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  1. One marvels at how the writers and actors keep each succeeding segment so fresh and surprising.
  2. Though UnReal's purpose is to skewer the fakeness and calculation behind reality shows like The Bachelor, it really does something more important: It humanizes these archetypes.
  3. AMC's computer-industry period drama, Halt and Catch Fire, returns for its second season a fresher, better, stronger series.
  4. Crossfire Hurricane is deeply enjoyable for the songs--from "She's a Rainbow" to "Brown Sugar"--and for the extraordinary trove of archival film it has assembled.
  5. White Heat is a bold, fabulously written (if at times overbearing) chronicle of the political and social changes which sweep through Britain beginning in the mid-1960s.
  6. A thought-provoking, exciting, in-your-face hacker drama.
    • 52 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    As a drama, Flesh and Bone is compelling and ripe for binge-watching.
  7. The show's a keeper - daring, imaginative and provocative - but it must be careful not to overheat in the long haul and burn out its audience. [22 July 2003, p.F1]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  8. The one-hour show has as much comedy as drama, providing a satisfying and unusual viewing experience.
  9. A meaty drama in the same vein as The Shield, where some of the police are perps and there's no telling who's on the up-and-up.
  10. It's a cornucopia of fanciful sets and costumes and more computer graphic imaging than you'll find anywhere else on TV, and a lot of it is pretty cool.
  11. Ken Jeong plays the Spanish professor, Mr. Chang, the kind of quiet joke in the topsy-turvy world that characterizes this sweetly funny show.
  12. By the second or third episode, it evolves into another Hollywood rarity: a TV show that is truly about relationships, complex and captivating for the long haul.
  13. Of course, it all sounds preposterous, but so did a movie about a guy who remembered everything backward, and Jonathan Nolan was nominated for a writing Oscar for Memento.
  14. Encore offers Thorne: Sleepyhead, a powerful and gripping British import starring David Morrissey as Detective Inspector Tom Thorne.
  15. The writing in the two episodes I've seen is funnier and more pointed than the show's premise.
  16. Absorbing, if not squirm-worthy.
  17. That's a diverse enough crowd to interest almost anybody. Combine it with the fascinating plot and the action and emotional turmoil it promises, and you don't need to flash forward to see a show finally giving Survivor a Thursday-night ratings run for the money.
  18. Funny. The characters, even the hip comic star, become likable very quickly. Despite yourself, you'll be laughing before the first commercial. [31 May 1990, p.C11]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  19. Like The Larry Sanders Show, Beggars and Choosers makes riotous and cutting fun of network television and will be a hit in Los Angeles, but it also has a humanity and warm humor that should appeal to folks who don't work in showbiz. [17 June 1999, p.E01]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  20. It is a finely crafted serial about contemporary and supposedly representative people in the same decade of life.
  21. There's art aplenty in a film that elicits emotion as it slowly draws you into a place you've certainly never been before, even if it may leave you wondering why you made the journey.
  22. Welcome to Sweden is engaging for its exotic Scandinavian setting and warm visual style. It's a winning mix of low-key charm and robust humor.
  23. Clever, well-plotted, if predictable, it borrows liberally from every spy movie and conspiracy thriller ever made.
  24. Brilliantly written and photographed, it's as thrilling, exciting and groundbreaking as The X-Files was in its era.
  25. Aliens in America, a darling and delightful sitcom with a social conscience.
  26. Breaking Bad is tougher to watch than Showtime's "Weeds," about a suburban-mom drug dealer, or "Dexter," whose serial killer wields his bloody blades with good intentions. But the rewards of Breaking are great.
  27. Labyrinth is most remarkable as a curiosity: a thorny theo-historical miniseries with unusual European pacing and flavor airing on an incongruous venue the week after the TV season has ended.
  28. Wallander, as you might expect, has a very Scandinavian tone, full of gray landscapes and characters shot through murky panes of glass. But the acting is excellent, down to supporting-cast members.
  29. An absorbing eight-episode show based on King's best-selling 11/22/63 and produced by J.J. Abrams.

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