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322 tv reviews
  1. Exhilarating, terrifying, often moving and only occasionally silly.
  2. In the early going, the series works best as sort of a modern-day “Mission: Impossible,” and could actually use more of that show’s caper elements.
  3. [A] sense of humor keeps Hannibal from being unbearably dark even when the crimes are, and they always are.
  4. McDonald is flawless in her performances of Holiday’s songs, nailing the jazzy-bluesy (or was it bluesy-jazzy?) delivery. Her own voice is pure and clear, but McDonald captures Holiday’s rough sound, rougher still and sometimes slurred at the end of her life.
  5. Although it isn’t a line-for-line adaptation, it is almost excruciatingly faithful to the tone of Christie’s book, building tension as skillfully as the author did.... Fans of British mysteries, cozy or edgy, won’t want to miss it.
  6. In the Flesh, which runs just three hours over the three nights, is best not analyzed too deeply for meaning and just enjoyed for its odd and fascinating concept.
  7. The short run makes the new incarnation of Prison Break action-packed, with just enough down time for the characters to ponder what’s happening to them.
  8. Wayward Pines doesn’t require note-taking or study groups. The story simply unfolds, letting us follow along until we’re so firmly hooked, we couldn’t stop watching if we tried.
  9. The twists that follow are many, and to reveal even one would be giving away too much. But be assured that The Witness for the Prosecution is fascinating, maddening and ultimately heartbreaking.
  10. Childhood’s End is great looking, with impressive special effects. It’s also extremely slow, at least in the two hours previewed, and none of the characters is especially engaging.... But with just six hours (4.5 minus commercials) start to finish and dark clouds looming before Night 2, the miniseries could be just the antidote viewers need to counter Christmas sugar and spice.
  11. The Mindy Project has never been more of a modern rom-com than in its Season 4 premiere.
  12. The storytelling bounces quickly and seamlessly from vice cases (Burns' own father was a New York policeman) to family troubles (Muldoon's kid has run-ins with the nuns at school) to mobsters big and small. All the stories are connected, and the cast is universally great.
  13. The Knick (rated TV-MA, and definitely for mature audiences only) can be difficult to watch. Medical procedures are graphic, as are scenes involving Thackery’s drug use. But this is one riveting drama.
  14. The Job, with Lisa Ling as host, is taped in front of a live audience, which keeps it from being too downbeat. The interviewers are honest but encouraging, and even those who are eliminated are told precisely why and given advice about other opportunities.
  15. There's a lot of setup, and we don't know these people well enough yet to laugh with them instead of at them. That begins to change quickly, though, as Fresh Off the Boat gets into its groove, humanizing its characters and upping its humor quotient.
  16. A smart, well-written and absorbing psychological drama about the effects of a horrible crime on a close-knit small town.
  17. For the better, Atlanta is a comedy that's not satisfied with making viewers laugh; it has something to say.
  18. If you were a "Closer" fan, I'd like to make a case for giving her a chance, because otherwise, Major Crimes is a winner.
  19. Chances are, it will make you cry even more often than it makes you laugh, but it will rarely bore you.
  20. People who like procedurals will enjoy playing along. But the real charm of the series--as in a lot of cable originals--is in its ensemble.
  21. Endeavour is most interesting for the light it sheds on the character development of young Morse.
  22. The Season 4 premiere is solid in most ways.
  23. The writing is smart, the characters are amusing, the cameos (including one from Bill Murray, and another from Stephen Colbert as himself) are entertaining, and the political commentary is as pointed as you might suspect.
  24. A show that is beautiful and sweet, funny and touching.
  25. Loch Ness might not be pure noir, but it’s enjoyable noir light.
  26. It's dark and funny and appalling and sad and silly, and very much its own thing.
  27. Fans of 24 are likely to go all in on Live Another Day. But what if you didn’t watch the original? Will you be lost? I’d say maybe, although there are always long stretches of 24 in which everyone is pretty much lost.
  28. Its real appeal should be to viewers who like their TV history entertainingly out there.
  29. JFK assassination conspiracy theorists won’t be disappointed with King’s whodunit premise in “11/22/63,” although they might argue with it. Likewise, the miniseries has something for fans of science fiction, romance and thrillers in general.
  30. Apparent familiarity doesn’t make The Night Of any less involving, though, in large part because of Ahmed’s charismatic and sympathetic performance as Naz.

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