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  1. As a movie, Steal is as finely wrought as the decorative ironworks that hang on the walls of the Barnes between Picassos and Seurats. Yet as a narrative of the facts, it is as one-sided as a plaintiff's brief.
  2. More a deification than a documentary.
  3. There's a great movie out now about magicians, sleight-of-hand maestros, illusionists, card and coin tricksters. Now You See Me is not that movie.
  4. The "Alien" recipe with a little imagination.
  5. Nunez's dialogue, and the paces he puts this threesome through, just don't ring true. Coastlines is the stuff of pulp, seriously at odds with what the writer-director has always done best. That is, show the inner workings of people, their needs, their fears, their small dreams.
  6. Jackson gets by mostly on bluster, but that doesn't matter because he serves mostly as a foil to Mac's popeyed shake-and-bake antics.
  7. Idle it is not. Wild it is most assuredly. Set in Prohibition-era Georgia, Idlewild boasts yesterday's style, today's music, and the Harlem Renaissance's romanticism.
  8. Alas, not even Eckhart and Breslin can get Zeta-Jones to simmer.
  9. It's not just Hollywood convention that gets in the way of the story, it's the lack of depth, heft and heart at its core.
  10. Despite the charismatic efforts of the British actor Ahmed, The Reluctant Fundamentalist gets bogged down in proselytizing and plot.
  11. In truth, despite more corn than Mel Gibson grows on his farm in "Signs" (another Shyamalan effort), After Earth is worth a look.
  12. There is a lot of shield-your-eyes ickiness in District 9, a lot of violence and gore. What there is not a lot of, however, is humanity - even in the film's depiction of the inhumanity humans are capable of.
  13. Snappily written and even more snappily directed.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  14. Masterminds is filled with the sort of idiotic bathroom humor that has become standard in big-screen comedies, but it is enlivened by the surreal slapstick touches that made Napoleon Dynamite so good. Even though it isn't the sharpest comedy, it had me in stitches.
  15. Despite all the stock characters and scenarios, Fox and company manage to bring things to life. And cut some hair.
  16. A kind of mad coming-of-age yarn embellished with lightning bolts and monsters made of cadaverous flesh.
  17. More about future potential than present achievement.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  18. The choppy film is like a composition crowded with competing themes.
  19. She (Hunt) is perfection even when her movie falls a little short.
  20. A meditation on guilt, remorse and redemption -- is unrelentingly heavy.
  21. While Nemo's story line is as clear as its pellucid blues, Wild's narrative is as muddy as its colors.
  22. Neither fish nor fowl (nor extraterrestrial), and that's a problem. Craig, handsomely craggy, plays it straight, and like Eastwood's Man With No Name, he doesn't have much to say.
    • 30 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    It would have been better to nix the drama completely and keep Madea's Halloween outing strictly about the laughs.
  23. Whimsically conjures the magic-realist imagery of the novel while pruning the book of its narrative undergrowth. What results is a striking piece of topiary shorn of its vital branches.
  24. Tries - far too hard - to replicate the Alice effect and falls short.
  25. When it's not making the argument that Surfing = Peace, Step Into Liquid can be diverting.
  26. Moving within its wild and wacky and improbably true scenarios (some of them, anyway) are people you don't really want to know. Stop the presses: War makes people rich. Stop the movie: These people, who cares?
  27. It's bleak business, and as it hurries toward its explosive, expository conclusion, the film becomes nonsensical, too.
  28. Sandler nimbly steps into the role created by Cooper and makes it his nebbishy own, something that cannot be said for Ryder's attempt to rethink the Arthur part. Ryder is lovely, but perhaps too sincere an actress to play a wiseacre.
  29. The performances are uniformly top-notch. It was a treat to see Ortiz, an actor known on screen mostly for his impressive cameos in movies like "El Cantante," in a leading part enabling him to express his considerable emotional range.

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