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Average TV Show review score: 68
Highest review score: 100 Extras: Season 1
Lowest review score: 16 Snoops: Season 1
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 738
738 tv reviews
  1. Stylish and well-acted, this is the rare show in which commercials hit with a jolt, awakening you from the program's potent spell.
  2. Bad has taken the complexity of modern television storytelling to new levels. [23 Jul 2012, p.37]
  3. Gritty and engrossing as ever.
  4. Critics justly extolled The Sopranos for its brilliant blend of compelling drama and mordant humor, and the first three episodes of 2000 contain no signs of slippage.
  5. As Larry, Shandling raises banality into an art form; he is consistently hilarious whether blissfully watching his own videos or reacting to a bad review.
  6. The Sopranos is better than ever.
  7. The show hasn't lost its clever agility at building pressure-cooker suspense and then lobbing in a surprise. [8 Oct 2012, p.55]
  8. The Show has evolved into a modern underworld Western--there's nothing else like it. [18 Jul 2011, p.41]
  9. The show is an absolute original. [28 Jan 2013, p.44]
  10. The show moves methodically from one story line to another, progressing by inches yet holding our interest with its finely drawn characters and a rare ability to illuminate the gray areas of city life.
  11. The best ensemble cop drama since Hill Street Blues.
  12. The first three episodes of season 4 grab the wide-flung stories of this epic and assemble them into a crackling narrative. [7 Apr 2014, p.41]
  13. These are almost closer to short stories than sitcom episodes--and yes, they're fantastic. [23 Jul 2012, p.38]
  14. Louie remains a small miracle--a shaggy-dog story, hopping with fleas, maybe rescued froma pound, that outdazzles Lassie, Air Bud and the rest. [12 May 2014,]
  15. Larry David's sitcom remains an awe-inspiring (and hilarious) exercise in comedic extremes of chaos and control.
  16. Scratch the gritty surface of this new police drama and you'll find it's not a totally revolutionary contribution to the genre.
  17. Season 4 launches with an episode focused on TV's most mysterious ad executive-and since Jon Hamm's watchful yet charismatic performance makes the show tick, that's excellent.
  18. [A] mesmerizingly eerie French series set in a mountain community. [4 Nov 2013]
  19. [A] taut, ingenious spy series. [10 Oct 2011, p.44]
  20. It's beautifully constructed, cleverly fitted with red herrings and capacious enough to house a community of suspects. The emotional payoff is sensational, and so is the acting. [12 Aug 2013]
  21. Shandling's laid-back comic style dovetails with the dry writing, creating a series that's the clear victor in the talk show wars.
  22. In season 2 of PBS's richly clever Sherlock, the Victorian tales have been refitted to our century. [14 May 2012, p.44]
  23. What gives the show its kick is the gleefully childish lack of repentance shown by most of these rascals--countered by Olyphant's coolly amused control. [4 Feb 2013, .39]
  24. It's mesmerizing. [26 Mar 2012, p.44]
  25. Now that's daring television.
  26. Arguably you shouldn't miss any of The Hollow Crown. But the one you're commanded to watch is Richard II. [23 Sep 2013]
  27. There's event television, and there's Game of Thrones. [8 Apr 2013, p.41]
  28. The show is a trampoline that sags clear down to the ground, the better to catapult you off into the air. [18 Jul 2011, p.35]
  29. The first three episodes are full of impressively strong criminals. [23 Jan 2012, p.40]
  30. If you pay attention, the writing and direction reward the effort.

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