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250 tv reviews
  1. It's artfully directed, but intensely grisly. And its atmosphere is far more coherent than its sometimes sketchy narrative. But it does string you along. With barbed wire.
  2. It's well-made. [26 Sep 2002]
  3. The laughs, as they should, come fast and hard from the characters, somehow likable in their social ineptitude. But if you can't see the situations - irreverent barely begins to describe them - as absurd, you might not have a lot of fun. [4 Aug 2005]
  4. The language is offensive, the characters, in one light, reprehensible. But they and their show are a lot like puppies, too - incorrigible, yet lovable. You can't wait to see whose slipper they'll chew next. [29 Jun 2006]
  5. As TV art, CSI: Miami has a fatal flaw. The spark of originality is missing. But who, besides a few critics and professors, is going to worry about such things? As a viewing experience, it's as good as any series on television. [23 Sep 2002]
  6. The production is so technically expert that it's agonizing to watch. And with the emphasis on authenticity, there's almost none of the tension that usually moves drama along. To get through it all, viewers will need to be almost as committed to Band of Brothers as the soldiers were to fighting the war. [9 Sept 2001, p.H01]
  7. Beyond the breezy dialogue, MAoS is terrific-looking and has action scenes that are above par for primetime. Not enough to wow you, but a fun date.
  8. Tenderfoot, when you mosey into Deadwood, HBO's latest breathtaking drama series, you should remember: An entirely new world takes a little getting used to. [21 Mar 2004, p.H01]
  9. What makes the film especially memorable, and equally flawed, is its single-minded determination to drive out all the sleaze and scandal that so defined Burton and Taylor's love affair. Ivory doesn't spin a celebrity tale here but rather a universal story about love won and love lost.
  10. The show's a keeper - daring, imaginative and provocative - but it must be careful not to overheat in the long haul and burn out its audience. [22 July 2003, p.F1]
  11. Exciting and twisty, Crisis is the show that CBS thought it had at the start of the season with Hostages.
  12. What is surprising is that the series, an adaptation of the Kass Morgan novel, is well conceived, cleverly plotted, and quite exciting.
  13. Even in today's world in which everyone lives online, the milieu of Silicon Valley makes for a rather small target. But Judge and his colleagues manage to hit it smartly.
  14. Tonight's episode employs the same he's-talking-about-one-thing, she's-talking-about-another, and neither-one-knows-it farcical convention that was frequently featured in Frasier, and goes back at least to Moliere. These pros bring it off with panache.
  15. It's pretty darned good.
  16. Great cast and intriguing storytelling may get viewers, and, more important, network honchos, hooked.
  17. The whole web would unravel if each character weren't so interesting all by his or her own lonesome self.
  18. There's plenty of charisma to go around on 30 Rock, and Fey will go just about anywhere for a laugh. Her absurd, yet almost believable, showbiz send-up is full of them.
  19. Frenetically energetic, as all good music-school cartoons should be, Class of 3000, like The Simpsons, has material for young and old alike.
  20. 10 Items or Less is a quick hit of inanity, as close to The Office as anything else.
  21. Violent and sometimes sexually tawdry, as only pay cable can be, Sleeper Cell is not for the faint of heart, but it provides well-constructed thrills with its tour of the morally ambiguous land of counter-terrorism.
  22. Frequently wickedly humorous, it can also be as flat-footed as the tabloid topics that it dramatizes. Like them, however, it's usually juicily watchable and addictive.
  23. It's a swell story, if sometimes grim.
  24. A surprisingly effective personal drama.
  25. Looking for something new and different on TV? It's not Burn Notice. Looking for some summertime fun? It is Burn Notice.
  26. So much of it is striking, particularly the work of two of the leads, Alfred Molina (The Da Vinci Code, Frida) and Michael Keaton (Batman, Live From Baghdad), who play CIA men with antithetical spy styles.
  27. Chuck is one of two new fantastical shows premiering Monday on NBC, making a Heroes sandwich. That's fantastical, not fantastic.
  28. The story's too good to be undermined by a little woodenness.
  29. [New Amsterdam's premise] is not the greatest thing since the invention of the tin can, which came along right in the middle of our hero's life, but it turns out to be much less stupid than it sounds.
  30. Just as with "New Amsterdam," the second episode establishes that this seeming cliche of a show has a little bit more going for it than you might think, even if the ending fireworks appear to be a weekly event. (And, OK, they are kind of fun, if not exactly believable.)