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  1. King & Maxwell doesn't have much that's new to offer, but it's fine, forgettable, escapist summer fare.
  2. The first episode is pretty much just as entertaining as "Face Off" or "Project Runway" or similar creative endeavor shows.
  3. Yes, a few plots feel repetitive... but overall the feeling for the season is one of new exploration among the characters.
  4. Whose Line remains an unpredictable, often funny and entertaining way to pass a half-hour, but with a raunchier tone, this show may no longer have the broad appeal it previously enjoyed.
  5. It's all played with suitably creepy seriousness, but without the self- conscious weirdness that made the later-day "Twin Peaks" so tedious. Duchovny and Anderson anchor the story through steady performances; we're as interested in what happens to them as in what happened to the teens...It's all pretty silly stuff, but it's silliness done well. If you're willing to give yourself over to it, it should hold your attention -- which is more than one can say for most of the season's new offerings. [10 Sept 1993, p.Ent 20]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  6. Sophomoric and crude, The Life & Times of Tim may be a viable alternative for fans of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.
  7. The lighthearted "Psych" charms even as it duplicates the structure and tone of "Monk."
  8. Privileged has the potential to be a largely positive, female-skewing series.
  9. It’s entirely possible The Last Ship could turn out to be a cruise to nowhere, but in its first three episodes, it’s at least a fun ride.
  10. The emphasis on kids makes From Script to Stage a safe glimpse behind the curtain that's cute and sometimes informative but dramatically sanitized.
  11. There's a casual, informal, willing-to-take-chances tone to The Writers' Room, which works most of the time but in the second episode, devoted to NBC's "Parks & Recreation", the show suffers from too many people trying to be funny.
  12. Where "Studio 60" takes a scathing and indignant tone toward television, "30 Rock" offers a more sarcastic, less hackles-raised critique. It's also funnier and goofier.
  13. If you enjoy complex, murky dramas about morally ambiguous characters, played by a talented cast of newcomers, then enjoy "The Black Donnellys" while it lasts.
  14. A lively comedy.
  15. The show remains a chilly affair, which will probably limit its acceptance but for viewers who appreciate satire, particularly of a modern workplace, it's difficult to imagine a show on the subject that's funnier than Ted.
  16. It’s not a revolutionary show but at a certain level it is a step away from the angst and a return to the positive, uplifting feelings evoked by the 1978 Christopher Reeve “Superman” movie.
  17. It is a well-made little show of horrors that's likely to scare and thrill its target audience.
  18. Kings begins with a refined approach and grows more pedestrian in subsequent episodes. Still, there's plenty to love about this series that dances with symbolism--the butterfly on the Gilboa flag is not a mere adornment--and replaces clandestine backrooms with windowed board rooms.
  19. Fortitude, which was originally slated to air on Starz, doesn’t feel quite as urgent a viewing experience as “Broadchurch,” but the first two hours (of the 12-part series) introduce enough intriguing characters and relationships that it’s worth watching for fans of murder-mystery dramas just as long as the show doesn’t introduce too many red herring suspects (the show appears to be pointing to one already by the end of the premiere).
  20. The mix of characters works well and provokes a fair number of laughs.
  21. Of the couples comedies to debut so far this midseason--NBC's "Perfect Couples" in January, Fox's "Traffic Light" last week--CBS's "Mad Love" (8:30 tonight, KDKA-TV) is probably the best. That's not to say it's a great show, but it is the least groan-inducing.
  22. Hung remains less of a comedy than HBO presents it as, but it's certainly more platable in season two.
  23. Mr. Garcia’s style of humor tends to be sophomoric--sex jokes, overweight stripper sight gags and broad comedy predominates--but this style manages to blend well with the show’s unique format.
  24. Unlike "Monk," which is essentially warmed-over "Columbo" with a more interesting character in the lead, In Plain Sight augments its plain premise with a full cast of colorful characters.
  25. Better than average.
  26. Riverdale shows off a heightened visual look that sometimes calls to mind “Pushing Daisies” in its ambition. Whether it can maintain that high level of production design, we’ll see, but in its early episodes, Riverdale positions itself as one of the more ambitious teen dramas to come along in several years.
  27. It no longer feels like you're watching a dozen different TV shows now that the main characters actually interact with one another. And the show's pace seems more brisk, less stodgy.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Even if this strikes a cynical adult as too syrupy-sweet, it's refreshing to have a too-nice role model.
  28. Girls grew on me. As annoying as the characters can be, they also evince recognizable traits in absurdly realistic situations.
  29. A cute half-hour that capably introduces new characters and sets the table for the new series.

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