its second season this gritty frontier drama still boasts the most colorfully eccentric ensemble of any show on TV. But Al Swearengen, the malignly glowering saloon boss, played to the hilt by Golden Globe winner Ian McShane, is first among equals.
  22. There are bright spots here, including Pompeo's skillful performance and the surprisingly touching relationship between Meredith and her mother, a renowned surgeon. But to be worthy of study, Grey's Anatomy needs more of a brain.
    • 62 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Devotees are probably poised to dismiss the adaptation out of hand, but I found enough funny business here to overcome my sales resistance.
  23. I commend Banks for keeping up her interest level, but it gets ever harder to buy into the phony melodrama of redemption and suffering.
  24. "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." I never came close to sharing that bloodthirsty sentiment from Shakespeare's Henry VI until I watched the early episodes of the fourth series to carry the Law & Order brand.
  25. Forget the tech background; the cohosts are a natural comedy team. That's why this show is a hoot, even if it's a little like grown-ups playing in a sandbox.
  26. It's slick, stylish and oh-so-sexy, but plausibility is a comparatively low priority for this second-year series about a circle of L.A. lesbians.

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