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2,749 movie reviews
  1. Not only does it recapture -- and enhance -- the subtle emotional core that has made the film so beloved for the past three-quarters of a century, it delivers the most eye-boggling, hair-raising movie thrill ride since 1993's "Jurassic Park."
  2. Kurosawa leaves much of the explanation enigmatic but he fills the film with an eerie emptiness, where suicides erupt out of nowhere and mankind dissolves in an oily smudge of hopelessness, adrift between life and death.
  3. The language and the landscape is French, but the sensibility and style is unmistakably Eastern European.
  4. This beautifully sculpted poetic naturalism has more in common with the expressive use of words in the great screenplays of '40s and '50s than with modern movies.
  5. It's a magical film -- an exquisitely made and exceedingly wise family drama that communicates a touching sense of the universality of the human condition, and leaves us with the rich emotional satisfaction we just don't seem to get often at the movies anymore.
  6. The style is pure Hou: richly textured atmosphere, tiptoeing camerawork and long, languorous takes of scenes full of privileged moments of human activity.
  7. The total effect is mesmerizing, an eye-opening tour of modern Beijing culture in a journey of rebellion, retreat into oblivion and return.
  8. Densely layered, demanding and beautiful, Ruiz has found the perfect venue for his passions and created the most cinematically breathtaking film of the new millennium.
  9. Strong, evocative storytelling pared to the bone and braced with a sensibility perfectly matched to the material.
  10. The familiar majesty of the Statue of Liberty and the New York skyline is replaced with anticipation and imagination. The sense of hope and wonder is the greater for it, and the sense of promise glows from the screen.
  11. As empowering and triumphant a film as you'll see this or any year.
  12. Some may find it slow. I found it utterly spellbinding.
    • 73 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    Yellow Dog shows Davaa's growing refinement as a filmmaker, and that the success of "Weeping Camel" -- her master's thesis for film school in Munich that became an Oscar nominee -- was fully deserved.
  13. Isn't about a May-December romance or a brief encounter in a faraway place. It's about being alone in a crowd and the power of unexpected friendships.
  14. There may be no more sensual director in the world today than Hong Kong's Wong Kar-Wai.
  15. Absolutely riveting.
  16. A highly original and unusually powerful drama that deserves comparison to the great Scandinavian films of the past.
  17. In today's cynical cinematic climate, there's something beautiful in Miller's simple poetic justice.
  18. As powerful as the movie remains and as much as I enjoyed this new cut, I have to say that the additional footage -- material that Coppola felt he had to excise 20 years ago to reach a commercial length -- has turned out to be something of a mixed blessing.
  19. Devastating, uncompromising and riveting.
  20. Desplechin fearlessly dives into raw, bitter revelations and surfaces with hope as our heroes try again to get it right.
  21. A heartbreaking look at broken trust.
  22. Antonioni's moviemaking panache and distinctive narrative rhythm rarely have seemed so enticing and satisfying.
  23. A miracle of a movie that is both fairy tale and slice of life.
  24. Beautiful, elevating and achingly sad.
  25. It's an emotionally gripping, daringly genre-twisting, consummately crafted piece of filmmaking.
  26. It's a dissection of how the media found and fed and nurtured the story in their insatiable need for content to fill their news hours and talk shows, how it just as quickly turned on them and transformed the story from celebration to vilification, and how the public turned right along with them.
  27. Giordana's redemptive vision provides a sense of discovery and a well of hope in the most devastating of troubles, and beautiful surprises in love, friendship and family.
  28. A vivid, thoughtful, unapologetically raw coming-of-age tale full of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.
  29. Fascinating memoir of coming of age in Iran.

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