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3,475 movie reviews
  1. Is it dumb to say, "Wow?"...I don't care. Wow.
  2. The Conformist has a decadent visual beauty about it that's breathtaking. But as striking as Bertolucci's classic looks, there's even more powerful stuff in the storytelling.
  3. This is the breakthrough work of one of world cinema's most visionary artists.
  4. The most moving aspect of this indelible documentary is that it chronicles its subjects' growth from instinctively going for the goal to deciding which goals are worth shooting for.
  5. An awesome cinema spectacle.
  6. The new print does justice to Philippe Agostini's splendidly atmospheric cinematography.
  7. It speaks to the courage and resilience of one man, the savagery of many, and the potential, for both good and for ill, in us all.
  8. Remy, the little rat who stars in the big, beautiful, funny Ratatouille, isn't gross at all. In fact, he's adorable.
  9. It's inspired fun.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  10. A wildly suspenseful zero-g tale of survival 350 miles beyond the ozone layer, Alfonso CuarĂ³n's space saga is emotionally jolting - and physically jolting, too.
  11. Most of all, it is the improbably entertaining story of how new media are altering the very nature of courtship and friendship.
  12. A monumental achievement that documents a coordinated and complicated response to a monumental tragedy.
  13. It's small. It's real. And it's deeply moving.
  14. This is a movie that mines deep beneath the surface of human feeling. It will make you think - about love, about life, about two people who aren't real, except that they've become so for so many of us in this improbably successful indie franchise.
  15. Mr. Turner is no barrel of laughs. It's a barrel of life - an extraordinary one.
  16. Wondrously strange and just plain wonderful.
  17. If we approach with sympathy and curiosity, we will be rewarded with same. And our souls, not to mention our bicycles, will soar to the heavens.
  18. It is the most influential movie you've never seen, deeply affecting many artists and experimental directors who saw it on the museum circuit in 1977 and 1978.
  19. Fused with paranoia and almost unbearable suspense, The Hurt Locker is powerful stuff.
  20. It's a masterpiece.
  21. Exhilarating, edgy and wryly comic.
  22. Amour arrives with plaudits and praise. But this is not hype, it is all deserved. This is a masterpiece.
  23. A classic of subversive surrealism.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  24. It is with gravity and levity and incomparable grace that Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon -- by light years the best movie of 2000.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  25. Inside Llewyn Davis plays like some beautiful, foreboding, darkly funny dream.
  26. It may be the first meditative action movie.
  27. The film is more than laborious eye-blinking - it's also dazzling visually, its potent imagery conjured by cinematographer Janusz Kaminski. But finally, Diving Bell is about something imperceptible: consciousness.
  28. French movies are not so neatly resolved. In fact, the point of many French movies, such as this provocative one from director Laurent Cantet, is that some problems don't have satisfying solutions - or resolutions.
  29. 35 Shots of Rum is visual poetry, but poetry that examines the human condition with insight and illumination.
  30. Just a few barrels short of being a masterpiece.

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