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  1. Has the disjointed feel of a bunch of strung-together TV episodes.
  2. In the end, you just feel good about these people, and that's a nice sensation these days.
  3. The Core is unabashed Hollywood spectacle, but with a cast of up-from-indie actors that makes the cataclysmic kitsch all the more fun to behold.
  4. The movie is hipper than its L.A. establishment credentials would suggest.
  5. The thing about stoner comedy is that, well, it helps to be stoned.
  6. Individual moments in Hit and Runway are quite funny, but as a send-up of action-movie mindlessness, the movie is sometimes as dumb as its targets.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  7. Israeli director Noam Murro does an excellent job of managing and expanding the franchise established so vividly by Zach Snyder.
  8. Lockout is genre all the way. The film wears its colors proudly, but it also, alas, wears out its welcome.
  9. Sly can still fill a too-tight polo shirt at 66 - in the same way Jack LaLanne did in his later years. But no amount of movie magic can make him pass for a lethal and nimble juggernaut.
  10. The characters' high-minded, if unsophisticated, patter clashes with the film's ironic-chic style, and it never manages to move beyond the late-night palaver of earnest, if naive, college freshmen.
  11. A meditation on a life lived in the public eye, I'm Still Here is strange, riveting, and occasionally appalling stuff, any way you look at it.
  12. With its female heroines and its uncertain, constantly shifting view of reality, The Girl on the Train is a bit like a cubist, feminist episode of "Law & Order." But not much more.
  13. Comes across as gratifying, not grating: the same way the familiarity of a well-crafted whodunit is part of the book's pleasures.
  14. Suffers from "Bridget Jones" Syndrome but without that movie's charms.
  15. A far sight nimbler than its plodding predecessor, where the Holy Grail turns out to be a Holy Girl. The sequel is a little like CSI: Vatican City.
  16. What makes the new movie almost bearable is the byplay between Sandler and Chris Rock.
  17. A campy homage to those days of malt shops, drive-ins, and saucer-shaped UFOs - you know, the ones that go crashing into nearby buttes, unleashing terrible terrors from another galaxy.
  18. As in "An Education," Scherfig's settings are unshowy, imparting period flavor without overwhelming what is, ultimately, an underwhelming film.
  19. The real reason to see this slight but interesting documentary is to watch and listen to the radiant Aury.
  20. In this G-rated movie the effects are gee-whiz, with live giraffes amid the stuffed animals and bouncy balls so manic that they could use some Ritalin.
  21. Aimed at tweenage girls and mushy romantics of all age and stripe, Penelope has a quick gait and a nice comic tone.
  22. Admission works in stops and starts.
  23. Less successful in exploring the long-term effects of mental breakdown than in dispensing short-term comic pick-me-ups, Ya-Ya wrings abundant laughter and tears.
  24. Lacks the visceral sweep of "Saving Private Ryan." But Spielberg's story, for all its gut-wrenching intensity, was a fiction. Dahl's movie, slower in pace and conscious of its own artifice, addresses the same issues of courage and sacrifice - and tells a true story. That's worth something. In fact, it's worth a lot.
  25. Black Nativity offers a whopping serving of Yuletide emotion. And it's a musical - with plenty of wailing and rapping on the side.
  26. If the filmmakers had a script half as good as their special effects, Night at the Museum would be a must-see.
  27. While the movie feels shelf-worn, Efron's performance is fresh.
  28. So powerful and tender are the scenes between Falk and Dukakis that by movie's end, I was wishing that the film had been more about the marriage of Sam and Muriel and less about the father and son.
  29. Hilarious fun.
  30. Like a grade-school version of an Indiana Jones adventure.

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