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  1. Believe doesn't do nearly enough to stand out, beyond some very pretty blue butterflies and a declaration that only the bad guys will be carrying guns.
  2. I hated more how little I even giggled at Running Wilde, whose pilot doesn't quite live up to its pedigree.
  3. It's Los Angeles, a city that's all too familiar a location to viewers the world over, and with all due respect to Detective Winters' tired-but-gorgeous brown eyes, there's not nearly enough here to distinguish the transplanted Law & Order from its aged parent or, for that matter, from plenty of other L.A.-based cop shows.
  4. MacLaine, who apparently decided not to bother to attempt a French accent, isn't served well by a script that essentially has her introducing flashbacks.
  5. [Robert Durst's] eagerness to be interviewed by filmmaker Andrew Jarecki ("Capturing the Friedmans") lends the six-part documentary premiering Sunday more creepiness than cachet.
  6. Frankly, it's a dispiriting season and I won't miss the show nearly as much as I'll miss Blake Ritson's charming turn as Sir Hallam's royal friend, the Duke of Kent.
  7. The cops, led by Marc Lavoine, are an interesting mix, and the scenery's great. If only the crime itself didn't seem so drearily familiar.
  8. Little about Murder in the First feels fresh, much less first.
  9. I think Hines' heart is in the right place, but I'm tired of seeing people in need used as entertainment to get help they're actually entitled to as Americans.
  10. Their efforts to better their lives through grand larceny feel forced, not to mention doomed.
  11. "Notes" feel[s] like a number of other sitcoms about couples who hail from Mars and Venus, respectively, and adds little to the discussion beyond stretch marks.
  12. The writers, while showing a certain lack of imagination in feeding Toby the voices of passers-by--no, it's unlikely that woman who passes you on the street, guys, is thinking what they think she's thinking--have at least invested their lead with a mildly intriguing backstory.
  13. Three Rivers plays like a show that was put together in one made up of transplant advocates.
  14. What I can say is that despite my admiration for an energetic performance by Q (between "Hellcats" and "Nikita," the CW seems determined to show its new stars getting more of a workout than you'll see on, say, "Gossip Girl"), and a lingering fondness for West that goes all the way back to "Once and Again," there was nothing in tonight's episode that made me care enough about any of these characters to spend a single unpaid minute with them.
  15. Zack (Jon Foster) also very sweet, which leaves Elfman as the sour (sort of) grown-up, a thankless job made only more thankless by the writing, which takes a bad situation and only makes it worse.
  16. "Sunny" simply isn't funny enough often enough to justify its rather labored envelope-pushing. [4 Aug 2005]
    • Philadelphia Daily News
  17. Ultimately, though, The Kennedys is a high-speed chase through 30 turbulent years, punctuated by impersonations, some better than others.
  18. Cupid may really be insane, and the undeniably offbeat Piven never let you forget it. Cannavale just seems, well, stubborn.
  19. Honestly, it's the title that titillates, not the show itself.
  20. What's sad about Sherri--other than the fact that her ex, Kevin, is played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who was brought up better than this by Cliff and Clair Huxtable--is that while it's supposedly a show about a woman moving on after a divorce, it's being made by a woman who so clearly hasn't.
  21. Families whose kids aren't yet jaded by "Gossip Girl" and "America's Next Top Model" might find the wildlife pretty wild, and the kids a little less so.
  22. Maybe it's just too soon after the bitter nonending of ABC's "Happy Town," but there's nothing in the pilot of Haven that makes me eager to crawl down the rabbit hole of one more small town mystery with supernatural overtones.
  23. So why would TNT settle for warmed-over Bochco? Because that's what they're getting.
  24. A watered-down drink of a sitcom.
  25. For all its numbers wizardry, the overmanipulative Touch doesn't yet add up.
  26. Pretty Little Liars is entitled to its version. If only it could have resisted some of the other cliches.
  27. The younger campers and counselors all have dramas, too, some interesting enough to make me wonder why Little Otter needed so many adults in the first place. None, though, is so compelling that I've stopped regretting the loss of ABC Family's much better "Huge," which starred Nikki Blonsky as a rebel in a weight-loss camp.
  28. Whatever my squeamishness, however, my real problem with Nip/Tuck isn't with the surgeries but with the writers, who seem determined to remind us that beauty is only skin deep by taking very pretty people and making them do very ugly things...Over and over. [21 June 2004, p.35]
    • Philadelphia Daily News
  29. Damon ("Lost's" Ian Somerhalder) complains. "Remember, Stefan--it's important to stay away from fads." If only the CW would listen.
  30. Hayes, like the character he played opposite Hilty last season as a guest star in "Smash," seems uncomfortable whenever he deviates from his preferred setting of over the top. But when everyone's over the top, it gets exhausting.

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