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1,094 movie reviews
  1. Typically lovely to look at, with big-eyed young people espousing high ideals amid natural splendor. But outside of their bubble, a prickly history looms, and Miyazaki’s dubious attitude toward the wartime role of his hero makes the movie a mixed blessing.
  2. The Equalizer, loosely based on the TV series of the late ’80s, is a guilty-pleasure platform for Washington’s slow-cooked, kick-butt heroism.
  3. A good and necessary film, but like the man himself it’s not immune to scrutiny.
  4. There aren't enough surprises to justify the title, but The Switch produces sufficient light for a late-summer diversion.
  5. The lesson of this likable little movie is that it’s never too late to reclaim your integrity.
  6. Jeunet -- whose influence can be seen in everything from the short-lived TV series "Pushing Daisies" to the Oscar-winning film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" -- remains one of the world's most imaginative directors. But Micmacs is a misfire.
  7. A serviceable behind-the-scenes tour documentary with about as much insight as a talk-show monologue.
  8. The spoof of consumerism scores some predictable points, but the tidy ending is a sell-out to the ultimate marketing machine: Hollywood.
  9. A tearjerking romance that belongs to another era, when female moviegoers wanted to be transported, not grounded in grim realities.
  10. If not for Blunt's solid performance and good support from Friend and others, The Young Victoria would not be worth the price of the ticket.
  11. If your inner amphibian craves a wave, you have the right kind of brain to appreciate the elemental story and scenic backdrops. But advanced mammals might smell something fishy.
  12. Max
    In its last act, Max is reminiscent of Rin Tin Tin and Lassie serials, with a frosting of freshly minted multiculturalism.
  13. Strikes an uneasy compromise between liberty and justice. It marches at an efficient pace, but there's too much collateral damage to believability.
  14. The Holocaust must never be forgotten, but like many well-intentioned documentaries, The Flat derives more power from the implicit strength of the subject than from the explicit choices of the director.
  15. The most provocative thing in Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work is the moment during the opening credits when we glimpse the comedy legend without makeup.
  16. As the blindered Abe, relative-unknown Gelber earns a sympathetic pat on the head. But as the character is braying for attention, he's stuck in his stall, while genuine dark horse Donna Murphy carries the narrative load as the middle-aged co-worker who prances into Abe's daydreams.
  17. What the movie crucially lacks is the clockwork complications that produce a payoff.
  18. Act of Valor is a competently directed action movie, but forcing the audience to wear such narrow goggles is a dereliction of duty.
  19. Pregnant with possibility; it's the delivery that disappoints.
  20. It's a triumph of streamlined design, but TRON: Legacy never enters the fourth dimension where it's worth a plugged nickel to humans.
  21. Hitchcock is an amusing lark, but the clumsy way it dissects the director is for the birds.
  22. A high-concept comedy that peddles some slapstick laughs and life lessons but little insight.
  23. While the rich people who violated a dead antagonist's wishes seem sleazy (especially when they refuse to be interviewed), transporting world-class artwork five miles to a bigger facility where more people can enjoy it hardly seems like the end of civilization as we know it.
  24. I still think it's a funny movie, but given its genes, it's a bit of a slacker.
  25. While the plot is as flimsy as a hooker's halter top, it's buoyed by two actors with attitude and timing.
  26. The settings and supporting roles suggest that If I Stay started out as someone’s passion project, but the final product only requires its star to sleepwalk through buckets of schlock.
  27. It's almost offensive that Danny Glover is relegated to playing the mysterious old confidante who haunts the same fishing hole as Cal. By the time Glover's character delivers the homily, Legendary is pinned to the mat.
  28. As long as Hollywood keeps hitting us over the head with empty spectacles like G.I. Joe: Retaliation, regular Joes will be too numb to fight back.
  29. With stingy portions and plenty of filler, Magic Mike XXL is the worst sausage party ever.
  30. The most rewarding way to watch Water for Elephants is to focus on the sideshow of costumes and craftsmanship, because the romance in the center ring smells like trained animals going through the motions.

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