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  1. If you're looking for the best and most beguiling foreign-language film of the year, you'll find it in Maren Ade's Toni Erdmann, a German father-daughter story that will leave you laughing and choking back tears, often simultaneously.
  2. This landmark film takes a clear-eyed look at the digital future and honors the one constant that journalism needs to stay alive and relevant: a fighting spirit.
  3. Schindler's List, despite blatant compromises, is a rending historical document. But the film's near-certain victory is based less on merit than on the marketing of its ambitious intentions. The academy doesn't judge movies, it weighs them by subject matter. On that basis, Spielberg's epic tips the scales.
  4. What makes La La Land such a hot miracle is how the passion for cinema and its possibilities radiates from every frame.
  5. A brilliant chronicle of the life and twisted times of a most unlikely bad boy, a skinny, four-eyed, sex-obsessed misanthrope with no weapons to fire back at the society that rejected him save one: The nerd can draw.
  6. One thing's for sure about this raw provocation from the Coens: Like the music, the pain runs deep and true. You'll laugh till it hurts.
  7. A marvel of delicacy and humor.
    • Rolling Stone
  8. The movie will wipe you out. Schnabel's previous two films (Basquiat, Before Night Falls) also focused on artists. But this is his best film yet, a high-wire act of visual daring and unquenchable spirit.
  9. Fierce, funny and moving, The Class graduates with honors. It's unmissable.
  10. A fiercely poetic study of violence. Stunningly shot in black-and-white. [14 Dec 1989, p.23]
    • Rolling Stone
  11. In terms of excitement, imagination and rule-busting experimentation, it's a gusher.
  12. Fellowship is the real deal, a movie epic that pops your eyes out, piles on thrills and fun, and yet stays intimately attuned to character.
  13. Why should you suffer through a 140-minute Russian film that is basically a contemporary remake of The Book of Job? Because it's a stupendous piece of work, that's why, and because it represents the kind of challenging, intimate filmmaking that transcends language and borders.
  14. A joy to behold.
  15. It's comic, touching and a visual knockout.
  16. One of the best and liveliest movies of the year - funny and touching in ways you can't predict.
  17. The result, with its flashing perspectives and stealthy wit, is unique and unforgettable.
  18. When E.T. debuts on DVD, you can choose between the new version, which better matches E.T.'s words to his lips, and the sweetly clunky, digitally deprived version redolent of penis breath. I don't need to phone home to know which one I'm buying. [2002 re-release]
  19. Unique and unforgettable.
    • Rolling Stone
  20. Get ready to be knocked for a loop.
  21. Joel and Ethan Coen's adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's 2005 novel is an indisputably great movie, at this point the year's very best.
  22. The Gatekeepers cuts deeper than any political thriller. It's a powerhouse.
  23. Ida
    Ida is an art film in the finest sense of the term — it is austere technique counterbalanced by emotions that bleed.
  24. Only Yesterday comes from a quieter, less demonstrative place. As he did in his most recent and reportedly final film, "The Tale of the Princess Kaguya," Takahata has built Only Yesterday to go gently and to last. Mission accomplished.
  25. 13th, available in theaters and on Netflix, is one for the cinema time capsule, a record of shame so powerful that it just might change things. Godspeed.
  26. Rea and Davidson are incomparably good in an exceptional film that is by turns darkly funny and deeply affecting. Though Jordan's control sometimes falters, it's a small price to pay for his daring.
  27. Winter's Bone is unforgettable. It means to shake you, and does.
  28. This is the untamed Apocalypse that Coppola envisioned in 1979 before money and mental pressures made him fear he had created something too long, too weird and too morally demanding for the masses.
  29. Her
    Jonze is a visionary whose lyrical, soulful meditation on relationships of the future cuts to the heart of the way we live now.
  30. Leave it to a g-rated cartoon to give the live-action epics a lesson in action, fun and bracing originality.

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