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  1. While there are maybe two moments of genuinely clever humor, Storytelling is the work of a previously promising filmmaker who, having no new ideas, has morphed into a sniggering schoolboy intent upon being mean.
  2. An awful, misanthropic, deadly unfunny and badly acted war-of-the-sexes travesty.
  3. It tries to be a sappy love story, an incredibly vile gross-out comedy and an envelope-pushing soft-core porno movie all at once. It ends up being an unappealing abomination.
  4. An excruciatingly awful thriller.
    • 27 Metascore
    • 16 Critic Score
    A cinematic cat-astrophe.
  5. There's a vicious, crude nerve that snakes through this sequel and it leaves no group unscarred -- but unfortunately, women and the handicapped take most of the thrusts.
  6. An insufferably insipid comedy with a cruel subtext.
  7. It's a shrill cacophony of puerile clich├ęs about men and women and sex, delivered in adrenaline-driven harangues and arrogant lectures. When the stage clears, all that's left is the unpleasant odor of all that hot air.
  8. A disaster on all levels.
  9. No style, no irony and no smarts, just a vicious streak that lasts 90 minutes.
  10. Perhaps there is a more excruciatingly painful and self-abusive way to spend 82 minutes. But I honestly can't think of what it would be.
  11. A real dud, with few laughs, no characterization, little story, a cluster of stereotypes and clichés and just plain nothing for Foxx to do.
  12. The inconsistencies and continuity errors are staggering.
  13. Staggeringly awful.
  14. Disastrously unfunny sex farce.
  15. There is potential for laughs in a satire of rich people spending big money on religious galas, but that is not even the real subject of the picture.
  16. The disingenuous attempt to give the tawdry story some kind of social import only makes the tinny caricatures more insincere, while his erotic display of 15-year-old girls isn't a satire of a sexualized culture, it's just dirty.
  17. This shambling mess -- offers nothing but a lesson in how not to make a movie.
  18. Less offensive than embarrassing, at least for the chagrined performers.
  19. It's recidivist Murphy: bad-skit comedy populated by caricatures in search of a movie.
    • 13 Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    Surely, they couldn't be true. Surely, supermodel Cindy Crawford's Fair Game - her debut as a feature film star - couldn't be as bad as the gossip suggested. [03 Nov 1995]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  20. Not that there are any actual jokes to be had. The film simply jumps to the punch lines, a non-stop barrage of crude dialogue and vulgar sight gags that passes as humor among adolescent boys. Who exactly is the audience for this R-rated film? The terminally immature?
  21. Mary Reilly has the distinction of being the most pretentious, the most ponderous, the most utterly suspenseless. [23 Feb 1996]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  22. Has the distinction of being the very worst of all the many film versions of Alexandre Dumas' classic novel, "The Three Musketeers." Nothing else in Musketeer movie history comes even remotely close to its staggering wretchedness.
    • 29 Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    A comedy that surpasses stupidity, and not in entertaining ways.
  23. It's hard to believe that five different writers took credit for this feeble story and script. Who says failure is an orphan?
  24. The psychobabble silliness passed off as investigative insight here is laughable at best.
  25. The attainment it achieves is in the depths of pointless, mean-spirited exploitation.
  26. It's by far the worst comedy either he (Carrey) or the Farrelly Brothers have ever made.

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