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  1. In substance and style, the movie is more than a few tears short of Jordan's "The Crying Game." But Murphy is an actor to watch. Even in heels.
  2. This engrossing blend of humor and heartbreak only hints at the causes, from betrayal to child abuse, of this family's dysfunction. Hang on. Attention is richly rewarded.
  3. Just know that Pulse possesses the dark art to make your pulse pound and your hair stand on end -- with no cheating.
  4. Brace yourself for Thirteen -- it'll cause a commotion.
  5. If you’re looking for an orgasmic trip to heavy-metal heaven, this is it.
  6. A movie that offers hard speculation and harder truths. You won't be able to get it out of your head.
  7. It scared the living crap out of me. Only at the movies is that a compliment.
  8. A haunting and hypnotic movie, just the thing to get lost in.
  9. The filmmaker is walking a creative tightrope. How do you resist that? My advice is: don't. There are a few fits and starts, and a palette switch from black-and-white to color. But Ozon is onto something about nationalism, borders and a hatred of the other that's as timely as Trump.
  10. Clooney fashions a style all his own: visceral, vital and churning with off-the-wall ideas. That's what makes you want to see Clooney direct again. You can feel his joy in it.
  11. Reeves plugs in a live wire to play Abby, the girl vampire who's been 12 for, well, a very long time. That would be Chloë Grace Moretz, an acting dynamo (see Kick-Ass) whose mesmerizing performance goes deep.
  12. Forget "The Conjuring," Blackfish may be the scariest movie around.
  13. Bright Star is the New Zealand writer-director's raw, sensual attempt to render Keats as experienced by a young girl who couldn't understand the genius of his verse.
  14. As directed with grit and grace by Rodrigo García, this quietly devastating film goes bone-deep.
  15. You cheered Jack Black in "School of Rock," now give it up for Paul Green in the real thing.
  16. There may be nothing fresh left to find in teens coming of age, but director Jake Schreier (Robot and Frank) fakes it with genuine sincerity.
  17. If there is such a thing as hard-core with a soft heart, this is it.
  18. It looks the same, moves the same and sounds the same (those Alan Menken songs!) as the original. But some of the magic has gone M.I.A.
  19. Hellboy is on fire with scares and laughs and del Toro’s visionary dazzle. It’s the tenderness that comes as an unexpected bonus.
  20. Enjoying this wondrous wisp of a something is easy, describing it is hard. Luckily, Charlyne Yi is an enchantress.
  21. The buildup is steadily engrossing. That's because Nolan keeps the emphasis on character, not gadgets. Gotham looks lived in, not art-directed.
  22. Keaton, a sorceress at blending humor and heartbreak, honors the film with a grace that makes it stick in the memory.
  23. Blast of fright and fun.
  24. It looks like a documentary...Don't let anyone tell you more.
  25. For a movie made from spare parts - take "The Exorcist" and attach to "The Blair Witch Project" and "Paranormal Activity" - The Last Exorcism delivers the heebie-jeebie goods.
  26. "Sensational" is the word for Joseph Gordon-Levitt (equally striking in Mysterious Skin), who stars as Brendan, the teen outsider who becomes a budding Bogart.
  27. Writer-director Peter Sollett takes the familiar and turns it into hot, heartfelt movie magic.
  28. The movie goes soft in its final stages, but Rudd and Segel keep it real. "Sweet, sweet hangin'," says Peter of knowing Sydney. The same goes for the movie.
  29. Better than Man of Steel but below the high bar set by Nolan's Dark Knight, Dawn of Justice is still a colossus, the stuff that DC Comics dreams are made of for that kid in all of us who yearns to see Batman and Superman suit up and go in for the kill.
  30. In contrasting the sexuality and rebellion of Lucy's generation with his own, Bertolucci clearly yearns to rekindle his creative spirit.

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