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  1. Triumphs when David Chase's empowerment as a kind of autobiographical historian is balanced with the thrill of submersing the viewer in the tidal pool of his memories
  2. The Conjuring 2 is a model of heightened tension and uneasy release, but the tropes propelling these night terrors grow stale pretty quickly.
  3. Roberto Minervini's documentary is as quintessentially American a text as one could hope for in today's divided union.
  4. Whatever the legitimate arguments Windfall makes against the industry it targets, Meredith's feuding becomes just as inaccessible as the windmills that incite it.
  5. Though its ballast of jokes and spectacle are formidable, it often lurches about at a remote, enigmatic distance
    • 65 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    The near-slapstick escapes sit uneasily with the raw bits of very adult sex and cringe-worthy close-ups of brutality that dominate the rest of the proceedings.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Once Corpo Celeste began to recede a little in my rearview mirror, my initial impatience softened a little.
  6. Mahdi Fleifel's usage of a domestic archive of home-video images inherited from his father lends the doc a simultaneous sense of historical gravitas and intimacy.
  7. It labors under the illusion that an abundance of Sub Pop memorabilia is adequate substitute for the honest evocation of a creative subculture and the personalities of which it's composed.
  8. Since Mehran's embrace of hardline Islam is never dramatized or elaborated on in any insightful way.
  9. It's the rare urgent-issue movie that refuses to pummel you with the importance of its subject matter, which in this case involves the shameful, potential extinction of a culture.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    A thoughtful piece of documentary journalism that synecdochically uses the controversial redevelopment of the Fulton Street Mall to talk about the process of gentrification.
  10. A dry dream of postmenopausal-male sexual lethargy, this comedy's least musty ideas are among its worst.
  11. Dorothy Vogel is less the soft-spoken housewife from the first film than a businesswoman both shrewd and mousy, and her trajectory affords the film its closest semblance to a story.
  12. It suggests that Kris Swanberg has taken notes on what a film concerned with pregnancy should include without actually making it.
  13. It's best appreciated as a tragicomic profile of a man whose extraordinary talent was undermined by the farcical political reality in which he was enmeshed.
  14. The film's music is the city itself as well as a subtle suggestion that Tim Sutton's own digital cinema is just as elusive and intangible as Willis's unwavering sense of dissatisfaction.
  15. Only the star performances in My Week with Marilyn, cartoonish as they are, make seeing the film worth the effort.
  16. The visible numbness and empty stares of the doc's three subjects painfully evoke years of being gripped by the war on drugs.
  17. An overmatched star and a scarcity of eccentricity sink this hip-lit origin story from director John Krokidas.
  18. The distinctiveness of Matías Piñeiro's alluring brand of formalism lies in this deference to chance and alchemy.
  19. Opting for inspiration over insight, Venus and Serena is a starry-eyed pop documentary that cannot transcend its scattershot, for-fans-only filmmaking.
  20. It careens from carnage to group therapy so wildly that the action never gets to build and the conversations just repeat themselves.
  21. Flip-flopping traditional genre dynamics in a manner more cute than uproarious, Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil charts the Three's Company-style shenanigans that ensue when two West Virginia bumpkins cross paths with a group of camping college kids.
  22. With its broad performances, rapid-fire pacing, and rampant visual and verbal gags, Bernard Tavernier's first out-and-out comedy doesn't try too hard to hide its graphic-novel origins.
  23. In a character study of an ex-con who gives her heart and mind to animals rather than people, Melissa Leo's risky performance is ultimately framed with a disappointing, distanced pity.
  24. A tale of memory and redemption that does little to linger in the mind and even less to decry P.L. Travers's claim that Disney turns everything it touches into schmaltz.
  25. The documentary is more interested in covering all its bases than making sure it fully has its foot on each base.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    The documentary is a work of careful consideration, moral weighing, and deliberateness of craft.
  26. Despite his apparent comfort with F/X-heavy projects, the obligations of duty to the brand are too much for Matthew Vaughn's strange, singular voice, which rarely has the chance to shape the film unmolested by a curiously bland script.

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