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2,749 movie reviews
  1. It not only pushes the computer-generated film envelope to the very edge, it's every bit as charming, funny and exciting as the original. In fact, I enjoyed it quite a bit more.
  2. Makhmalbaf's astounding and haunting imagery tells a story of devastation, desperation and poverty.
  3. The granddaddy of all caper/heist movies. The work that defined the genre for the subsequent four decades of filmmakers, none of whom was able to surpass it for style or suspense.
  4. This bracing portrait of a woman who painfully accepts her responsibility as a citizen is a revelation.
  5. A vivid, thoughtful, unapologetically raw coming-of-age tale full of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.
  6. The total effect is mesmerizing, an eye-opening tour of modern Beijing culture in a journey of rebellion, retreat into oblivion and return.
  7. In the best Altman manner there are no real heroes and villains, only people trapped by their vanity and ambition and the straitjackets of classism.
  8. What's most devastating in Capturing the Friedmans is how Jarecki puts the sureness of justice into doubt as he shows Truth (with a capital T) at the mercy of perspective and perception, context and emotion.
  9. There's not a smarter, more demanding American film from the past year.
  10. Inspiring without sinking into sentimentality or cliche, Hearts of Atlantis is intelligent, heartfelt and genuine, a rare story of childhood for adults.
  11. Together is a likely candidate to become that one foreign-language film that jumps out of the art houses each year to become a mainstream phenomenon.
  12. Commentary from shockingly outspoken Watts residents on topics ranging from revolution to infidelity are a vital part of the documentary.
  13. The Dardennes's masterful casting and austere style amplify this simple but powerful parable.
  14. A dynamite comedy-drama that, unless it stiffs big-time at the box office, should be up for multi-Oscar nominations come February.
  15. It's an extraordinary feat of animation, possibly the most lovingly conceived, uncompromisingly executed and totally successful animated film since "The Lion King."
  16. I haven't been so captivated, chilled and surprised by a movie in years.
  17. There are two kinds of people, my friend. Those who love Sergio Leone's The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and those who resist the machismo and gallows humor of what is arguably the definitive spaghetti western.
  18. A delicious one-time treat.
  19. From the first voyeuristic peek into the ruthless world to the haunting, accusatory, unforgettable final image, it's a brilliant, stunning piece of work, perhaps not Assayas' best, but certainly his most fearless and impassioned.
  20. Isn't about a May-December romance or a brief encounter in a faraway place. It's about being alone in a crowd and the power of unexpected friendships.
  21. Moves along its course and overflows at its climax with that indefinable but unmistakable assurance of a master filmmaker who knows just what he wants to say, is in total command of his medium and is in no mood to make any compromises.
  22. The final scene of Balthazar's demise is one of cinema's most moving and haunting moments.
  23. First and foremost, it soars because its grand design and numerous story problems were worked out half a century ago by a guy named Tolkien, and Jackson was smart enough to realize this.
  24. Like the schoolkids in this adventure, from the opening images to the closing credits, I do, I do, I do believe in fairy tales.
  25. Romantic, real and as generous as it is vulnerable, the art of conversation has rarely been so acute, honest and revealing.
  26. At age 37, she's (Bonnaire) developed into a consummate film actress and a unique star whose enigmatic persona has never had a more exhilarating showcase.
  27. As empowering and triumphant a film as you'll see this or any year.
  28. Ray
    An extraordinary piece of biography.
  29. It's an emotionally gripping, daringly genre-twisting, consummately crafted piece of filmmaking.
  30. Secret Ballot is an education hiding in a comedy, a parablelike portrait of the irresistible forces of modernization and democracy meeting the immovable inertia of tradition, culture and power relations written in the blood of the past.

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