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3,144 movie reviews
  1. Its breeziness keeps it from ever being completely bland or flat.
  2. So strained in its "charm" and "pluck" that you grow weary by minute 15, hoping that the teens whose lives it depicts will stop being so darn peppy or sweetly confused or irritatingly dramatic.
    • 43 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Junk this is and ever was, but this is well-acted junk.
  3. It's so by-the-numbers and clumsy that it will only appeal to that little sect that's managed to wear out their "Evil Dead," "Friday the 13th," "Halloween" and "Nightmare on Elm Street" DVDs.
  4. A slick disappointment -- though there's much unintentional humor to be enjoyed.
  5. Written and edited by Sayles, "Casa" is certainly the artist's baby, but he crams too much into a relatively brief running time. Worse, though it should be longer, we're not especially unhappy that it isn't, for being around these women gets tedious.
  6. It's the sort of sophomoric exercise that will be appreciated chiefly by viewers already convinced they love it even before they've bought their tickets.
  7. This film disappointingly feels like a sometimes brilliantly acted, often gorgeously filmed re-enactment of the television show "Unsolved Mysteries."
  8. Doesn't add much to the oft-told story of a boy and his dog, and it never establishes the rules of the dogs-in-space myth it creates, but it is perked up by the gentle intelligence of writer/director John Hoffman.
  9. Hardcore genre fans may find some appeal in this warmed-over tale, but most viewers will be squirming in their seats even before the prolonged finale.
  10. That the film rises above that level to the merely mediocre is an accomplishment of almost heroic proportions.
  11. In a way, the film is a kind of experiment: Can you lop off the bulk of a classic work and still have something worth seeing? On this evidence, the answer is, despite the best intentions and some fine work, sadly no.
  12. Now The Matrix Revolutions is here, and a verdict is justified. The death penalty seems a little strong, but can we lock this franchise up and forget where we put the key?
  13. Kassovitz can't control the ridiculous script and messy tone. And though it's not exactly hard to watch Berry run around in a hospital robe (Cruz and Berry: That's one good-looking mental ward), it's not particularly profound.
  14. Tedious "message movie" proves hunting war criminals amid right-wing Catholic conspirators can be plenty dull.
  15. At 80 minutes, it feels truncated and abandoned -- a sketch of a comic thriller rather than the real thing.
  16. If you have a low opinion of the first "Cody Banks," and your kids drag you to this one, you may be tempted to do some food-flinging of your own.
    • 50 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Will best be enjoyed on DVD. You can pop it in for the kids and spend the next 90 minutes or so doing something else.
  17. May be fairly funny, sort of sweet and slightly muddled, but one thing about it is utterly certain: It loves, loves, loves some bad cabaret.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    In this moody, claustrophobic almost-thriller -- the pacing is as sluggish as the Scottish canals that serve as its setting.
    • 47 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Scott apparently decided it was a good idea for his subtitles -- much of the film is in Spanish -- to shimmy across the screen, to fade in and out dramatically, and in general do even more to distract us.
  18. It's passable, but in telling the tale of a man known to attempt the risky drive, it's a shame the filmmakers decided to shoot for par.
  19. Hs a single goal: to prod your tear ducts to open up. It is very, very good at this task. Whether The Notebook is good in any other respect is a bit more complicated.
  20. Amazing-looking sequel to cult fave "Pitch Black"; unfortunately, the film's wrecked by a surprisingly weak, goofy script.
  21. Surprisingly dreary kidnapping drama.
  22. Forgettable teen piffle.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    The film equivalent of the blind date described as "really nice." It's neither bad nor good, just sort of earnest and well-meaning.
  23. The trouble is, the kids seem to be in one earnest "After School Special"-type of movie, while the adults occupy a retro-futuristic world more like the original TV show.
  24. Terrific lead performances make this epic stoner comedy watchable but can't save it from flat direction.
  25. One too many scenes with Hartnett's genuinely unpleasant doofus drain away any investment in a film that's suddenly become an elaborate farce without jokes.

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