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  1. Glitzy, spoofy, and bristling with attitude, Matador is the modern equivalent of I Spy, the classic '60s series about a pro tennis player/secret agent, starring Robert Culp and Bill Cosby.
  2. A gloriously shameless exploration of good hearts and mean spirits, of Christian charity and heathen callousness amid the rigorously simple life of backwoods Tennessee in 1912. ... Television that will be too much for the super-cynical urban intellectual but a refreshing breeze for the rest of us. And if you have the slightest predisposition, it will make you cry. [3 Apr 1994]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  3. A sunny and often funny mix of "Twin Peaks," "Law & Order," and "Flipper." [4 Aug 1998, p.D01]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  4. In its early going, Gotham is hamhanded and a little bombastic, but drop-dead gorgeous.
  5. Davis goes all Sasha Fierce on the role. In fact, her potent performance nearly overwhelms the show, something that rarely happens on TV. She certainly makes the younger contingent of the cast fade into the woodwork.
  6. The scripts are witty if a little pompous.
  7. You may also laugh at some of these jokes, because Michael Rapaport, who plays Daddy Dave, delivers them with such bravado.
  8. More inviting than the usual run of sitcom idiocy.
  9. Viewers certainly like this sort of thing. CBS has become the No. 1 network with an incessant stream of it, and Criminal Minds is as well-made as any of them.
  10. Close to Home is supposed to be playing on the dark-underbelly-of-the-burbs fascination supposedly stirred by Desperate Housewives. But it's basically just another lawyer/crime show with a mommy twist.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Most of the time, it's... pretty gripping.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Amusingly, head-spinningly over-the-top.
  11. You hope the show doesn't get stuck in sexual shenanigans week after week. Even 30-year-olds think about other things sometimes. But for now, it seems fair to follow Emily's lead and see what develops.
  12. A caper that's as clever and grandiose as any TV series has presented in a long time. And fun.
  13. [It] would be an above-average Masterpiece [Theatre] installment.
  14. So what if it's as superficial as a flesh wound? There's plenty of style.
  15. Despite the loud music and all the supposedly ominous foolishness, blood that even spatters the camera lenses, and a sexy proto-vamp who often manages to wear almost no clothes (OK, maybe not despite her), I kind of liked the stupid thing.
  16. Subtract James Woods from Shark, and you'd have an empty carcass. Instead, you have a carcass with James Woods and all his crazy energy inside.
  17. For adults, the thing plays a little like Fox's Prison Break.
  18. There's no shame in enjoying the entertainment provided by these game shows, which are a step above some of their TV competition, but if knowing all the answers in 1 vs 100 makes you feel smart, then you must be pretty stupid.
  19. It's a supernatural mystery, involving a few ghosts, a little time travel and lots of crazy people. People who have been missing The X-Files might really go for The Lost Room.
  20. There's plenty of that low-key humor that characterized Ed, and the show can be hilarious when the crew gets involved in Keystone Kops capers, but it drags in the middle ground.
  21. That's about where this show sits, on the rails, but with a little journey ahead to get from captain to rear admiral.
  22. The show is ugly and fixated on death and violence. There's lots of lurid sex, too, reflected in other title images. There's also creativity and flat-out breathtaking acting to instill a voyeuristic fascination and perhaps inspire a fanatic.
  23. Part soap opera, part horror movie, all whodunit, Harper's is diverting, and only infrequently frightening, fantasy soap opera.
  24. In its first week, the show has acquired a more expansive, scattershot tone. It feels less rehearsed than Leno's regime, but at times, out of control.
  25. These medical shows aren't brain surgery, but most of them are dead on arrival anyway. Three Rivers shows up at least with a healthy pulse.
  26. The mystery makes Pretty Little Liars more entertaining than the tedium of Gossip Girls, and many parents might actually enjoy watching along with their young adults, who can explain why this sort of thing is so alluring to them.
  27. The whole thing perks along like a Honda Civic and is just about as exciting.
  28. If musical theater gives you goose bumps, congratulations. You just got a front-row seat. If it doesn't enthrall you, Smash will strike you as almost unbearably tedious and pretentious.

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