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  1. Aspires to the breezy esprit of a Richard Lester comedy from the '60s, but it's a deadly, leaden affair.
  2. Spins an unconvincing, miscast noir tale.
  3. It's the cinematic equivalent of an all-dessert meal: After the initial jolt, the lack of any real nourishment is apparent, and it becomes a struggle to stay awake.
  4. This is the downside of Roberts' giant success and her dazzling ability to charm: Every time she goes plain, as she did in the little-seen "Mary Reilly" and "Michael Collins," our princess simply fizzles.
  5. There's nothing here but a concept and a marketing and merchandising strategy, at the center of which somebody - oh, no - had to come up with an actual movie.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    An entirely unconventional, hypnotic, meandering film.
  6. Not since "An American Werewolf in London" in 1981 reset the standard for man-to-wolf transformations has anyone tried to get away with special effects as pitiful as the ones in this movie.
  7. Doesn't look like a movie somebody made. It looks like a movie somebody hallucinated and put up on the screen.
  8. But their comic talents are completely wasted by an inane script whose idea of humor is to make jokes about lung cancer and the notorious Tuskegee experiment on black men with syphilis. [20 Jan 1998]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  9. A coming-of-age story that gets it all wrong.
    • 62 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    But the film written, directed and starring stand-up comic Hitoshi Matsumoto has, like most superheroes, a tragic flaw: It isn't funny.
  10. At times, it actually hurts to watch.
  11. The movie equivalent of an idiot who, to avoid scorn, starts acting like an even bigger idiot, so as to get in on the joke, too...It takes everything and nothing seriously, depending on what the filmmakers think they can get away with at any given moment, and the result, while not painful to watch, is ridiculous.
  12. Represents his (Smith) first act of cinematic cynicism, his first crime against his own talent. With this action comedy, he has given us 110 worthless minutes, a bad formula movie like every other bad formula movie.
  13. Lange seems at a loss to know how to convey Martha's malevolence -- and writer-director Jonathan Darby offers almost no guidance.
  14. Blanchett's performance is Soderbergh's biggest mistake. He either encourages or permits her to play Lena as a Greta Garbo caricature, which is mildly amusing if you're interested in Garbo, but if you're interested in Lena and The Good German, you're out of luck.
  15. An overwrought drama.
  16. This thick, leaden production starring Bob Hoskins and Patricia Arquette - and an uncredited Robin Williams - has a sophomoric air, even though it faithfully follows the book.
  17. Something so sappy, no one would believe me if I told them. It has to be seen to be disbelieved.
  18. The script is as bland as they come.
  19. It's a shame Arnold is stuck on the loudmouth clod schtick, because there are moments he's downright pleasant on screen. But in Carpool, these moments are kept to a minimum.
    • 64 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Hao doesn't seem to have a point of view. Mongolian Ping-Pong is episodic and meandering, with several tedious stretches.
  20. The film is neither fish nor fowl nor some arresting new entity, but a lumpish coagulation of conflicting impulses and unrealized gestures.
  21. There's no attempt at humor in Dead Silence, but the biggest sin in the film is the lack of scares.
  22. In execution, the film is all sidekicks and sight gags, with little story cohesion or purpose.
  23. It turns out to be just as bad as any routine French romantic comedy - illogical, inconsistent and sloppily written, a charmless, tasteless, witless waste of time.
  24. American Reunion isn't a total wash. Its one saving grace is Eugene Levy as Jim's dad.
  25. Pan
    A complete washout, a joyless, pointless and fundamentally idiotic enterprise.
  26. No matter how you dissect it, Clash of the Titans will never, ever be a serious motion picture.
  27. The film is glossy, but awful. Frenetic, but awful. Expensive, but awful. ... And awful.

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