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  1. Imaginary Heroes feels like an endless series of wakes, awkward cocktail conversations and teen house parties, which would be fine if Harris wrote less cartoony dialogue.
  2. A painlessly light introduction to Bollywood moviemaking, but it far too often feels like run-of-the-mill Hollywood fare.
    • 63 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Seems likely to stir rebuttal from historians, especially those on the other side of the pond.
  3. The stifling piety of this film -- which regards anything old and vaguely arty as next to sacred -- needs some serious airing out.
  4. Leaves you exhausted and even bored.
  5. Manages to tell the story in generally taut, credible fashion, rising frequently on the strength of a gallery of fine performances even when the screenwriting becomes ordinary and Schumacher's touch becomes, as so often, crude and obvious.
  6. As it goes on and on and on, Coach Carter becomes more patience-testing than soul-stirring, proving that you can overdose on good intentions as easily as you can on evil substances.
  7. Kind of a drag.
  8. In Be Cool, a wonderful cast essays a lively script and manages to make a decent film out of it.
  9. County Clare holds little of interest, with a generic story line and a cast that's mostly just going through the motions.
  10. As satire, it doesn't add up -- but it's an admirable, if dull, experiment.
  11. By the time of the fabled match -- which you could swear lasts a full 90 minutes -- it's all you can do to keep your skin from crawling off your body and slinking to the safety of another room. Do yourself a favor: Follow it.
  12. Hilariously, gut-bustingly, mind-blowingly, jaw-droppingly stupid.
  13. The movie never recovers from its cheesy center.
  14. By and large it's formulaic and dull.
  15. You should come out of a film like Apres Vous with your heart as light and fluffy as a souffle. But this farce, credited to four chefs, er, writers, is as heavy and leaden as meatloaf.
  16. It's just another bland, junior-high-basketball riff on "The Bad News Bears" formula, one that takes every single dramatic cue from the underdog sports-movie playbook.
  17. It's a waste of classic material. Rent "The Incredibles" and see what should have been.
  18. It's the screenwriting equivalent of those fat substitutes used by snack food manufacturers: the finished product looks all right but the taste is off, and the aftereffects are embarrassing and uncomfortable.
  19. Director Jay Chandrasekhar ("Super Troopers") will never be mistaken for an artist. But he's competent with crude humor and manages to balance affectionate parody and rote imitation.
  20. After getting off to a decent, somewhat muted start, Skeleton Key just gets sillier and sillier and sillier until it's yet another one of those stupid, noisy thrillers where everyone's running around in a house, yelling and falling down, and you're mostly wondering why nobody bothered to call the cops.
  21. The leads are just too good to commit fully to something this baldly formulaic. It's sad.
  22. Marcus, like the real-life Jackson, survives being shot nine times. But this film is dead on arrival.
  23. For starters, everything's grimy and humorless in a way that infects even Aniston.
  24. Unfortunately, the dialogue undermines the movie's promise.
  25. Almost totally emotionally bankrupt. But it's a very specific form of total emotional bankruptcy, one that feels honest and even uplifting at the time, because the actors are great and the direction's well intentioned and just-so.
  26. It's a shame The Matador isn't a better movie, because this semi-dark comedy contains one great, cackling, self-loathing performance by Pierce Brosnan.
  27. The story, as so often in bad farce, treats them all as idiots, so it's almost impossible be engaged by anything other than the pretty rooms, gondolas and costumes.
  28. The new footage adds almost nothing and feels like a lame, double-dipping cash-grab.
  29. Suffers from the problem that plagues too many romantic comedies: The supporting characters are roughly 1,000 percent more interesting than the main characters.

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