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5,859 movie reviews
  1. More than a high concept stretched to feature length. This is a funny and extremely satisfying comedy, the best in a while.
  2. A brutal movie, brutal in all the right ways -- brutally stark, brutally funny, brutally brutal. [30 Oct 1992]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  3. A movie that is not only achingly funny but also full of serious and philosophical truisms.
  4. Funny, riveting look at the music scene that ruled Manchester, England, from 1976 to 1992.
  5. One of the best war movies of the past 20 years.
  6. It is impossible to take your eyes off the screen.
  7. Part fairy tale and part bogeyman thriller -- a juicy allegory of evil, greed and innocence, told with an eerie visual poetry.
  8. Director Bernard Rose has created a committed, intelligent and fascinating piece of work with no irony about it.
  9. A film of real beauty, which is surprising, since it's not a movie of beautiful sentiments or settings.
  10. Extraordinary.
  11. The picture, written and directed by Francis Veber, the screenwriter of "La Cage Aux Folles,'' is a complete success.
  12. The new Planet of the Apes is not a remake, and it's not a sequel. It is an amazing display of imagination.
  13. CQ
    The film deserves some kind of honor for its campy originality, smart and funny dialogue, and provocative yet sensitive look at the making of a film circa 1969.
  14. It comes as a bonus that this romantic comedy is one of the rare pictures of its type that actually is about something -- the double-edged sword of celebrity.
  15. Part of the appeal of Topsy-Turvy is its generosity about human folly and shortcomings. Its wistfulness is very touching.
  16. Extraordinary.
  17. A daring, free-spirited and ultimately moving performance by Benjamin Bratt lies at the beating heart of Pinero.
  18. Splendid.
  19. A triumph for all involved.
  20. The film underscores the paradox in this man's life: the split between the mild-mannered New Yorker and the fearless vagabond who joined an Arakmbut hunting raid.
  21. Don't be too quick to jump on Hurt with complaints of old-fashioned gay stereotyping. Only with a development well into the movie will the audience realize the layers he brought to Molina's role-playing.
  22. Stuns with writing, acting, direction.
  23. Intelligence and beauty -- and teasing romance -- shape Mansfield Park into a gorgeous, enchanting experience.
  24. It's the kind of small but amazing character study (think ``Marty'') that film lovers yearn for while griping that this type of picture no longer gets made. Turns out it does.
  25. A venemous Valentine to Hollywood sugarcoated with laughs.
  26. One of the most powerful romances of recent years, it is as generous as they come.
  27. May be the most magnetic, most beautiful and bravest Carmen ever to grace a stage or film set.
  28. People who see it may feel like dancing out of the theater afterward. Go for it.
  29. A steady undertow of sex gives this French thriller a scintillating surface.
  30. It's hard not to come away in awe of a director in complete control of every frame.

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