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  1. Basic Instinct has the action and gore of Verhoeven's Total Recall and the cool sheen of his equally bloody RoboCop. Verhoeven can deliver style in spades, but Eszterhas' jumble of confusing plot twists and conventional movie cliches proves fatal. [20 Mar 1992, p.29]
    • Tampa Bay Times
  2. After such a revolutionary acting career, Andy Serkis should be expected to make an equally inventive directing debut. Breathe is anything but that.
  3. There are too many convenient romances, trumped-up crises and reversals of conscience to clear up while those poor whales suffer. Big Miracle isn't an entirely bad movie but a wholly misguided one.
  4. Inferno is another docent tour dressed as an action movie, a baby boomer's fantasy of travel and intrigue.
  5. Baywatch is a running gag in slow motion, a thong-in-cheek TV retread swapping wholesome jiggles for dirty giggles. There are places for such humor but beaches don't have gutters.
  6. It's all art direction and no content. There's nothing for Morticia and Gomez to do. [22 Nov 1991, p.7]
    • Tampa Bay Times
  7. Conan the Barbarian has its small, insipid pleasures, if you're in the mood.
  8. Wright is an insanely funny filmmaker (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) yet only the front half of that description carries over to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
  9. Hereafter doesn't feel like a Clint Eastwood film; it's more like a very special edition of John Edward's psychic TV show.
  10. Without previous knowledge of Andy Diggle's comics, The Losers looks like every other globetrotting gunpowder flick in which good guy bullets never miss and bad guy bullets never hit their targets.
  11. Like its heroine, The Age of Adaline is afraid of its emotions, and stuck flat-footed in time.
  12. That first movie was obviously a calculated grab for Harry Potter-type movie success but didn't feel like a rip-off. This one skews younger, to an easier-to-please demographic, closely resembling other fantasies since.
  13. Planes, Trains and Automobiles puts on the miles without many smiles. The journey hardly seems worth the trouble. [27 Nov 1987, p.6]
    • Tampa Bay Times
  14. It's all harmless, if not entirely fun.
  15. Whatever laughter Lottery Ticket earns is through familiarity with these exaggerated characters, and actors going the extra mile to make viewers believe they haven't seen this material before.
  16. Calling Dead Men Tell No Tales the most entertaining Pirates of the Caribbean movie since the original is a backhanded compliment with all the bilge water under the bridge since then. Time to deep six Capt. Jack Sparrow. This franchise should tell no more tales.
  17. Entourage the movie operates like Vince's pals, making itself feel important solely through who's famous nearby.
  18. Apatow hates leaving anything on the cutting room floor. You could excise entire chunks of The Five-Year Engagement - the donut experiments at college, a couple of wise soliloquies, most of the stuff involving Violet's sister (Alison Brie) - and never miss a beat.
  19. This is such a generic endeavor — not a poor effort, just one that doesn't attempt to do anything besides splash a screen with color and movement.
  20. Go see Won't Back Down and enjoy it. Just don't believe it's anything more than a stacked deck with a lot at stake.
  21. Some ideas simply work better on book pages, rather than on film where illogic is exposed.
  22. Transcendence is a movie without villains, thrills or, after Nolan fanboys show up, much of an audience.
  23. The movie's only constant pleasure - heck, the whole franchise's - is Eugene Levy as Jim's dad, widowed and wondering if it's time to date again.
  24. The first half is nothing but silly setups for a stretch run that admittedly has its moments of wacky pandemonium, just not enough.
  25. The plot, dealing with aliens infiltrating our world, still made as much sense as it possibly could, and the special effects guys really don't go to work until the last two reels. [31 May 1996, p.8]
    • Tampa Bay Times
  26. The terror of Sept. 11 feels like little more than a dramatic hook, an easy way to make audiences cry. Oskar and the event defining him deserve better.
  27. Ain't no mountain high enough, no plot valley deep enough, to keep Idris Elba and Kate Winslet from setting off romantic sparks in The Mountain Between Us. But this movie surely doesn't do them any favors.
  28. Office Christmas Party contains enough lunacy from McKinnon, Bell and Vanessa Bayer to nearly recommend, then enough lame plot threads, Rob Corddry and Olivia Munn to reconsider.
  29. MacLaine keeps things interesting, snapping off one-liners with precision that comes only through experience.
  30. Fury reeks of self-importance, a strange arrogance for a fictional World War II drama drenched in more blood than ideas.

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