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  1. Of course, it all sounds preposterous, but so did a movie about a guy who remembered everything backward, and Jonathan Nolan was nominated for a writing Oscar for Memento.
  2. Encore offers Thorne: Sleepyhead, a powerful and gripping British import starring David Morrissey as Detective Inspector Tom Thorne.
  3. Absorbing, if not squirm-worthy.
  4. That's a diverse enough crowd to interest almost anybody. Combine it with the fascinating plot and the action and emotional turmoil it promises, and you don't need to flash forward to see a show finally giving Survivor a Thursday-night ratings run for the money.
  5. Funny. The characters, even the hip comic star, become likable very quickly. Despite yourself, you'll be laughing before the first commercial. [31 May 1990, p.C11]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  6. Like The Larry Sanders Show, Beggars and Choosers makes riotous and cutting fun of network television and will be a hit in Los Angeles, but it also has a humanity and warm humor that should appeal to folks who don't work in showbiz. [17 June 1999, p.E01]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  7. It is a finely crafted serial about contemporary and supposedly representative people in the same decade of life.
  8. There's art aplenty in a film that elicits emotion as it slowly draws you into a place you've certainly never been before, even if it may leave you wondering why you made the journey.
  9. Welcome to Sweden is engaging for its exotic Scandinavian setting and warm visual style. It's a winning mix of low-key charm and robust humor.
  10. Clever, well-plotted, if predictable, it borrows liberally from every spy movie and conspiracy thriller ever made.
  11. Brilliantly written and photographed, it's as thrilling, exciting and groundbreaking as The X-Files was in its era.
  12. Aliens in America, a darling and delightful sitcom with a social conscience.
  13. Breaking Bad is tougher to watch than Showtime's "Weeds," about a suburban-mom drug dealer, or "Dexter," whose serial killer wields his bloody blades with good intentions. But the rewards of Breaking are great.
  14. Labyrinth is most remarkable as a curiosity: a thorny theo-historical miniseries with unusual European pacing and flavor airing on an incongruous venue the week after the TV season has ended.
  15. Wallander, as you might expect, has a very Scandinavian tone, full of gray landscapes and characters shot through murky panes of glass. But the acting is excellent, down to supporting-cast members.
  16. The show is wonderfully conceived and executed (if a little pokey pace-wise).
  17. Slightly mad, madly majestic and overwhelming, Netflix's new offering Sense8 is one of the most ambitious sci-fi dramas on TV since the Battlestar Galactica reboot in 2004.
  18. Old-fashioned it may be in spirit, but this adventure tale is nothing if not exciting.
  19. It's just a touch of the veddy, veddy humor that helps make everything so delightful before the world intrudes into Masterpiece Classic's revival of Upstairs Downstairs.
  20. The predicaments of Jack and those unlucky enough to be associated with him are wholly preposterous. But the show's creators make it so much fun to watch that only the fussiest fussbudgets protest the fantasy.
  21. The storytelling and visual gloss we have come to expect from Mad Men are stronger than ever. If this eventful, fast-moving episode is any indication, we're in for a savory season.
  22. Exciting and twisty, Crisis is the show that CBS thought it had at the start of the season with Hostages.
  23. It's fast and funny. As long as Ryan continues to mix humor from the cute and the curdled sides of the aisle, this show will entertain.
  24. The disturbing alien plot unfurls through a wondrous, hours-long act of dramatic magic that draws together elements from ancient religions and modern science. This is heady stuff--but it's relayed with such intensity it'll sweep you along. The last act is a gut punch.
  25. It's a demanding show that really requires your full attention--but stick with it and you will delight in its clever writing, dark humor, and wonderfully perverse depiction of the Machiavellian power struggles that make the solar system go round.
  26. The dialog is sharp and not always nice. It means Catastrophe has to earn its sentiment, which it does with aplomb.
  27. Frequently hilarious.
  28. iZombie is a delightfully ironic take on the horror genre. While as a police procedural it's far more Veronica Mars than Rookie Blues.
  29. Gibney's doc is a punishing amendment to Wright's book, illustrating how this modern religion has stayed alive and well.
  30. Tenderfoot, when you mosey into Deadwood, HBO's latest breathtaking drama series, you should remember: An entirely new world takes a little getting used to. [21 Mar 2004, p.H01]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer

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