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Lowest review score: 25 Marmaduke
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999 movie reviews
  1. A serviceable behind-the-scenes tour documentary with about as much insight as a talk-show monologue.
  2. A tearjerking romance that belongs to another era, when female moviegoers wanted to be transported, not grounded in grim realities.
  3. Trollhunter has a lot of down time as the crew treks to the fjords, but it's also got dryly subversive humor and, eventually, some impressive special effects.
  4. Unfolds like a fable instead of a believable slice of life. Mexican TV and film star Bichir gives a poignant performance, but he's distinctly more European than the cholos and Chicano laborers on the sketchy edges of the hero's plight.
  5. A bait-and-switch comedy. It poses as a naughty "no-mance" about friends who use each other for casual sex, but at the moment of truth it goes limp.
  6. Directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra were weaned on earthy comedies like "Bad Santa," and every moment of mature insight in Crazy, Stupid, Love is answered by a scene of formulaic farce.
  7. Although this sober film spares us some of the grim, survivalist details, the harrowing adventure from a girl's perspective is so compelling that Julia's simultaneous sleuthing seems like an unnecessary distraction.
  8. I still think it's a funny movie, but given its genes, it's a bit of a slacker.
  9. It's a credit to the cast and to the worthiness of the idea that this overlong movie works at all. But those of us who already know that racism is bad could use a little more challenge and a little less help.
  10. July is a provocative and honorably independent filmmaker, but given the meager rewards of investing our time, The Future wasn't worth the wait.
  11. It's hard to imagine a better movie about corporate-sanctioned sex trafficking than The Whistleblower. But whether you're ready to confront this true story is a trickier question.
  12. More damaging is Lurie's conspicuous "red state" rant, as he makes sure that every prominent guy in this film - save for the screenwriter and the black sheriff - fits all of the Southern stereotypes. That doesn't make it a bad movie, just one that is something less than Peckinpah's original.
  13. A true story of animal rescue, and it even stars the sea creature to whom it happened. But it's the humans who do the cutesy tricks that make it a mixed blessing.
  14. It does induce a few giggles like cheap champagne.
  15. If you'd pay to see a film called "Hotel Rwanda: Maniac Manager," you might be receptive to this mixed-message movie, but skeptics should keep one eye on the exit.
  16. Happy, Happy has the makings of a Norwegian "Ice Storm," but it goes out with a whimper.
  17. A solid sci-fi/horror hybrid, but this iceman doesn't deliver enough to chew on.
  18. This true story fills a needed niche, spotlighting women's basketball in the era before Title IX promoted equal treatment.
  19. If you haven't seen a wasting disease in real life, you might think Restless is romantic. If you have, you might diagnose it as terminally cute.
  20. Toast is lovely to look at, evoking both the gray-green milieu of Midlands life and the sensuality of good food, but it's like a whipped topping with no base.
  21. Like a newborn planet, Melancholia is magnetically beautiful, but it's also an unformed mass of hot air.
  22. The double deception of suppressed personality and repressed sexuality could have been the basis for a rewarding character study, but after Albert meets a kindred spirit and dares to dream of a happy ending, her denial and naivete become too much to swallow.
  23. There's little that's new, revealing or stylish about this basic-black horror story, but if you've got a Goth sensibility, it might suit you.
  24. With its broad strokes, this invitation to an important discussion is hard to ignore, but the blood and honey on the table is an unpalatable mix.
  25. Act of Valor is a competently directed action movie, but forcing the audience to wear such narrow goggles is a dereliction of duty.
  26. Like an acquaintance couple's baby pictures, Friends With Kids induces coos but isn't as cute as they think.
  27. The Hunger Games is dressed as a dark satire of soulless entertainment, but like Katniss' adversaries in the PG-13 hunting scenes, it doesn't have a distinctive identity or go-for-the-throat.
  28. There's some laughing gas left in the cupboard, but this series may require an infusion of new blood to last until "American Funeral."
  29. Bully is a good start to a necessary conversation, but its loving voice is likely to be drowned out by haters who hide their own wounded hearts behind Internet pseudonyms and broadcast microphones.
  30. Built on shaky and blood-soaked ground, but if towering technique is all you want from an action movie, then yippee-ki-yay.

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