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  1. The series does hint at Carlisle's motivation, and maybe the show will get more interesting once his reasons for wanting the president dead are revealed, but the pilot doesn't exactly demand viewers tune in for episode two.
  2. Perhaps in time Helix will develop into something more substantial but in its first two hours it sets up a lot of questions without providing answers or a compelling reason for viewers to stick with it.
  3. Sometimes I think she's brilliant, other times I think she's full of herself. Both sides come through in this fairly dull reality show.
  4. CBS remakes Hawaii Five-0 as just another piece of turn-your-brain-off escapist fare, a loud, action-packed pilot with little heart and less humor.
  5. Constantine seems like a good fit tonally for Friday night companion series “Grimm,” but Constantine will need to more clearly establish its world--and the rules of its world--and better define its characters if it hopes to become a fanboy favorite.
  6. The characters are all caricature-y stereotypes and the jokes are of the ba-da-dum! variety, but the pilot made me laugh more than some other new comedies, mostly due to the performances.
  7. If "South Park" traffics in occasionally brilliant satire, "Lil' Bush" is far more juvenile humor.
  8. As a psychological thriller, it's not terrible--certainly better than Fox's dreadful monotonous "The Following"--but Those Who Kill suffers from character/relationship incoherence.
  9. Not great, not terrible, Welcome to the Family is another occasionally amusing but not really funny family comedy.
  10. It's a cute concept but producers don't seem to have a knack for proper execution, filling time with terribly padded segments--picking teams takes an eternity--and challenges (watching people play chess in the premiere) that, try as they might, don't make for compelling TV.
  11. For what it is--a small-screen version of a big-screen shoot-’em-up--Gang Related is fine, but it won’t be confused with great TV.
  12. It often plays more like an action film than a serious interpretation of a holy book.
  13. Viewers drawn to star-crossed romance are most likely to get absorbed in Outlander, which benefits from beautiful production design--great location work with filming in Scotland--but the show also suffers from some egregious exaggerations, especially the mustache-twirling Black Jack Randall, who couldn’t be more like Satan if he had pointy red horns.
  14. Rookie Blue is "Grey's Anatomy" in a police station. And that's about as remarkable as this fairly generic Canadian co-production gets.
  15. There are several intriguing concepts built into Syfy’s Ascension, but the execution is not quite up to snuff in the first episode and infuriating by the conclusion.
  16. Huff is not a bad show, it just doesn't feel sufficiently new. Both structurally and thematically, it shares some similarities to the more outrageous and, frankly, more fun "Nip/Tuck" on FX. [7 Nov 2004, p.TV-5]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  17. Party Down can't decide if it wants to be smart-funny or dumb-funny. Maybe if it does, the party will truly begin.
  18. Valerie is still thin-skinned, self-absorbed and occasionally pathetic. Fans wouldn't want her to be any other way, of course, but there's a limit on the variety of ways one can wring comedy from this character premise.
  19. Angry Boys will certainly have some appeal to fans of offbeat comedy but it seems unlikely to become a mainstream hit.
  20. Bent is not a terrible show but it's not particularly good either.
    • 39 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Midway through night two, however, the action begins to drag.
  21. Power is fine but it doesn’t live up to its title. It’s not a powerful drama because viewers have largely seen all its tricks, plots and character relationships before.
  22. The Cleaner is the latest in a string of unremarkable basic cable dramas with a brand-name star playing the tough but damaged lead.
  23. Doc Brown has his own clashes, particularly with Dr. Abbott (Tom Amandes), the town's sole general practitioner before his arrival. Abbott is a caricature, over-the-top in his arrogance. He does everything short of twirling a mustache to shout, "I'm the bad guy!" This is where "Everwood" hits a bump....With such realism in the relationship between Ephram and his father, it's a shame series creator and writer Greg Berlanti ("Dawson's Creek") went down such a conventional, only-on-TV path in creating this other adversarial relationship. [16 Sept 2002, p.B-1]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  24. From these four hours it's clear there are few new stories or twists for the show to employ. It's time has come and gone.
  25. With "Tremors," the special effects have always been cheap and the appeal, such as it is, came from the campy humor, particularly concerning the Burt Gummer character. But the TV series, from the same creators and writers as the movies, mostly plays it straight. There's some humor, but suspense is the primary vibe in the first two episodes. [Mar 28, 2003, p.37]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  26. The premiere episode is a fairly entertaining, voyeuristic look at a made-for-reality-TV crew, though it's a toss-up as to who's more obnoxious: the bickering crew or their first guests.
  27. So although the details aren't quite right, the concept of Cult remains intriguing. Perhaps, like Mr. O'Bannon's "Farscape," Cult will improve over time.
  28. It is mostly humorless, grave sci-fi, but in the pilot the best moments are the most human.
  29. Unforgettable is completely forgettable because it brings nothing new to the increasingly creaky crime procedural. CBS has gone to that well over and over, and, credit to them, it's worked.

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