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  1. This deadpan police story produces unexpected chills.
  2. Some may scoff when the boys exhibit traits and interests derived from the biological parents they never knew, but The Other Son is such a disarming feat that cynics will get left at the checkpoint.
  3. An exciting, involving finale, streamlining the complicated end game of Collins’ story without shortchanging the climactic action.
  4. If you’ve been looking for a film that puts a daringly surreal spin on “Cast Away,” you’ll be in paradise.
  5. In a poignant and potentially depressing film, it’s redeeming to see that when they are with their kindred spirits, even the saddest skeletons can dance.
  6. $9.99 may not be entirely successful from a dramatic perspective, and it certainly offers little enlightenment about the meaning of life. But the film is so intriguing in other ways that it's definitely worth a look.
  7. One man’s mirth is another man’s poison, this critic can only consult his belly as the barometer. On a gut level, Ted 2 is a funny film.
  8. A mention must be given to John Cena, who also appeared in “Trainwreck,” for his comedic talents. Here, he’s a stone-faced drug dealer with a supermarket of goods.
  9. While it's satisfying to see fat cats tamed by science and an enraged public, the movie misses the opportunity to sustain the pressure.
  10. If The BFG is unlikely to become a cultural phenomenon of the magnitude of “E.T.,” it’s a film that casts a unique and often mesmerizing spell. But it’s also a bit too talky, particularly in the early going, and Spielberg lets numerous opportunities for humor slip by.
  11. It comes together with a gruesome though excellent ending that some will find difficult to shake.
  12. Only when the camera is on Vikander does the film transcend its artifice. In one of the year’s best performances, she imbues Gerda with such poignancy and grace that Redmayne all but fades into the background.
  13. There will never be another Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor, but Hollywood may have found a new Lee Remick in Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
  14. Goodbye First Love is like a postcard from a lost Eden, a painfully pure oasis where we're not allowed to linger.
  15. The Big Picture ends perhaps a bit too ambiguously, but there's something refreshing about its faith in the moviegoer's intelligence.
  16. Isn't as memorable or provocative as it might have been. But it's an engaging love story that should appeal to moviegoers with a flair for the offbeat.
  17. Photography — and thus filmmaking — is painting with light. The connection is illuminated in the lovely Renoir, a twilight-years biography of the great French Impressionist.
  18. Fortunately, Fish Tank feeds us more than crumbs and leaves us feeling like we've come up for air.
  19. Rock misses the boat in deciding not to relate Good Hair to non African-Americans more.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Director David Fincher, making his feature film debut in strong style, keeps the action fast and furious, though the climactic scenes look an awful lot like the ending of ''Terminator 2.'' It may be just another sequel, but Alien 3 is better than most, and follows nicely after the first two. [22 May 1992, p.3G]
    • St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  20. The four leads are entirely engaging including the manic Hart.
  21. Green Zone can't make up its mind whether it's "The Bourne Insurrection" or "Hurt Locker: The Prequel."
  22. Scabrously funny yet essentially gentle, as the main thing that it's probing is our collective ignorance.
  23. What's lacking is a galvanizing performance comparable to that of the Oscar-nominated Catalina Sandino Moreno in "Maria Full of Grace." Still, The Forgiveness of Blood is a memorable portrait of a society and the demands it makes on those caught up in it.
  24. At its heart, this is a compassionate character study. Robbie’s tenderness toward his son and his remorse for a street fight are the raw ingredients of a ripening consciousness.
  25. Stölzl blends romance and melancholy in fine style.
  26. Director Garth Davis gets to the heart of the drama without slipping into sentimentality.
  27. A genuinely touching and occasionally powerful film, not least because the boys are so disinclined to pity themselves.
  28. Periodically deviating from its fly-on-the-wall aesthetic, the film does a noticeably better job than the Joan Rivers movie of incorporating old footage and photos to underscore its subject’s importance.
  29. Isn’t a knockout of a film, but it’s light on its feet and throws a lot of good punches.

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