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  1. Forever is not a bad show--the pilot is pretty well made for what it is--but aspects of the premise feel awfully familiar.
  2. A decent but slightly pedestrian family drama that throws off a "Brothers & Sisters" vibe whenever its sibling characters are in the same room.
  3. Almost Royal is not a series that demands to be watched, but it’s a cute diversion for Anglophiles looking for intermittent laughs.
  4. There's an appeal to the gentle spirit of Derek but it would have a stronger pull if the plotting was less dull.
  5. A cute if unnecessary time-traveling fantasy-drama.
  6. Veep offers uncomfortable comedy at its most sardonic.
  7. Sunday's premiere is a little dull, but future episodes have more entertainment value. Still, you have to be a fan of neuroses humor for Bored to have much comedic impact.
  8. Although Friday's season premiere is a bit confusing at times, the Spartacus world comes into better focus in episode two.
  9. In short, they do what friends do, only they do more of it more often. Too often, actually. That constant comic bantering grows a little tired, just as it would if it ever actually happened in real life. [22 Sept 1994, p.C1]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  10. Whether viewers find Enlightened all that funny may depend upon whether they have a person similar to Amy in their lives--and whether they want to spend time with an irrational, hysteria-prone fictional character, too.
  11. The Borgias is an adequate soap but one that's also rife with missed opportunities.
  12. "Invasion" offers a few scares, but it's more a sense of dread and something subtly awry that gives this drama its creepy vibe.
  13. The Kennedys has the look and feel of a 1980s miniseries, and it's not trying to be anything more exalted. Unlike "The Borgias" and "Camelot," its reach does not exceed its grasp.
  14. Goode really does feel too much like the flip side of "King of the Hill." The humor comes from the opposite point of view but it's still a too-similar-to-stand-on-its-own comedy.
  15. Margulies is an ideal actress to carry off this icy role. Perhaps in the hands of a more deft writer, Canterbury's Law could be the edgy show it aspires to be instead of the common courtroom drama it is.
  16. Running Wilde at times recalls the comedic brilliance of "Arrested Development," but unlike that show, there's no relatable central character to ground Running Wilde.
  17. Somewhere within this bloated six-hour miniseries there's a lean, mean four-hour miniseries trying to escape.
  18. It's a cute show, but the premise is so paper-thin you have to wonder how the writers will sustain "Knights" for a full season, let alone many years, if successful.
  19. What the pilot lacks in smooth-flow niceties it makes up for in silly fun.
  20. The show is gently entertaining in a way reminiscent of variety shows of old.
  21. Town of the Living Dead, though entertaining, does not feel at all real.
  22. After watching the first two episodes it's a little difficult to say what the show will be on a weekly basis because each of the first two episodes plays like the pilot for two different TV series.
  23. The show is subtitled, which helps viewers understand the thick accents and British slang, but the whole thing is a bit nihilistic and the characters come across as somewhat debased.
  24. The Strain isn’t great TV but it offers enough unexpected gross-out moments that it’s OK summer popcorn fare.
  25. The humor quotient in the pilot proves to be a mixed bag. The laugh lines come, but they're fairly inconsistent. Still, when they do hit--particularly during a canvassing door-knock scene that includes a Fred Armisen cameo--it's easy to see Brooklyn Nine-Nine's potential to develop into a good, maybe even great, prime-time comedy.
  26. The new season of "Carnivale" continues to showcase the series' potential, but it still doesn't live up to the show's enormous promise. It's a cryptic series full of mysteries and that should suck viewers in. But I've yet to feel the full effects of its gravitational pull, which is disappointing because, as they said so often on "The X-Files," I want to believe. [7 Jan 2005]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  27. While there may still be doubts about the sustainability of The Leftovers, it clearly seems to be moving in a positive direction creatively even as the show’s overall tone grows more pessimistic.
  28. Seed isn’t great TV, but it’s a funny enough diversion in the context of generally disappointing summer comedy.
  29. It’s the conversation about race and African-American culture in the pilot that gives Black-ish a little bit of edge. Whether that will be maintained in future episodes or dulled into familiar family sitcom pabulum remains to be seen.
  30. In its pilot, Once Upon a Time succeeds on charm but comes up short on logic.

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