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  1. Its few glaring missteps aside, it's a thoughtful, rewarding drama.
  2. Frenetically energetic, as all good music-school cartoons should be, Class of 3000, like The Simpsons, has material for young and old alike.
  3. The wonderful Weeds is back for its fourth season at 10 p.m. Monday, as our deliriously delightful dope dealers decamp to a beach town by the Mexican border. As illicit activities go, they prove definitively that, on Showtime at least, a little wacky tobbacky is way more fun than the things they do in Diary that can't be described here.
  4. It's not as well-written or accomplished as Syfy's Merlin, but it's a lot of fun for the whole family.
  5. On Awake, the concept is all. Consequently, it takes a little explaining.
  6. A gloriously shameless exploration of good hearts and mean spirits, of Christian charity and heathen callousness amid the rigorously simple life of backwoods Tennessee in 1912. ... Television that will be too much for the super-cynical urban intellectual but a refreshing breeze for the rest of us. And if you have the slightest predisposition, it will make you cry. [3 Apr 1994]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  7. Both ABC's Life on Mars and CBS's "Eleventh Hour" have the comfortable feel of many shows that have come before them and lasted a long, long time.
  8. "Cool," says he, as, most likely, will all sorts of viewers from 12 to 92 who are looking for a pleasant way to pass a late-evening hour at the end of a summer weekend.
  9. This is programming that will strike you as either prestigious or pretentious. The dialogue, as is often the case with LaBute, seems notably natural at times, terribly scripted at others.
  10. Cast, concept, execution--there's a lot to root for in Intelligence. But they'll be pushing a big rock up the hill week after week.
  11. Its nonlinear, whydunit approach makes the show stand out. The fractured loop-de-loop narrative creates not just surprise but suspense.
  12. A sharper creepy TV movie.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Smooth and stylish as it is, Farscape lacks one important ingredient: a new and breakthrough character. [18 Mar 1999]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  13. The production and period values are outstanding, as is the cast, especially Timothy Dalton as famed African explorer Sir Malcolm Murray.... As creator John Logan moves away from the horror by the Thames and more toward the internal demons that haunt his protagonists, Penny veers toward the overwritten and overwrought. But by then, you may well be in for a pound.
  14. It's funnier because it includes some comic sketches, but they are truncated. Further down, whole episodes focus on the Python movies, one for The Life of Brian, one for Monty Python and the Holy Grail. You get funny excerpts, but also lots of blah-blah.
  15. Yes, it's riddled with comic-book clich├ęs. True, the dialogue is out of a Cracker Jack box, and most of its characters have less dimension than cardboard cutouts. But I'm a sucker for well-choreographed kung fu films. And Badlands--a Mad Max-ian postapocalyptic kung fu western that costars Emily Beecham as a killer beauty--has some wonderfully wigged-out fight scenes.
  16. The premise, and all the talking around it that we're forced to do in the name of propriety, is kind of laughable. Tomorrow's premiere, in which Drecker's house, and all the memorabilia from a legendary high school sports career, burn up in a fire--not so much. But the show picks up.
  17. Fascinating and perplexing, enjoyable and frustrating, intelligent and obtuse at the same time.
  18. 10 Items or Less is a quick hit of inanity, as close to The Office as anything else.
  19. The Grinder, which features William Devane as Dean and Stewart's father, has great energy. The nicely executed courtroom scenes are balanced with mordant scenes at home with the family.
  20. Wipeout does have a crackpot obstacle course and its own sometimes hilarious commentators, John Anderson from ESPN's SportsCenter and John Henson from Talk Soup.
  21. Anger Management turns out to be a likable, nicely loaded sitcom.
  22. Sons of Liberty has a fairly good look, although it certainly doesn't match the production value of a blockbuster film. It does have some solid writing and a few strong performances.
  23. It's hardly required viewing, but it's enjoyable, light fun.
  24. It manages to be lush, gross, frightening, and ridiculous--all at the same time.
  25. It's energetic and inventive enough that I suggest you check it out. Maybe twice. Shonda Rhimes has certainly earned at least a second look.
  26. This series is notably dependent on its writing, specifically the crafting of its mystery plots. Because of that, Backstrom will probably turn out to be variably enjoyable from week to week. But at least it has the potential to be excellent.
  27. Both ABC's "Life on Mars" and CBS's Eleventh Hour have the comfortable feel of many shows that have come before them and lasted a long, long time.
  28. The story's too good to be undermined by a little woodenness.
  29. 1600 Penn has the unfortunate habit of milking every joke, even the most artificial and obvious ones. And its absurdist humor is hit-or-miss at best. And yet it has an undeniable charm, however superficial and ingratiating.

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