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  1. Campy, overwrought and gleefully cannibalistic in the way it references and regurgitates horror flicks of yore, Scream 3 fulfills its modest ambitions by delivering a glib slasher spoof for the mall crowd.
  2. An often amusing but also an aimless and forgettable animated comedy that is noteworthy mostly for its random musical numbers and surprising amounts of violence.
  3. A likable, extremely goofy piece of fluff.
  4. A stink bomb of a movie.
  5. Occasionally brilliant, profiting from Fellini's distinct and unmistakable way of looking and seeing. But it goes in circles and wears out its welcome, except for the most hard-core enthusiasts.
  6. In the end, there is something to be said for letting actors loose on a roller-coaster ride, but from time to time, someone needs to be operating the brakes.
  7. Fans of Les Misérables wouldn't have minded if the movie were different, but better, or just as effective. The screen version demanded some reconception, some vision to make sense of its existence. Instead, we're left with a film that is conscientious in all its particulars and yet strangely and mysteriously dead.
  8. Lacks what could kindly be called coherence.
  9. Though charming at times, just misses, due to a contrived story.
  10. Decidedly lowbrow.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    You realize fairly early in the film that there will be no emotional payoff. Just an hour and a half of vacation photos in motion.
  11. May be far from perfect, but the big question is why you're sitting in a movie theater watching it instead of cuddling up at home with the remote in one hand and a steaming toddy in the other.
  12. Lush and heartfelt, but compelling only in fits and starts.
  13. Ultimately, that's all Highwater offers - barely explored concepts and short profiles.
  14. Relies on slapstick scenes that are neither essential nor especially clever.
  15. It's never boring, but it lacks a cumulative impact.
  16. Dunst is not the only person doing quality work in All Good Things, but she is the only one worth watching.
  17. The sum here is less than the parts, which have problems of their own.
  18. An attempt at an epic. Sayles assembles a big cast and creates a mosaic of interweaving characters and story lines. But the stories are bland, the connections are incidental and the dramatic payoff is nonexistent.
  19. I like it for the thing it is, a reasonably solid B movie, and I like it as one in the continuum of bizarre Ford vehicles that combine high-stakes action with household horror.
  20. An arid, uninvolving film that suffers from Burrows' miscasting as the vain Julie.
  21. For at least an hour of its hour and a half running time, Fist Fight is a complete failure, a sour comedy without laughs. But then something happens in the movie’s last quarter. It doesn’t exactly redeem itself, but it comes into focus and starts making sense on its own weird terms.
  22. LUV
    The strength is in the performances and visual detail. The flaws are mostly in the script, which asks the youngest cast member to pull off a near-impossible transformation.
  23. Disappointing, pointless and repetitive.
  24. Spielberg uses a more conventional format than he did in the stripped-down black-and-white "Schindler's List,'' and delivers a film that veers between stoic political correctness and mushy pop-Hollywood platitudes.
  25. Pretty standard stuff, mixing a few truly clever moments with facile drug humor and throwaway female characters.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    No new moment in here for rap fans or anyone else.
  26. Harris and particularly Elise give over-the-top performances that bring Diary to the edge of soap opera.
  27. By the time the women pull off their climactic stunt, the film's been undone by its ungainly mix of heavy-handed comedy and melodrama.
  28. For all its weaknesses, Terminator Genisys is a "Terminator" movie that feels like a "Terminator" movie, more than did "Terminator 3," not to mention the ghastly "Terminator Salvation."

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