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  1. The trailers already have given away the "surprise" cameos in The Expendables, so try not to blink when Stallone goes into a church (shades of John Woo) to meet his mystery boss, played by a bald-pated, trademark smirking Bruce Willis.
  2. So although this multicharacter stew has a tasty morsel or two, in the aggregate it makes one long for the comparative complexity and subtlety of "Valentine's Day."
  3. DiCaprio provides one of those tailor-made Oscar turns - cocking his head at odd angles, twitching and gesticulating with childlike awkwardness, his face a mask of sweet innocence and uncontrollable tics. [4 Mar 1994, p.03]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  4. And did I mention that it's long? It's long.
  5. Get the soundtrack; wait for the movie to come to CMT.
  6. For all its grand promises, Ip Man 3 teeters uneasily among B-movie clich├ęs.
  7. The Possession has none of the suspense that made Bornedal's morgue thriller "Deathwatch" such shuddering good fun. And despite the absurdly overwrought Bernard Herrmann-esque score, it has very few genuine shocks.
  8. It's a fun gimmick -- the sartorial equivalent of those red shoes in the fairy tale that made an ordinary girl dance like Terpsichore -- if not an altogether fun movie.
  9. By turns pleasant and preposterous, The Greening of Whitney Brown is a reverse Cinderella tale for tweens.
  10. The offbeat comedy is not entirely devoid of charm, but its derivativeness is almost embarrassing.
  11. Mildly diverting but slight, the screwball comedy Gray Matters changes it up, more or less creating its own genre, the curveball farce.
  12. Alas, it's a throwback that's thrown its back out - limping along, trailed by battalions of stereotypes and ammo rounds of cliche.
  13. One of the most uncinematic pieces crafted by an otherwise fine stylist, Cymbeline befuddles with its ineffective blocking and lack of art direction.
    • 30 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    It's the sort of stuff younger viewers will love.
  14. Reality aside, The Watch is harmless enough - and even occasionally humorous, in a riffy, sketch-comedy kind of way.
  15. It has its moments of swaggering camaraderie, but more often just feels generic, derivative and done to death.
    • 46 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    The cast, headed by the divine Jamie Foxx, is better than the material. Director Daniel Taplitz is better than the material.
  16. Gyllenhaal is particularly unsuited to this role, his saucer eyes flashing from calm to crazed.
  17. Peppy, painless and -- happily -- not altogether brainless.
  18. Fairy-tale-like musing on true love in cynical times.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  19. Alternately tedious, cliched and unintentionally funny.
  20. Dumb, dumb, dumb - borrowing scare tactics from Hitchcock and other suspense masters, but forgetting basic story.telling essentials such as character development and logical exposition.
  21. It's intriguing enough to suck you in, but confusing, fragmentary, frustrating.
  22. Zemeckis, who blazed trails mixing live-action with animation in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," blazes not even a footpath here.
  23. On the plus side are engaging performances by Jason Biggs and Christina Ricci. On the minus side is . . . everything else.
  24. The film has two curious subplots and supporting performances that feel tacked on rather than organically part of it.
  25. There's nothing Disneyesque about this bomb except the forced levity of its musical score.
  26. The cast is full of fresh-faced unknowns ready for their close-ups. Most likely to succeed is Kayla Jackson, an almond-eyed dreamer, as Brittany, anchor of the Ovations and of her family.
  27. Where Finding Nemo suggested that under-the-waves adventure was limitless, Shark Tale suggests that this sea is over-fished. The krill is gone.
  28. "There's nothing here!" screams Romina Mondello - Kurylenko's Euro gal pal, walking the deserted sidewalks of this Anytown, U.S.A. Boy, truer words . . ..

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