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  1. For modern moviegoers, the earthy Mr. Turner may seem like slowly steeped tea with an unpleasant aftertaste. But while some are impatiently waiting for the paint to dry, astute viewers will see a cinematic landscape bloom.
  2. Post-Dispatch classical music critic Sarah Bryan Miller told me that Gould's music is as divisive today as it was 50 years ago, when the pianist publicly clashed with conductor Leonard Bernstein over the tempo of a performance.
  3. Taking potshots at American Sniper is like shooting fish in a barrel. So why should war-weary Americans see it? Because Eastwood remains a masterful action director, and this may be his last hurrah. Because Cooper is one of our best young actors, and he poured a lifetime of craft into stilling his character’s heartbeat.
  4. The Sense of an Ending does not provide easy answers. But it raises intriguing questions.
  5. 42
    The inspirational movie named for Robinson’s number is too dignified to throw audiences a curveball, let alone a knockdown pitch, but its solid fundamentals make it a winner.
  6. Two things that the British know that most Americans don't: Michael Sheen is the best actor in the English-speaking world; and soccer is the only football that matters.
  7. Far from being exploitative, Patriots Day honors the Bostonians who responded to terrorism with strength.
  8. This may not be Scorsese’s best film, but it’s unquestionably his most impassioned.
  9. Mara, perhaps best known for her stint on the Netflix series “House of Cards,” isn’t entirely persuasive as a Marine. But she’s appealing as a young woman who takes control of her life with a little help from an unlikely companion. If you have a soft spot for dogs, this is a love story you’ll find irresistible.
  10. Cenedella may never become a household name, but Art Bastard argues persuasively that fame is overrated.
  11. Sometimes macabre and sometimes manipulative, but the way it speaks to the spirit is miraculous.
  12. A gorgeous film that could inspire a whole new crop of astronauts.
  13. It’s Affleck, as a cop whose skills are criminally underestimated, who makes the biggest impression.
  14. This thriller is both skillfully familiar and chillingly strange.
  15. This deadpan police story produces unexpected chills.
  16. Some may scoff when the boys exhibit traits and interests derived from the biological parents they never knew, but The Other Son is such a disarming feat that cynics will get left at the checkpoint.
  17. An exciting, involving finale, streamlining the complicated end game of Collins’ story without shortchanging the climactic action.
  18. If you’ve been looking for a film that puts a daringly surreal spin on “Cast Away,” you’ll be in paradise.
  19. In a poignant and potentially depressing film, it’s redeeming to see that when they are with their kindred spirits, even the saddest skeletons can dance.
  20. $9.99 may not be entirely successful from a dramatic perspective, and it certainly offers little enlightenment about the meaning of life. But the film is so intriguing in other ways that it's definitely worth a look.
  21. One man’s mirth is another man’s poison, this critic can only consult his belly as the barometer. On a gut level, Ted 2 is a funny film.
  22. A mention must be given to John Cena, who also appeared in “Trainwreck,” for his comedic talents. Here, he’s a stone-faced drug dealer with a supermarket of goods.
  23. While it's satisfying to see fat cats tamed by science and an enraged public, the movie misses the opportunity to sustain the pressure.
  24. If The BFG is unlikely to become a cultural phenomenon of the magnitude of “E.T.,” it’s a film that casts a unique and often mesmerizing spell. But it’s also a bit too talky, particularly in the early going, and Spielberg lets numerous opportunities for humor slip by.
  25. It comes together with a gruesome though excellent ending that some will find difficult to shake.
  26. Only when the camera is on Vikander does the film transcend its artifice. In one of the year’s best performances, she imbues Gerda with such poignancy and grace that Redmayne all but fades into the background.
  27. There will never be another Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor, but Hollywood may have found a new Lee Remick in Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
  28. Goodbye First Love is like a postcard from a lost Eden, a painfully pure oasis where we're not allowed to linger.
  29. Friedel turns in a poignant performance as a man who feels that he has no choice but to act on his principles, regardless of the consequences.
  30. The Big Picture ends perhaps a bit too ambiguously, but there's something refreshing about its faith in the moviegoer's intelligence.

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