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  1. Even apart from the fact that it's not nearly funny enough, Bruce Almighty is a peculiar film.
  2. This is an excellent comedy, and the fact that it's made by a filmmaker with even better movies on his resume is nothing to hold against it.
  3. Saw
    The slasher scenes, though relatively few, are amazingly evocative for such a low-budget movie.
  4. Feels like a personal vendetta.
  5. To earnest for its own good. Sincere and heartfelt, it's the kind of family film that might be at home on cable.
    • tbd Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    There is an affecting story within first-time filmmaker Fay Ann Lee's Falling for Grace, but it is merely a subplot, one among too many that decorate this thin, unsatisfying romantic comedy-drama.
  6. CJ7
    A bit of a letdown. The manic comedian who has gained fans worldwide for his outrageous slapstick and special effects-driven antics in "Kung Fu Hustle" and "Shaolin Soccer" takes a backseat this time - and that's part of the problem: This is lesser Chow because there is less Chow.
  7. When you've got three of the nation's best actresses in leading roles, it doesn't matter if your script is only adequate and the audience really has to squint here and there to believe what's happening on the screen.
  8. The result is that a story with a couple of good ideas founders for lack of a third or fourth good idea. Still, any picture that features Radcliffe having a nervous breakdown for two hours has something to recommend it.
  9. As Barkin's nemesis, Moore is evil, and that's a good thing - she doesn't back off. Kate Bosworth plays Barkin's fragile daughter and is a pleasant surprise: Who knew she was an actress?
  10. Has that title going for it, which might annoy or provoke you. It makes me suspicious. It's the kind of flashy, meaningless title that's usually given to drab, pointless films.
  11. It's 90 minutes of flying, dismembered limbs and explosions of blood, but give the man credit. Stallone can do action. If you want action and nothing but, here it is.
  12. To enjoy it you almost have to be stoned on marijuana.
  13. First-time feature director Rashid has made a piece of eye candy that's irresistible. The point of this film may be to embrace reality, but frankly, who needs it?
  14. In the end, Knight and Day isn't really about much of anything besides having a good time or perhaps the meaning of Tom Cruise-ness in the universe.
  15. For about an hour of its running time, The Magic of Belle Isle seems like a tiresome, sentimental and slow-moving story about a grumpy old man redeemed by the sweet spirit of a rural town and by the nice family that lives next door. But no, it's even worse than that.
  16. Emily Rose is the thinking person's demon possession movie, which presents a chilling case history that's hard to explain away.
  17. Cusack should have been half the picture, but the screenplay keeps shoving him offstage for no good reason, and it's a mistake. One of many.
  18. Some scenes ramble and go on too long, dialogue occasionally turns awkward and adolescent, and the film threatens to collapse from its own unchecked anger.
  19. Somehow, the funny stuff gets sucked into a kind of black hole in the center of the satire, along with all the comic debris. What should have been a surreal flight to the planet Lucas crumbles into a harmless collection of cosmic dustballs. [24 Jun 1987, p.52]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  20. A comedy of interracial wariness and misunderstanding marked by a refreshing lack of sappiness.
  21. If you want to watch a gaggle of pretty faux-neurotic people hang out and throw quips, you're probably better off watching "Friends."
  22. Relies on comic formula -- but does so with more than usual panache.
  23. For Morgan Freeman ("Seven") fans, it's a chance to see a great actor save a movie from itself.
  24. The Mighty Ducks is not going to be remembered as a cinematic treasure, but for a movie that's built on a fairly shaky framework, it delivers a good feeling you can take home. [02 Oct 1992, p.C5]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  25. The film doesn't make a case for Lavoe as an important artist.
  26. The comedy, to the extent there is any, consists mainly of Carrey's verbal asides and strained reactions to people. The script gives him very little to work with.
    • 46 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Attenborough has done what nobody thought possible - recreate a classic without raping and pillaging the original, though Chorus Line purists will find plenty to moan about. [20 Dec 1985]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  27. It's not just a feel-good holiday movie, though audiences, especially youngsters, will certainly walk out of it feeling good.
  28. It's funny in spots if you can tune out the Farrellys' ultra-crass jokes - along with any memory of the first movie.

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