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  1. The Romantics can be charming, and Holmes tackles her meatiest role since the superb "Pieces of April." But the script fails to establish the likability of any of the main characters, which dulls the sense of urgency during the dramatic moments.
  2. For all the movie's coarse grandeur -- for all the blood in its battle scenes and the grim historical accuracy of its depiction of antediluvian medical procedures -- the story of Master and Commander feels like something intended not for adults but for children.
  3. What started out with the feel of a tight little kids' thriller turns into a Nickelodeon afternoon movie.
  4. Daring and gutless at the same time. It's daring in that it's a romantic movie that's willing to be coarse. It's gutless in that it refuses to paint any of its characters in a negative light, even temporarily.
  5. Doesn't always work, but it challenges, nonetheless.
  6. To cover the Abramoff scandal is to follow tangent after tangent, until it seems as if prison was in the lobbyist's plans from the beginning.
  7. Unfortunately, the inspired concept is coupled with weak screenwriting, and the movie turns out to be much more fun to think about than it is to watch.
  8. A big problem in the beautifully shot movie, with top-billed Glenn Close heading a fine ensemble cast, is that there are too many characters.
  9. The movie never catches fire with the emotions.
  10. Each time Something New touches on something controversial, it quickly retreats to some silliness.
  11. Saddest, most hang-dog, most depressing movie possible.
  12. The lowdown on Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Rob Schneider's first starring role, is that it is. Lowdown, that is.
  13. If it seems like a stupid idea, well, it is. This is one of those romantic comedies that rely on wild coincidences and misunderstandings that could be cleared up with a simple cell phone call, but then, that wouldn't help the "plot" along.
  14. Despite its general intelligence and worthy performances, Kill Your Darlings makes it difficult to see how the Beats ever caught on.
  15. What the movie lacks -- a big lack, not a fatal lack -- is a compelling character at its center. Everyone in Garden State is fun, skewed, strange and singular.
  16. Too contemplative to be really funny.
  17. A Korean film that takes an American genre and gets fancy with it.
  18. Brothers Oxide and Danny Pang co-directed. What they lack in discipline they make up in razzle-dazzle, even if it sometimes is pointless.
    • 22 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Bakery in Brooklyn is entertaining fluff more suitable for the Lifetime or Hallmark channels than theaters.
  19. It’s not a bad film, just, strangely, not a good one.
  20. Director Abdullah Oguz gives us lots of nice scenery, but the simplistic story and characters strain credibility. What's more, the climactic plot turn is as hokey as it gets.
  21. This isn’t close to being a great movie. But if you don’t overthink it, there is some fun to be had in the grisly consequences.
  22. There’s not a lot of nuance or sense in the third “Purge” movie. But it still manages to coast on a combination of self-awareness, crowd-pleasing carnage and a plot that ties perfectly into current events.
  23. So forced and contrived in delivery that it's tedious. That's not good when the intention is to be audacious.
  24. Fast falls from interestingly loopy to tiresome.
  25. It's a celebration of nerd pride in all its many-feathered glory.
  26. Befuddling.
  27. The only way Bill Murray could seem less like Franklin D. Roosevelt in Hyde Park on Hudson is if the movie showed him winning a marathon.
  28. It seems like a bizarre move for Disney, releasing a film that combines elements of "Blue's Clues" and "The Island of Dr. Moreau."
  29. The story, a dystopian tale with heroes and villains and lots of triumphs and reversals, is so busy and so inherently interesting that the movie is entertaining until the finish - or the sort of finish. As only the first part of the story, Atlas Shrugged doesn't end, it stops.

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